First Debate, Or: The Only Alpha Male In The Room


I have now looked at and read enough excerpts of the Debate to feel able to give you – if you are interested; Biden isn’t very interesting – my two cents about the entire event. I’ll try to keep it short, because I have many points I would like to cover.

  1. The only positive for Biden: he managed to get through his 90 minutes. If he pissed his pants, we will never know it. His doctor is very good at drugging him; and he actually looked like one who has not forgotten he is running for President. There was no meltdown, no catastrophic failure. His allies are so relieved they are already saying there should be no rounds 2 and 3.
  2. I am sick and tired of hearing that Trump is not Presidential. Trump is Presidential to his very core. He has showed that nobody can intimidate him, that he can take a fight two against one (OK, one of them an old man, but still…) and that there was only one man in the room, and his name was Donald. You want the limp wrist soy girl, call Obama.
  3. The mistakes Trump made were slight, and very easy to point out the day after. He forgot to drum for his $500B Platinum stuff. He was not strong or prompt enough in refuting the “fine people” hoax. I don’t think he hammered Biden on the riots so very much. It would have been better if he had been more insistent on his economic successes pre-Virus. But again, he was in a fierce debate against Chris Wallace, who is a skilled – if unfair – debater. It is not easy to remember everything.
  4. Trump landed some excellent uppercuts to poor old Joe. He humiliated him, with the brutality we all know and love, when Biden told Trump he would have to get smarter. Plus, his “I have done more in 47 months than you in 47 years” is probably the phrase that will go down in history for this debate. He was excellent at pointing out that Biden wants to pack the Court with extremists. He did not forget to cudgel Joe with Hunter. He even moved Joe to backpedal on the Green New Deal, a huge mistake about which Trump will now likely hammer him until November. Nobody is perfect; but yesterday, Trump was seriously good.
  5. Without the shadow of a doubt, Trump was the only Alpha male in the room, and everybody could see it, though most political commenters did not want to even acknowledge the thought. But you know who saw it very well? The Latinos, among which Trump cleaned up. Latinos understand masculinity, are not fazed one bit by the soy boy worries of a candidate being “rude”, and gave Trump victory over Biden to the tune of a crushing, humiliating, Hiroshima-like 66 to 34 according to the very embarrassed journos of Telemundo. Sorry for you, Telemundo journalists. If you don’t want to know what your people think, don’t ask them live on television.

The best indicator that Trump won this, big time, is that the lefties focus on old news no one is more interested to hear, and having to do with his (fully justified) “behaviour”.

Newsflash: the guy has been this way since day one, it has not damaged him one bit, and honest people actually like his refreshing bluntness.

I am certainly forgetting some bits, but I think I have the most important parts. I think Trump did very well in a situation (first debate of an incumbent) that saw several Presidents before him underperform. He was prepared, laser-focused, and ready to show the American people how an effective President goes against his opponents, be they from Scranton or from Peking.

Well done, Mr President.

Keep being yourself, and you will do just fine.

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  1. Laura Ingraham made a good point too. She said we shouldn’t compare it to former debates because those were during times of peace and there is so much at stake now, plus the temperaments of primarily, Trump. He’s a brawler, he’s had to be. Nobody but he knows how tough he’s had to be over these four years. It’s him against Deep State and powers and principalities. A female teacher yesterday said to me that Trump “is a bully”. This effeminate thinking has clogged up our collective thinking, for women and for men. People don’t get what is at stake. America was once a manly place, filled with men who thought and talked like men. We still have them, but effeminate thinking and influence is pervasive. Women are ruling the culture. It’s infected the thinking of the culture.

  2. Hello Chris,

    I think Mundabor must be a rather aggressive, blunt fellow because he thought the president did a good job; quite a contrast from the Catholic Gentleman’s comments.

    I’ll reserve my opinion until November, not that it makes an iota of difference.



    • Hello Chris,
      I am, in fact, a rather assertive, blunt fellow.
      I can, also, be a gentleman. But I am also, I think, rather intelligent, which allows me to discern when it is appropriate to be a warrior rather than a fake gentleman who is, in those occasions, merely a pussy.

    • Saroop Calvete

      Gentlemen, aka as “Mittens Romney,” don’t win elections. It may be profitable to a suave during board meeting with the liberal oligarchy but it is not a winning strategy. If you look at U.S. political history the characters are pretty rowdy since the onset.

  3. Thanks, Mundabor! I appreciate your points. I was raised and ‘educated’ in the far Left Coast of the US. I had a fear of watching the debate last night, and gave up about half-way through. I am so concerned that Trump will lose that I forget to watch those episodes that make him able to win this election. Of course I pray daily for him, but we have had some bad years in the US for the last many years since I was voting age. I will make myself buck up and watch the next debates, and cheer for the president.
    There has never been another man willing to take on this insane society.

    • I do not want to watch debates because I do not like the adrenalines it causes on me.
      Imagine what the man has been going through these last four years!

  4. I didn’t watch the debate and had already voted for Trump. I don’t see any point to the debates, the moderator has too much control. I would rather see a sit down discussion between the two candidates based upon an agreed list of subjects.

  5. It always seems to be the Moderator + Democrat vs. Republican. To TRUMP: “Will you NOW, TONIGHT, denounce White Supremacists? Trump says “Sure” twice and Wallace just ignores it and continues asking the question even more hysterically. Obviously he was unhappy that Trump said, “Sure”. On to BIDEN: “Will you denounce Antifa? Black Lives Matter?” Oh wait – Wallace didn’t ask Biden that question or any other that might make the former VP look like the befuddled, clueless, corrupt politician that he is. The debate was a disgrace.

  6. vincent capuano

    Spot on. Think about who are the real leaders in the world today. Victor Orban Hungary, Jair Bolsonaro- Brazil, Vladamir Putin – Russia and Donald J Trump – all alpha males. This is not a moral judgment on them or their policies but they know how to lead. They are unapologetically nationalist. World government is a chick movement run by nagging environmentalists and virtue signaling do gooders.

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