First Debate: My Prediction In Three Points

The first debate is approaching and I would like to tell you how it will go. This, of course, if Biden shows up.

  1. Biden loses his train of thoughts many times. Can’t remember anything. Lies like there’s no tomorrow. Accuses Trump of defunding the Police. Invites Trump to settle their differences with a fist fight. Insults Trump in many ways having to do with ponies, and accuses him of being a junkie, or something similar. Thinks he is Joe Biden’s husband, but swears he is married to his sister. Asks Trump to make him a mixed tape. Plays “America the Beautiful” on his phone to prove he is patriotic.
  2. Trump is prepared, witty, robust in his attacks, in excellent form. Makes one little mistake saying a word the wrong way, or something along those lines.
  3. MSM declare Trump demented, and Biden the winner.

You read it here first.

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  1. Yes. Or a tie. But the public won’t be fooled.

  2. When Biden sniffs Trump’s hair the MSM will say it is because Orange Man used too much hair spray and irritated Biden’s nostrils.

  3. Mercedes Pernice

    All Biden has to do is not show signs of advanced senility and there will be a collective sigh of relief from the left, justifying their confidence in this soon to be octogenarian. I do not know if that is possible for Biden.

    Trump’s performance in the debates should be substantially improved from 2016 after four (4) years of public speaking, campaigning and parrying hostile questions from the media. Judging from the Democratic Primary debates, Biden gets shaken from accusatory remarks; Trump, on the other hand, has heard nothing for four (4) years except accusatory questions and remarks and has mastered what comes natural to him — the counter-punch.

    One thing is clear: regardless of the questions asked, it will turn into a p-ssing match.

  4. Biden’s bosses or handlers are nervous right now knowing that their front man is a hollowed out vessel at this point. They’re making additional deals with the devil just for him to make it to election night. After that, they’re done with him and will take control. That is, if he wins, which he won’t.

  5. My take – Biden will give the same answer no matter what the question is: “Whatever I decide to do can’t be worse than what Trump has done.” Yes, but what will you do? “I’ll look at whatever Trump did and do the opposite.” That will be his answer to everything.

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