Meet Joe, The Demented, Senile, Hair-Sniffing Perv


I have written yesterday that it would be useful to see whether Biden has any activity on the morning of the debate. I have looked around (not for too long) and I could not find any.

Hypothesis number one: Biden has slept as long as possible before the debate, because this is his only hope not to look like a demented, senile, hair-sniffing perv tonight.

I have also read around (as I write this, no movement on the matter) that Trump has asked for a third party to independently verify that no candidate has an ear plug. As I write this, my information is that Biden camp’s has refused.  

Hypothesis number two: Biden can never make it through 90 minutes of gruesome Trump barrage without running the risk of looking like the demented, senile, hair-sniffing pervert he is on a number of occasions. Therefore, his handlers insist on having the possibility to whisper sweet nothings in his ear if things were to go tragically wrong. To think that this man wants to be the President of the United States!

Finally, it has been widely reported today that Biden’s camp has asked for two interruptions (that is: a maximum of 30 minutes in a row), the Republicans have refused, and Fox has confirmed that there is going to be no interruption.

Hypothesis number three: Biden has, in fact, been taking medicaments against dementia, which make him pee with alarming frequency. I don’t think his drug-addled, senile bladder will care much for live TV time. Therefore, whatever incontinence pad the scientists at Team Biden have selected as the least likely to make their candidate look, as he should, like a demented, senile, hair-sniffing pervert, will have to be employed tonight, then there is no way the guy can get through 90 minutes without the floodgates opening; for which he would, of course, blame Trump anyway.

I will not stay up half the night to assist to such a cruel, Nero-like spectacle, which will end in a shouting match anyway (best defensive strategy for Biden, as long as his lungs collaborate; I am sure he knows, his handler have told him as match, and they will be banking on the “energetic Biden dispels every fear of dementia” fake headlines afterwards).

Still, my suggestions for the readers:

  1. Watch for his ears, his gestures, and his pauses after the questions, to detect the presence of an ear plug.
  2. Watch for Biden’s signs of discomfort on his legs (which might get visible behind a lectern), to detect signs of a medically-induced very weak bladder.
  3. Watch for Biden’s walk and general movement, to detect the signs of an incontinence pad.

Each one of these three would be the end of his candidacy.

Still, I think that his behaving like an old, irascible, screaming, creepy nincompoop will do him even more damage.


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  1. Sleep, incontinent Joe could have an indwelling catheter running down his pants leg into a bag to hold him for the time of the debate 🙂

  2. As I sit and type this, not having seen the debate for the same reasons you have, it appears that jojothemonkeyboy (so-called because he is like the organ grinder’s monkey, capering for someone better qualified) has both survived the “debate” and did so with the active help of the “moderator, the effeminate crissiewallace.
    The mere fact that he didn’t actually collapse or have a large urine stain on his pants at the end means he did as well as could be expected, maybe even better.
    He still lost.
    Trump looks like a fighter.
    jojothemonkeyboy like a loser.

    • Biden’s handlers would likely employ an indwelling latex tube going directly from his bladder to a strap-on plastic collection bag connected to his leg. If not that, then a “condom catheter” which is a sheath secured to the male organ with a tube that exits into a collection bag strapped to the leg. Either way, wet trousers are avoided. There are many clever tricks to help the elderly maintain their dignity.

      I read a description today that I thought was “spot on”—Biden has the “waxy” look of advanced old age. He certainly looked like Rip Van Winkle just awakening from his slumber at yesterday’s debate. Old, frail, and waxen.

  3. I feel better today after reading many assessments of the debate.

    Initially my heart sank—Trump, I thought, needed to do a better job engaging the public and telling of his epic successes. Tell Mom and Pop of color just how much he has done to save black children slaughtered in utero, how many black prisoners who were unjustly incarcerated he released, and listed the names of blacks who endorse him. His message was muddled in regards to race. A missed opportunity.

    Sleepy Joe made great eye-contact and spoke to the family gathered around the TeeVee. Don’t know if that will garner many votes, but still, he seemed a kindly old granddad (we know he is a fiend) rather than a raging whirlwind which was probably off putting to many squishy undecideds.

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