Upside Down: Another Day, Another “Lid” For Zombie Joe



I must confess, I did not know a “lid” was a thing. Apparently, it is when a Presidential candidate “calls it a day”. Which, in the case of Sleepy Joe, is, remarkably often, between 9 and 10 in the morning, as he needs to attend to his semolina soup the rest of the day. A Biden Presidency would consist of 1 hour of work one day, and very possibly 0 hours of work the following day. This must be a joke, but I am afraid the joke is on those nincompoops voting for this decrepit man.

Looking at the other side, I am not sure the use of the expression “working my ass off” is so extremely Presidential, but it is certainly true. Donald Trump is showing quite a remarkable amount of energy as he appears to be, like Stonewall Jackson, in multiple places at the same time. Meanwhile, Sleepy Joe Biden cannot even pronounce five words in a row – when he can read them correctly from the teleprompter – without bungling their pronunciation like a half drunk.

What I think is happening is this: his handlers have noticed that Sleepy Joe “performs” better in the morning than in the afternoon (which, I am told, is sadly typical for dementia patients). Therefore, they are altering his circadian rhythms, making him sleep in such a way that, when he marches to the debate tomorrow afternoon, he will be in his first waking hours, in his “morning” so to speak, and thus possibly – perhaps with the help of who knows what medications; his short appearances have also been attributed to the great frequency of bathroom pauses caused by dementia treatment – reasonably alert for a while.

But it is still a tragedy. This guy can’t make it for more than 20 minutes on a normal day. Even during this time, he is so fragile that he explodes at the mere mention of his cognitive situation. How he thinks he can go on for 90-100 minutes under Trump’s relentless attacks is beyond me. He will need a lot of coffee, two full days of rest, and a lot of luck. God forbid, he plays “Upside Down” on his phone because Diana Ross is having such a great success this year…..

In truth, what is upside down, right now, is a candidacy that surpasses in hilariousness everything we have seen up to now. He is Beto in 2070. Or you might think he thinks he it’s 1984, his name is Joe Bidennikov, and he is trying to make the Politburo.

I am curious to see if he has any activity tomorrow morning, merely hours before the debate.

If not, you read it here first.








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  1. I hope the President continues to insist on a drug test.

    • Exactly what would they be looking for?
      Amphetamines? Cocaine? An anti-depreesive? Ritalin?
      I would check for cochlear implants and, perhaps, a small speaker in his throat for his “ventriloquist” to answer the questions.
      Trump should bring his own water.

  2. In medical jargon the term “sun-downing” is used to describe the phenomenon of people with dementia becoming more confused at dusk. I think your theory is a good one, M. I do believe there is a potential that it will backfire and Sleepy Joe will be more vacant, more confused than if his handlers didn’t tamper with him too much.

  3. Pegon Zellschmidt

    Speed and Adderall

  4. As of 11am EDT Day Of: Trump is insisting on third party checks for ear-pieces and transmitters for the participants. He has agreed, Biden has not. Biden wants breaks every 1/2 hour, Trump says no.

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