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The Dems Against The Panda

Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court. Shooting at it will not be easy.


The suspense came and went. The candidate is Amy Coney Barrett. This is the hand of cards we have been given and we now need to make the best of it, that is: win.

If you ask me, my idea of winning would have been this: three days of barrage about what indecent swine the Democrats were to Kavanaugh, follow by the announcement of a vote without debate immediately after the candidate reaches the Senate floor. This would have achieved the following aims:

  1. Show to the Dems that being a swine has consequences. In this case, utter loss of credibility, being treated like the mob (which they are) and humiliating defeat.
  2. Fast victory in the pocket, followed by a 5 weeks long victory lap as the Dems smash and burn other things because of the very appointment.
  3. Focus on law and order besides SCOTUS in the last weeks of the campaign.

Perhaps McConnell and Graham tried and did not succeed in persuading their Senators to adopt the hard line. Perhaps they did not try at all. What we have here is a mud fest that will go on for weeks. It will, I want to hope, not involve rape or drunkenness, but it might involve anything else, because the Democrats are not interested in their slander being even remotely connected to reality.

I fear that, beside the desire of the weak, virtue signalling senators a’ la Romney not to appear “dictatorial”, there is another motivation at play: the Republicans – who have found, in recent years, an energy totally absent before – actually *want* a harsh confrontation, by which desperate Democrats throw all the mud they can at a person enjoying (as a woman) “Panda Status” among their very own. This mud-slinging will, so the Republicans think in this scenario, persuade more women to vote for the Republicans, at the same time keeping the victory lap and the vote-winning effect of the appointment as near as possible to Election Day.

I can’t say I agree. Firstly, a victory for KO at the first round will always be better than one at the end of the twelfth, no matter how much audience the latter gets. Secondly, it is a rather cynical play to allow for all that time to pass, knowing that the Democrats will use to try to destroy ACB’s family. I am sure ACB is fully ready for this, but still… Still, I will give you this: that the Democrats will not be able to attack the Panda without looking bad. Whatever they throw at Coney Barrett, they will be reminded that they unconditionally support criminals like Jason Blake, and horizontal careerist like kamala Harris. Plus, they will have some difficulties in discounting her rebuttals, because #believeallwomen, remember?

I short, this could, likely, have been a fast victory, with the Democrats tased to the ground and reduced to screaming “Dictatorship!!”. This, they are doing 24/7 now; therefore, it would not get any traction. On the contrary, a massive barrage of replays of the Kavanaugh days would make them look like losers at their losing worst.

Sadly, it’s not going to be.

But I wanted to have this said, because I see dark clouds at the horizon, made exclusively of mud.


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