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The Family From Hell

All the sordid details are here.

And yes, it concerns you. “Pop” is running for President.

It seems to me here that only one of the two is possible.

The first: Hunter lives in a hallucinated world where entire, long-lasting, year-long atrocious family situations are entirely imagined. Whilst the man is, or has been at some recent point, a alcoholic and a crack cocaine addict, this is clearly not plausible.

The second: Satan has taken hold of this family, big time. The long texts sent by Hunter reveal a world in which alcoholism, drug addiction, fornication among non blood-connected relatives, and a dark world of, well, the unthinkable, is played in front of Joe and Jill Biden, who seem to act like this is part of the usual controversies that arise in every normal family rather than police stuff, big time. The only one who is on record with at least threatening to involve the police is, if I remember correctly – honestly, I don’t have the stomach to read again – Jill Biden. This is the same woman who then proceeds to run a Presidential campaign on behalf of her husband, knowing that he is more liable to be blackmailed than her part- time-demented husband.

You understand how these people are not fazed by abortion. When you have the very real possibility of incest floating around in your own family, and you live with that situation for years on end, abortion does not seem an impediment to running for President.

Who knows what comes next. Still, Joe Biden is a very high security risk, a man without integrity, likely a silent abetter of unspeakable crimes, and a man so despicable he should have never have thought of running.

I remind you that this is not a normal father. This is Creepy Joe, the serial hair sniffer and outright disquieting guy. There were no laptops in his younger days. I wonder what one would have found in them. It seems like the bad apple fell from a very, very unhealthy tree.

Pray hard in these last days before the election. If you have started it, keep praying your Novena. Pray that the United States and the world may not only enjoy a Trump Presidency for the next 4 years, but send to political oblivion (and, one day, possibly to jail) the one or other member of this family from hell.

More Good News From Florida

This one here is your reference site for all things Early Vote Florida.

Pay attention, that every time you refresh it defaults on Early Vote In Person. This is interesting for us (Republicans are dominating this), but I would invite you to scroll down the page and select (you will have to do it again every time) “Early Votes: All”. This gives you the official count of all early vote (Vote By Mail plus Early Vote In Person) as per the last update, which happens every 30 minutes or so when the vote is ongoing.

As I write this, Democrats have an advantage of just shy of 202k votes in the total of early votes. It is not going well for them, at all.

The Democrats have bet the farm on early vote, both to mobilise their lazier voters and to feed their “Trump’s pandemic will kill us all” narrative. Therefore, you would expect them to lead by far higher margins by now. Instead, their higher margin at the beginning of the count was steadily eroded, as vote by mail was quickly counted and Republicans showed surprisingly strong “early vote in person” numbers day after day. As I write this, they have been eroding the Dem advantage to the tune of around 45k a day. I bet my pint this trend will continue today and tomorrow with pretty much the same, or a similar, strength.

You can also play with the single counties. You will then see that, Miami Dade “only” has a 10% Democrat advantage in aggregated early vote, and Republicans are even winning the early vote in person.

More considerations:

Republicans will most certainly outvote Dems by *a lot* on Election Day. Therefore, if things remains as they are, you are going to see Miami Dade either moving to the Republicans or going near it. This is a death sentence for Biden not only in Florida, but for the entire race.

It is not all as rosy. Dems have been strong in the “souls to polls” exercises: driving or busing people to the polls after church on Saturday or Sunday. It did not work much last weekend, it might work better, or much better, the next one. How many churches are open in Florida, I don’t know. I would say, not many. This was another reason why the Dems set all on early vote by mail.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. The enthusiasm for Trump is huge, and it comes in addition to the certainly present “shy vote”. So, you have an awful lot of people who are fired up and say it, and more people who are angry with the Dems, but are afraid to say it.

Important: the past (since 1968; this is a lot of past) has shown that if an incumbent increases his votes in Florida compared to when he was elected, he increases his votes in the Rust Belt, too. There is no reason to believe this year will be an exception, particularly after Biden’s fracking and fossil fuel comments. This means that a victory in Florida exceeding 1.2% (which seems very likely to me, with the “souls to polls” next weekend the only unknown) will likely translate into increased numbers in those states, too.

Everything indicates that Trump will win the independent vote (he did it in 2016, too). How much, we don’t know. But they will help us as an aggregate, in Florida and elsewhere.

Everything also indicates more Ds voting Trump than Rs voting Biden. We don’t know how much, but I think it will be noticed very clearly on Election Night.

Things are going well, my friends. Only complacency and/or fraud can stop Republicans from winning Florida now. I can exclude the second as Florida has robust vote mechanisms in place. The first is the one for which we must continue to pray.

Hidin’ Bumbling Joe, Before He Sniffs His Niece

I remember 2008, when a wannabe Republican candidate left the campaign trail with the excuse of having to save the Country, or something. He was, as you might remember, desperate, so he thought that a bit of virtue-signalling would be better than having to notice every day that Republicans really didn’t like him.

In 2020, it is happening again. However, this time there is no real explanation, because Democrats never think they need to explain anything to the proles down there on Planet Earth.

I will therefore, gratis et amore Dei, attempt my bit of analysis as to the reason of this quite remarkable campaign behaviour.

Biden is in a fairly advanced state of dementia.

Biden is largely gone. He can be trained for a debate only if he is taken out of circulation for 3 or 4 days at a time, and made to sleep during the day until the debate time is morning for him. No doubt, he needs to be given massive doses of medicaments, and it is likely he will look like a zombie when he gets out of them. Therefore, you have a 2-3 days pre-event and a 2-3 days post-event where the man is out of combat. He can’t muster the final stretch of the campaign, which would make him look frail. Better take him out altogether.

Republicans have totally highjacked Democrat events.

Trump supporters are cleaning up. Independently of the Trump campaign, they use social media to gather in short-notice, joyous, spontaneous demonstrations of love for Mr Trump. Countless people on social media record them and spread the news. It is unstoppable, because it happens everywhere. It is not centralised, it’s just unavoidable. Lately, this short-notice mobilisation potential has been used to crash the party of the Democrats, with Trump supporters appearing at Democrats events in much bigger numbers than the (few, embarrassed, and probably required) Democrat presence. This is going to look so bad, it’s better to avoid it completely.

Biden has a foot permanently in his mouth

Biden is proving, even in his most lucid moments, more incompetent than ever. The “Chumps” gaffe, another outburst that has been showed around intensely, must have persuaded his handlers that the man is a walking grenade. The “Chumps” stuff, by the way, came only hours after Biden had shot his election hopes again, during the Last Debate, with a double-barrelled shotgun loaded with fracking and fossil fuels. I think people in Pennsylvania were noticing. It appears that many of them want to change their vote, too.

The laptop from hell did not go away

Biden thought, surely, that the censorship of his dealing with his son and his activities in the Ukraine, in China, and likely somewhere else (Romania is also in play) would make the problem go away fast. It didn’t, but it alienated more people from the MSM censorship. As an aside, the video circulating of his “good guy” son Hunter, which cannot be published in a Catholic blog, actually tells the tale about the family itself, and the easy way Biden can be manipulated and blackmailed. More videos coming, I am told. It is, at this point, inconceivable that Biden can keep being on the campaign trail and just ignore the issue. Keep the old guy in his basement and make him take part to some lame party events instead, just to show he is still alive.


It is difficult to deal with a candidate that does less damage when he is in hiding than when he is going around. I must give credit to Biden’s team that they have recognised this early in the campaign, and have tried to hide their candidate as much as they could with the excuse of the pandemic. Their decision to take Joe out until the election is all but an admission of defeat, and there is no lipstick that can save this particular pig.

But then again, it seems that the entire Biden family has a certain affinity with pigs.

ACB: The Tanks Are Rolling

Preparations for Election day are well underway at Trump HQ…

As I write this, the debate in the Senate before the approval of Amy Coney Barrett is underway. There is no doubt about the outcome, particularly considering that even Sen. Lisa Murkowski, always the hypocrite and opportunist, has decided that it is better to be on the side of the winners on this one, so that in two years she can boast of an appointment she did everything in her power to prevent.

This is, I think, one of the rare occasions when the Democrats have actually learned from the past. Their obscene circus in 2018 did not go well, and it likely cost them at least part of the “wave” they were (optimistically, I think) awaiting. Still, Kavanaugh’s hearing damaged them, and people remember it now.

This will be a great victory for Trump, at exactly the moment when it helps him the most. It will also be a great boost for Lindsay Graham’s reelection chances, and a deserved boost considering how Graham fought for Kavanaugh in 2018, which is one of the reasons we are now about to have an easy, but historic, victory in 2020.

Every day that goes by, there are new signals that things are going very well. This afternoon (here in the UK), we had news of excellent Republican early voting in Wisconsin, where – as I write this – Rs are even exceeding Ds in the early vote count. Boy, these Dems better hurry, because there can be no doubt on Election day the Republicans will have more votes than them.

The only enemy, now, is complacency. Which is why we should be grateful for every fake poll the MSM are putting out.

In the meantime, Trump cashes in (not in the Hunter sense) another historic victory and, by the by, solves the problem of the electoral shenanigans in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

Go to vote. Pray (day two of the Novena!!). Encourage your friends, relative and colleagues to vote.

And let the tanks roll.

Democrats: The Last Ditch Will Be The Virus

I am following intensively the campaign in America, getting more data than, I am sure, the majority of the local voters.

It seems to me that things are going very well.

Not well. Very well.

Florida’s data, and the data from other States, show that Trump should be able to comfortable win all the State he won in 2016, with the possible exception of Pennsylvania. However, he is strong in New Hampshire, Maine (He visited there! I was wondering why Maine was being neglected!) and, obviously, Pennsylvania. He is also going for Nevada. I think Virginia and Colorado have been abandoned.

If the Trump voters go out to vote, this will likely be a repeat of that wonderful night in 2016.

I think the Dems know it. They know that their vote by mail campaign is not going well, at all, and they are on track for defeat on Election day. They have a candidate that is either closed in his basement, or opens his mouth and does a lot of damage (fracking, fossil fuels, stating that is a , cough, Chinese Wall between himself and the son, when he meets his business partners); they have no enthusiasm, no electricity in their campaign; and, this time, they don’t have double the money. They know they are running out of ballots, fast.

I think they will, as a last ditch attempt, play the Virus card. We will see all MSM thundering all day about an immense explosion of the virus in battleground states, hoping to scare the Election Day, elderly Republican voters to stay home, and bagging the victory as they have proportionally more people voting early and many more older people who have voted early. Be prepared for a huge wave of Virus scares, and counter that with your friends etc. who have not voted yet.

In the end, it should not have a big effect, like all the rest of their attempts at manipulating public opinion. Firstly, the game is transparent; secondly, people don’t believe the “experts” anymore; thirdly, Trump voters are exceptionally motivated and not scared by the virus.

Still, I think this is coming.

Pray (Novena for Trump is ongoing!) but be vigilant!

Meet The MAGA Sisters

Religious Sisters featured prominently just behind Donald Trump in this video.

Dressed as, actually, religious sisters; sporting MAGA masks; with crosses in their hands; they seem to be praying.

It is a very sad reflection that it is a piece of Catholic news when you have religious sisters actually dressed like religious sisters, and even expressing their support for the anti-abortion candidate.

However, the world being what it is, it is at least a bit of good news, of sort.

Pray for Trump’s victory.

The Novena starts today.

Please Join The Novena For Trump’s Victory

Reader Stéphane Mercier writes: 

Starting a novena this very weekend so that Trumps, well… trumps grandpa B. All your readers might join in and pray the novena if you suggest the idea in a post, dear M.
We all know Trump isn’t a saint, but he’s certainly the one whom the sane world NEEDS to win this election. Like in the Batman movie, “he’s not the hero we deserve, but the one we need right now.”

Excellent idea, and many thanks to you, Stéphane! 

Instead of praying on our own, why not star a big common Novena?

I suggest we start on 

Sunday, 25 October  

It will end on Monday, 2 November. This is exactly the day before the election, so the timing is excellent. 

You can choose your won reflection as you please, or take them from a Catholic site of your choice. 

It’s an excellent idea and I would like to launch it now.

Please forward and spread around. 

Make Democrats Cry Again!  

The Last Debate

“This needs to end before I say that I married my daughter”


Good news for the unborn yesterday night.

Let me count the ways.

The President was Presidential

I confess: I prefer Angry Trump to Statesman Trump. I want to see the lion roar. I want to see the decrepit animal, Biden, looking for cover. I want to see the terror in his eyes as the Lion is about to put his teeth in his throat. Trump has given me both: Warrior Trump and Statesman Trump. Praise the Lord, and pass the ballot (I wish!).

Biden was waning fast

Come on, man! Biden was looking at his watch, and was more blurred towards the end, because his drugs were starting to lose their effect. Plus, he had three full days to alter his circadian rhythms and avoid sundowning. Plus, he might have known the questions beforehand (if you did that, you might be hired by Fox very soon). Still, the old and frail man was, well, old and frail. Trump was, in contrast, quite the guy you would want at the top of the Free World.

Biden fracked himself on energy

Poor Joe lives in the Seventies. In a world with tape recorders, and no Internet. He lies – like he has done his whole life: ask him how many degrees he has! – without reflecting that his lies will live for 30 minutes, top. He managed to screw himself and be seen as a shameless liar by the entire Country. The videos posted by Trump after the debates already have many millions views. He voted himself out of Pennsylvania with his own mouth. This is going to be glorious.

“Who built the cages, Joe?”

Ah, the one with the cages! Vintage Trump! Will be on TV in 30 years! Biden answered with… crickets. I’ll go out on a limb and say this: millions of people will have discovered only yesterday that the “cages” were built by Bronzefaced Bathhouse Barry Boy.

The Laptop From Hell

Trump pressed Biden on this, forcing him to make an ass of himself. You have a drug addict son, Joe, and it looks like you made a lot of money out of him, as your crack-pipe-cum-bag-man. Not looking good, Joe!

The General Impression

Experienced, proven President destroys liar, corrupt wannabe.

Pray that there is no jail for you or your son, Joe.

Ask Anthony Weiner how it ended for him.





Just A Short One

I have been undecided all day whether I should completely ignore Francis’ latest stunt, or I should excoriate him in the way he deserves on this earth (before the excoriations in hell, which will be much worse. ..)

I have, in the end, decided for a middle way. I will keep it short and sweet, and move on with my life.

This little, very possibly perverted, Church-hating, Christ-hating, Catholic-hating bastard (with my apologies to bastards; who, in the end, have done nothing wrong themselves, in strong contrast to Francis) had to find another way to make headlines after all the rest failed and he discovered he is, in his old age, ignored by everyone but a handful of professional boot-lickers. So-called “civil partnerships”, he must have thought, would do admirably.

Next on his plate, I suspect, bestiality, incest, and (you guessed it) coprophagia.

I would really not be surprised.

Die soon, Frankie boy.

Satan is eagerly awaiting.

Huntergate: Meet The Family From Hell

Hunter Biden is here seen sleeping, together with his inseparable drug (probably crack cocaine) pipe.


Rudy Giuliani just released a long-ish text message. I have it from a Youtube Trump channel containing extremely vulgar language, which I don’t want to link to here. You will soon have the text everywhere, and Giuliani has promised pictures and more material talking to Maria Bartiromo (on “Morning with Maria”) in a matter of hours.

The key parts of the text, which was sent from Hunter Biden to Joe Biden, are the following ones:

  1. “She told my therapist I was sexually inappropriate. This would be with an unnamed 14 years old girl”. “She” is the sister-in-law of Hunter Biden, of whom Hunter was the lover after Beau Biden diedWhat kind of family is this one, I wonder. So this is Hunter texting Joe that his sister-in-law and former lover told his therapist that he was sexually inappropriate with a 14 years old girl. This is not what he says. This is what she says.
  2. “And the reason why she can’t have her out to see me is because I walk around naked smoking crack talking Tom Girls(?) on Face time”. “Tom Girls”, and the question mark, is clearly Hunter misspelling “to girls”. “Face time” is clearly FaceTime, Apple’s videotelephony software. So Hunter states that he, as he himself admits,
    • talks to at least one girl (I think he questions the plural) on FaceTime
    • whilst walking around naked
    • smoking crack
    • all the time. —- Note here that Hunter does not say to “Pop” that this walking naked is something his “sister-in-law slash former lover” maintains. No. This is something he states as a fact, together with the rest.
  3. The bottom line is that I created and caused a very unsafe environment for the kids”. You don’t say, Hunter?!

Now, how serious is this? This is so serious that Mr Giuliani has now given the hard disk to the police.

This looks to me like Hunter Biden having to go down hard, with Rudy Giuliani doing all he can so that the police is actually forced to act (or is shamed, possibly with heads rolling, for not doing it) on the material, and arrests/interrogates the guy who sleeps with his widowed sister-in-law.

“Pop” is, no matter how demented, au courant about everything. He must have been the most leveraged politician on this planet for years now, as there is no possibility in this universe in which the Chinese were not aware at the very least of his son’s crack addiction and, very possibly, of the sordid details of Hunter “Anthony-Weinering” around and (if this was a secret; hey, this is a liberal family, so you never know…..) sleeping with the sister-in-law.

Trump called Hunter’s laptop “the laptop from hell”. But really, I think he is being too gentle. What is emerging is the picture of a family very closely resembling a crime syndicate, in which several members of the family (at least Joe’s son, brother, and son-in-law) all massively leverage “Pop’s” power and connection to make a quick buck (actually, millions of them) and “Pop” gets a kickback for it; all the while having to arbitrage stuff like his son sleeping with the wife of his deceased other son, his son having a crack addiction, and his son talking naked to girls on FaceTime “all the time”, “smoking crack”.

Boy, this is disquieting on so many levels, it makes the Clintons – minus the suspected arkancides – almost look like a normal family.

Stay tuned.



The Lead That Never Was: Why Trump Was Strong In Pennsylvania Pre-Huntergate, And Is Stronger Now.

The historically very serious, accurate Trafalgar Group released a new poll stating that Biden’s “lead” in Pennsylvania factually evaporated.

It would be all fine, if we didn’t know that the clear lead was never there in the first place. Your average Republican does not distinguish between Trafalgar and SurveyMonkey. They just hate, or at least don’t trust, pollsters. They might not want to have the quarrel with the wife and the daughter. They might not want the colleagues to know. They might just want to troll the pollsters. I know I would. 

Trump won this State in 2016. He has gained more registrations than Biden since. He has delivered to the people of Pennsylvania all that he had promised. He is the only pro-Second amendment candidate in a State fond of its gun rights. He is not an unknown quantity anymore, but a tried and tested President, without being part of the establishment.

There is no reason why he should not have won in Pennsylvania, pre-laptop.

But the laptop is now there, and the combined power of the tech giants could not keep it away from the masses. This poll only covers day 1 of Huntergate. Huntergate will, most likely, grow and become more explosive in the days to come.

Biden is on the defensive like he’s Hitler in March 1945. He has now called The Mother Of All Lids: three full days of basement! Granted, he needs three days to memorise that he is running for.. Senator (oh, wait!), but most of all, he needs to stay out of the way of the public, the journalists, the Trump fans more numerous than his own pathetic supporters.

This guy’s campaign is collapsing under our very eyes, with elements of hilarity worthy of Comical Ali. They tell their people that they can’t be complacent, that the Dems are “neck and neck” in most key battleground, and that they need to renew their efforts….

 and then they retire their candidate from circulation for three days straight.

It should be embarrassing to watch.

For some reason, it’s extremely satisfying instead.




Steve Bannon On Biden Inc.

The Biden campaign rendered with an artistic, B&W, old German picture.



Mr. Bannon: Joe Biden is a liar, a fraud, and compromised by Chinese cash. In short, he is a national security crisis. The hard drive combines emails and text messages that show a massive involvement with companies controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. Also, there are 25,000 images that show a drug-addled, depraved lifestyle — one that decent hardworking Americans will not want near the White House.

Revolver News: The FBI has been holding onto the hard drive for almost a year? Any sense of why? Was there any indication that they were seriously interested in criminal case, assuming that there is, in fact, illegal material on there? If not, why would the FBI simply hold onto information like that?Do you think the Biden family is corrupt?Yes No  Completing this poll entitles you to The Gateway Pundit news updates free of charge. You may opt out at anytime. You also agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Mr. Bannon: The President must confront the director of the FBI on why the information housed on this hard drive was not moved on immediately. If the content of the hard drive had been released when received in November 2019, there would have been no impeachment of Trump, and Bernie Sanders would be the Democratic Party nominee. This confrontation should take place this weekend in the Oval Office. If Wray doesn’t have a bulletproof reason he should be fired in the room…

Revolver News: Is there any reason to expect that the contents of the hard drive will be revealed before the election? If yes, will people actually care enough for it to substantially affect the outcome?

Mr. Bannon: The Bidens are about to be hit with multiple stories from multiple media sources based off evidence beyond the hard drive. Fox and Peter Schweitzer have already started but bigger more mainstream companies are going to weigh in. We already have set in motion the various apparatuses that will release everything.

Well, this will hurt….

Plus: Russia is nothing to do with Hunter’s laptop. 

Adam Full-of-Schiff going in front of the cameras yesterday and asserting that this is a Russian plot is, well, par for the course for this man. 

Keep praying, keep working for Trump, keep helping the unborn. Don’t be complacent. Be joyously optimistic that the coming battle will be won, but conscious that there is still a battle to be fought.  




Hunter, Joe, And Depravity

When I first saw the tweet on Youtube, I thought exactly the same as the author of this article: the allegations about Hunter Biden’s computer are of such gravity, that Chanel Rion would expose herself to the risk of ruinous criminal and civil suits if they were baseless, and therefore libelous.

It seems to me that there is a certain category of politician (mainly Democrats), who develop such a disdain for common rules that it destroys them when their quest for power, or pursue of depravity, or greed gets out of control. Anthony Weiner is a good example. Hillary Clinton (though she, sadly, never went to jail) is another. Rod Blagojevich (who had his sentence reduced by Trump, but is still guilty of his crime) is a third one. Power goes to one’s head. Particularly after many years. Particularly if you are a Dem. Particularly if you are uncommonly arrogant.

But what if you are all these things (with the power by proxy), and you are, in addition to all that, a drug addict?

Not trying to be a Sunday psychologist here, but it’s not difficult to imagine a drug addict as a person who loves the forbidden fruit; who is extremely eager to taste what is illegal and dangerous; who desires  to go where normal people don’t; who, at some level, loves to defy them by doing what disgusts them, and enjoys it.

So, Hunter is not very smart, a crack cocaine addict, and he is allowed by “Pop” (perhaps in exchange for  monetary kickback; I have written about this) to be a very powerful man by proxy. What other boundaries might he decide to smash? And is it absurd to think that, drunk on power and desirous to excite himself with his own depravity, he would be not only so dumb as to keep videos of his own perverted antics, but so stupid as to send the laptop to repair with all the material inside, and forget to retrieve the laptop afterwards? You might say that this is something only a crackhead would do; but this, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what we have here!

Mind, I want to be fair: it is not inconceivable (though difficult to believe) that compromising material was planted in Hunter’s laptop when the laptop was not in his control. It is also possible that the material was such that Hunter Biden was put, perhaps profiting of his drug addiction, in a position allowing the Chinese to blackmail both him and “Pop” (which would still be fatal to “Pop’s” career, even without monetary implications, as the man is so China-friendly it’s embarrassing).  Still: if the alleged videos have Hunter on them, then it’s game over, as there is no technology in existence which would allow to counterfeit a video in a manner that cannot be recognised.

I don’t know what will come out of this. But when I read articles like the one I have linked to, it seems difficult to me to believe that “underage”, in this context, means “17 years and 11 months old California Girl stunner”. I think it means something much, much more sinister.

This would be, of course, merely in addition to the pay-to-play schemes involving son, brother and son-in-law; probably with “Pop” putting some of the money in his oh so folksy pockets. Come on, man!

The Bidens.

The gift that, sadly enough, might keep on giving.


Good News From Michigan


The first hard numbers from Michigan are in, and they are very good.

I need to make two preliminary observations before getting into the numbers. One: you can expect the Dems to lead the early and mail vote, as their (generally) superior ground operation is better at “securing” the votes before the election day proper. Two: this is particularly true this year, as the Dems have been conditioned to believe that voting in person, or with crowds, is dangerous and are naturally motivated to vote early, or via mail, more than this happened in the past. Expect, as a rule, a stronger Democrat presence in the early vote this year than this was the case in 2020. Then the 3 November comes, and the cavalry (hopefully) changes the course of the battle.

In Michigan, there is a new element: the electoral law was changed, making it easier to vote earlier and via mail than it was before. If you listen to the MSM, this all but guarantees Biden a victory there, as the section of the Democrat electorate that normally can’t bother to haul their ass to the polling station will be motivated to vote, and give the victory to their half-dead, creepy, corrupt candidate.

So, the Dems felt very safe in Michigan. Then, the State of Michigan revealed that, as per yesterday, around 24% of the expected voters have already cast their ballot. This is a big percentage, but in line with what we have said before: Dem ground game, Virus fears and new electoral law all contribute to an increase in early and mail vote. And the result? Republican affiliated voters are more numerous than Democrat affiliated voters. The site TargetEarly2020 had the numbers, but no snippet because either the graphics seem not to work today (they did yesterday), or TargetEarly2020 have decided to ditch the official data altogether, in order to promote their own “modeled” prediction, which differs from the raw, official data and is, like all the rest of the polls, not fact but fiction (mind: it’s bad news for the Dems anyway..). [EDIT: Targetearly is affiliated with the Democrats. it might explain both their “modeled” prediction and the disappearance of the official data). 

Still, the data is there and it is official: more Republican affiliated voters than Democrat affiliated voters had cast their vote early, as per official Saturday night data.

What does this mean? Does it mean that Democrats have suddenly decided to defy the Pandemic and go vote all together in November cold? Does it mean that Democrats plan to win with the independents? Does it mean that the new electoral law is proving a boon for the Republicans, who are now able to tap on a “distracted/formerly not interested/lazy Republican” clientele who did not vote before, but decided to profit from the new rules and vote early this time? Or does it, very simply, mean that the enthusiasm among Republicans in Michigan is through the roof, and this starts to reflect already in the early vote?

I think the first and second scenario are not realistic. If you ask me, we are seeing a mixture of the third and fourth one. This makes a victory in Michigan, whilst not assured – nothing is assured until the victory is in the bag – certainly more likely.

And in fact, let us reflect on the feelings of your average Michigander as the 2020 election is under way. Has Trump delivered on his promises? Check. Are the prospects for the economy good? Check. Is Trump the one generally considered to be more capable to deal with the economy than Barely Alive Joe? Check. Are the shocking Biden scandals going to help the Republicans? Check. Do the Republicans have an Incumbent running? Check.

Facts, common sense, and early vote data are all pointing in the same direction.

In Michigan, I think Biden has good reasons to be scared.




Clarity Is Charity: Father Altman’s Homily.

Big Tech Is The Biggest Issue

What has been happening in the last 48 hours is something I have not experienced, even in Italy, where journalism is largely corrupt. Actually, never have I, in Italy, experienced anything even close to what I see happening now in the United States.

The censorship of certain news in one’s own publication is bad enough. If, say, the Washington Post or the New York Times refuse to publish the news about a laptop with pics of Hunter Biden with a crack pipe in his mouth, or emails to Chinese financiers in which he claims to have influence (which is true, by the way), with “Pop”, or the absolutely devastating text message in which he claims “Pop” (this is the current Democrat candidate to the Presidency) makes Hunter give to him 50% of the money, this is bad enough.

However, it gets much, much worse – and it represent a different, completely new level of censorship and evil – when a platform prevents information from being exchanged.

To make a comparison with past times, it is as if the US Postal service and one or two other companies had had the monopoly of the distribution of newspapers in decades past, and had refused to deliver the newspapers they don’t like.

The issue is so huge, it is extremely worrying that only now the US Senates has started to show (some) teeth. I have also looked around cursorily, and it seems to me that the election interference legislation in the US is woefully inadequate and does not deal with the distribution or control of the distribution of information before election day, with merely some rules concerning, say, regulation of donations.

Free access to information is vital to a Democracy both before and after an election.

You would think even a moderate Democrat understands this, and understands the poison he is introducing in his own Country if he contribute to a Democrat presidency and House majority that will make this problem far more difficult to get rid of.

Will they? In big numbers, I doubt. However, from the #walkaway videos I have seen it appears that censorship is one of the things that worries them most (the other is, alas, people being rude to them; but these are recovering liberals, so we must give them some time…).

Let us pray hard in these last week that God’s will be done, and that this will includes a glorious Trump victory.

Biden Destroyed Twice. MSM deflect. Big Tech censors.

Amazing things can happen during one’s sleep.

This time, it was waking up to two astonishing pieces of news.

The first: an email emerged where a Burisma executive thanks Hunter Biden for the opportunity of meeting Pop Joe. This shows that Biden lied when he said he never had contacts with Burisma or his son’s dealings. This is a smoking gun of huge proportions, as Biden was in charge of Obama’s Ukraine policy, and is the one who – as we already know – had one prosecutor who was investigated Burisma (and his son) fired with the threat of withholding $1bn of help to the Ukraine. This piece of news is everywhere.

The second: a text from Hunter Biden to his (I think) daughter emerged, where Hunter admits that “Pop” gets 50% of his intake. I cannot find the article anymore, and the search engines are not helping (there is so much rubbish going on about Biden, it likely gets lost…). I am grateful for relevant links [EDIT: in the comment section!]. This, if confirmed, would mean that Biden was not only exercising pressure on the Ukrainian government on behalf and in order to benefit his son, but was imbibing in the Ukrainian money himself. If confirmed, this is not even a smoking gun, this is a nuke.

We are also awaiting for new revelations concerning China. It’s getting so much fun.

I invite all my readers to think what the MSM would say if the parties were reversed. Instead, we are assisting to the most shameless episode of news suppression ever witnessed. Perhaps worse, twitter and Facebook are on the first line in the censorship. Twitter has apologised and we will see whether they restore things to normal fast (I doubt) and heads roll (I doubt that, too). Facebook still has to backpedal from their shameful censorship.

Apart from Biden pathetic campaign, if Trump is reelected he must make of the fight against these anti-democratic tech giants the priority number one of his second mandate. These people are far, far more dangerous than even an old, corrupt bastard like Creepy Joe.



Playing Devil’s Advocate


Biden oceanic crowd: 3 people (plus some in the trucks?). This is in Michigan. 

I am not one of those brainless Libtards who swallow the propaganda of their own party and parrot it day in and day out. I try to make some simple sense checks to see whether I am not going down the wrong road, purely because I want to think that things are just fine.

So, let us think of the scenario that could, in fact, cause a Biden/Harris victory starting, as always, from reality. Reality tells us that there is a huge enthusiasm gap between Trump and Biden supporters. So, what could cause Biden to win notwithstanding the undeniable enthusiasm gap?

People who hate Trump would vote for Stalin 

Fair enough. There are a lot of people who just can’t stand Trump. They are the TDS apostles, the screaming posters on Youtube and TikTok, the rabid bigots immediately calling you a Nazi for even mentioning Trump’s name. There is a lot of hatred for this man, who is very polarising. Should I be worried?

Not really, I would say. I remember when Reagan was just as hated in 1984. Reagan went on to win in a landslide. Polarising candidates (Reagan, Thatcher, Trump) make the fringes mad, but this does not really damage them with the centre, the moderates, the sane voters. You see them screaming on Twitter, but It’s far more smoke than fire. Yes, people from California, Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts might emerge from their basements in drove to vote Biden. Yes, a lot of people who have not voted in the past will feel good voting against Trump this time. But I think that, as a whole, they will come from States the Democrats are going to win anyway. The Dems will likely win the popular vote again. Let them. Who cares. It will make it funnier to see them cry.

Nobody showing up for Biden does not mean he will not get voted. 

Yes. Better said: yes, and no. Hillary also had abysmal presence at her rallies, and she went on to win the popular won and lose Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin for relatively small margins. If you had looked at the difference in enthusiasm alone, you’d have said she was on course to lose Florida by 10 point. It was “merely” 1.2% in the end. Enthusiasm gap does not translate directly into voter’s gap. People who want to keep abortion will not show up at a Democrat rally, but they will vote for a half-dead, demented, corrupted, creepy guy like Biden without a second thought. 

Still, it would be the first time in my memory that the candidate who seems to have such a lack of enthusiasm behind him ends up winning in the end. The more so, as we all know that there is no reason not to say that one will vote for Biden. Not even the pollsters mention “silent Biden voters”. In my eyes, such a lack of enthusiasm will not translate in a Reagan-like landslide, but it will be enough to make him lose. I can’t imagine that such a disastrous candidate will not cause the loss of, say, at least 1% or 2% of voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, or Wisconsin. Not many compared to the totals, but probably decisive for the race.

Biden has no one showing up at his rallies because Democrats are afraid of the Chinese Virus.  

Fair enough, at least as partial explanation. We know that the fear of the Chinese Virus is far more pronounced among Democrats than among Republicans. This will translate into more Democrats voting by mail, but still voting, and more Democrats not showing up at Biden’s rallies, but still voting. By the by: expect extremely good, possibly record-braking Democrat mail and early voting data, exactly for this reason.

However, this cuts both ways. If the Dems are scared by the Pandemic, are we sure that they will all go to vote? Postal vote is not possible in several states, and it takes a certain degree of resilience to go to vote knowing one could (cough) “die” of it. I think this is another 1% or 2% left on the ground. And by the by: the Democrats have scared their people for long enough. It will be impossible now to persuade them that it is safe to vote in person. Plus: mail vote is showing a horrible percentage of votes annulled, around 30%. Many Dems are so dumb they can’t even vote by mail. The mail vote might burn for them a lot of votes that would have been perfectly valid ballot votes.

Bonus argument: if the Virus is the issue behind the enthusiasm gap, why are motorcades for Trump everywhere and absolutely massive, and motorcades for Biden are scarce and utterly depressing?

Mail vote will cause more lazy Democrats to vote for Biden 

The argument goes this way: many Democrat voters are so lazy that they can’t haul their backside to the polling station. The mail vote will activate this part of the Democrat vote; and even if 30% of these excess votes are annulled, the other 70% will lead Biden to victory.

If Biden wins (quod Deus avertat!), I will likely think that this one was the biggest factor. However, I don’t think that is really so. Anecdotal evidence says that Democrats manage to have a percentage of registered Black voters similar to the ones among Whites (I remember reading data from Georgia a couple of years ago). If true nationwide, this would indicate that the Dems already manage to capture the “lazy ass” electorate already, for example offering bus or car drives. It seems difficult to me that email vote will translate into more Black votes. It might well simply translate into less car drives. Plus, if they are losing 10% or more of the Black vote to Trump, it will make it even more difficult to get an advantage from this.

I have tried to find as many arguments as I can. I think there is some merit in all of them. I do not think any of them represents a real danger for now.

I will be eagerly awaiting the provisional voting data from Florida. If, as I think, the Democrats will see their advantage unchanged or reduced (or even only slightly increased) compared to 2016, I will see in this a very good sign. This would mean that the cultural preference for early voting among Democrats is not really translating into a substantial Dem advantage (remember: if you are scared of Covid and you can’t vote by mail, as I think you can’t in Florida, you vote early to minimise the queue). 

We shall see.

Please be in good spirit, pray for Trump’s victory, and hope for the best.

Why Tutti Frutti Is Not Working


The new encyclical letter, Tutti Frutti, has been issued some 10 days ago now, and the most notable consequence of it is that it has not made any wave whatsoever.

Francis has reduced himself to a state of such irrelevancy, that his excrementations are rapidly becoming good for nothing more than the increase in consumption of toilet paper, as the man does not even manage to make good Catholics angry.

Why is that? Let me count the ways:

  1. Francis is a broken record. Whatever he publishes, you know it will be the same stupid, waffling nonsense as ever. Environment bla, peace bla bla, consumerism blablabla, and so on. In the meantime, this has become older than Biden.
  2. Francis is consistently Catholicism-free. If Francis mixed stupid waffling with some useful, Catholic insights, the faithful might give his excrementations the time of day. But he doesn’t, so they don’t. And in fact, a man capable of useful Catholics insights would not go on waffling about the environment, or social justice, in the first place.
  3. Francis has chosen the worst possible time. At the moment, the entire planet is looking towards the US, where a man is stealing the show from everybody, Francis not excluded. Ill or healthy, funny or angry, rallying or tweeting, Trump always has everybody’s attention. It will not stop until November. Francis should have known this.

Not for the first time, it seems to me that this man is desperately looking for the attention fewer and fewer people are willing to give him. Like Greta Thunberg, he is disappearing from the radar screen and, like Greta Thunberg, he is just a cretin to whom the world has given its attention for far too long.

They tell me this is what old grumpy men do, and what old fairies actually do even more. 

Remember Ruth, Francis. 

You might be in her company soon enough. 


2020: The Low-Hanging Fruits, Part II

Part I is here. 


Nevada is difficult to gauge for me, and possibly not only for me. Hillary won this, by 2.42%, in 2016. It seems reasonable to think a strong Trump campaign puts this in play. However, I remember the Republicans spending a lot of money here in 2016 and still losing. If you ask me, Minnesota is where I would spend my money first.

I am hearing that the Trump campaign is spending an awful lot here, and that they feel very confident. They must have data corroborating this. But to me this is still difficult, as it seems to me that Nevada has a lot of transients working in the entertainment industry. With more people coming and going, it becomes more difficult to give a State a well-defined “face”, or cultural traits (like you can do in the Rust Belt) and target your messages appropriately. I will add to this that I have no idea how many people have left Nevada after the shutdown of the entertainment industry, how many have returned, and how they feel about the Chinese Virus.

Still, the Governor is a Democrat; and, like all Democrats, he pursued the “let’s get into full panic mode, because it damages Trump” narrative. How many he forced to leave Nevada I don’t know. But I can’t imagine has so many fans. Nevada also has two Democrats senators. It seems to me that Nevada is a bit the contrary of Florida. Florida is said to hang in the balance, but has Governor and Senators all Republican. Nevada is said to be in play, but it seems to me that they tend to favour the Democrats. Still, the Trump campaign is confident and they are spending a lot. Let’s hope this goes well.


This low hanging fruit does not hang very low. Actually, if you ask me, it hangs quite high. However, it can still be reached. The Trump organisation here has dwarfed previous Republican efforts,  whilst Democrats sits in their basement and await Mom’s permission to go out canvassing. Simply put, the Trump campaign this time has so much more money than in 2016, that they can afford this kind of push in more peripheral battlegrounds. It seems a bit like swimming against the current, but we shall see.

Honorable mention: Virginia 

I will look at Virginia with particular interest. Not because I think that it can be easily won, but because I think that it will be a useful early indicator of the way the night will go. In 2016, Trump led in Virginia until the voter data from Fairfax County (heavily Democrat, and whose voter data tend to arrive last) toppled the situation, giving Hillary a very comfortable 5.32% win. If the vote counting rhythm follows the one of the last election, we should see whether an even more pronounced initial advantage for Trump tells us that the suburbs are going heavily for Trump; this would mean, if you ask me, game over and easy Trump victories in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, whose rural vote data tend to arrive later.

Plus, the Democrats have two danger factors at play in Virginia. Firstly, the Black population is around 20%, and they might leave 1% or 2% of votes on the ground on this demographic alone. Secondly, the heavily civil servants-dominated Fairfax County might, by now, have more Trump supporters than this was the case in 2016; you know, that type of “silent Trump voters” who are terrified of showing their colour in a, basically, DC-Style political monoculture, but actually like Trump. We shall see.

As a whole, I still feel very confident. I do not doubt that, at times, it will seem that the race is close. As it look now, I think that only complacency can defeat Trump. Paradoxically, the absurd polls will help the Trump campaign not to fall in the complacency trap.

2020: The Low Hanging Fruits, Part I

I know I should write more about the fake polls flooding us at the moment, but I think it is more interesting for now to examine some of the low hanging fruits of the 2020 Presidential campaign.

I will list them in order of probability that they are turned Republican. The first three now, other later. As always, your mileage may vary.

New Hampshire

Trump lost this State, and his 3 electoral votes, for 2736 votes, or 0.37%. The reasons I think this State will turn Republican are the following:

  1. In 2016, it was allowed for students from Massachusetts to drive to New Hampshire, state that they have just moved to New Hampshire but have no official residency there, and vote for New Hampshire. The law required (if memory serves) to officially take out residence within 6 months. What I read in the following years, sporadically, and at various times, is that after six months the votes of the “new residents” were tallied with the new residencies, and an awful lot have been found missing. Therefore, thousands of people (again, IIRC, more than 10,000) said they had moved at the time of the vote, but then miraculously decided to move back to Massachusetts and, therefore, did not take official residency “anymore”. Whether this skewed the vote in favour of Democrats, I leave to your imagination. This must have mightily angered a lot of people. To my knowledge (corrections welcome) residency is now required. I think this will cost the Democrats several thousands of fraudulent votes.
  2. This is a State which has as its motto “Leave Free Or Die”. Libertarianism is strong here. I think that the riots and the accompanying thought control must have grated a good number of the locals. Biden and Beto are strong on gun control. Not an easy sell over there.
  3. Trump did very well and you can criticise his mentality, but not accusing him of not not doing what he promised to do. I think this will cause more people to vote for him.

It’s not all roses. There are certainly a lot of rabid liberal students or young professionals living in New Hampshire but working or studying in Massachusetts. There is no meaningful Black population Trump can hope to take votes from Biden compared to 2016. I think many people over there do not mind baby killing at all. Still, this seems to me the easiest State to move to the Republican column.


Trump lost Minnesota by 1.52%, without even trying. Even pre-Chinese Virus, with a roaring economy and great resources now dedicated to winning the State, this seemed an easy win.

Then the George Lloyd stuff came, and Minnesotans found themselves in the middle of the Communist pre-revolutionary rage. Now, in my mind there are two types of leftists: the rabid and the moderate ones. The latter must have been shocked not only at the events, but at the cynicism of their elected politicians, willing to deliver them to the mob in order to damage Trump, talking of defunding the police when there is the most need for it, and even allowing a police station to be burned to the ground so that no escalation with fatal consequences occurs (this is unthinkable even in Western Europe). Don’t tell me that this did not have a profound effect on a lot of moderate, left of center, hard-working Minnesotans.

Granted, the Chinese Virus has left more people unemployed. But it is my belief (on this as on any other state), that come November the economic damage will be either largely undone, or those blamed for it will be, very rightly, the Democrats. I just can’t see the pandemic as a meaningful anti-Trump factor anymore.

So we have -1.52% without even trying, plus great ground operation, plus great economy, plus the dress rehearsal for a Communist revolution. I think this is going to flip.


I am surprised almost nobody talks about Maine. They are generally more leftists than in New Hampshire, but they still have a Republican Senator (of sorts). Not only Trump won one of the districts (and therefore 1 electoral college) there, but he also lost the State as a whole for a rather moderate 2.96%. It seems to me that the State, already in 2016, was not as liberal as it was described. I don’t know how much money the Republicans are spending there, but I would really bet big money on this State. In 2016, 5.09% voted for the libertarian Gary Johnson.  I suspect that there is a relatively limited ideological distance between a Maine Libertarian and a Maine Republican. Plus, the Republican (of sort) Senator is running for re-election, and the chosen tactic seems to be to allow her to abstain in order to capture the moderate vote by still getting her reelected, with her vote to be used when really needed (Kavanaugh). This wil lincrease voters’ participation on the Republican side. This should be feasible.


Breaking: Biden Runs For Two Offices At The Same Time, Does Not See The Problem

Oh boy, Dementia Joe did it again. Around three weeks before the election, this warrants a huge “Ouch!” from see to shining see.

Not only did the guy obviously misread the teleprompter (something he does often), but he seemed unable to realise what he was saying; he looks like a guy now accustomed to unquestioningly parrot the words fed to him, and who has long ceased wondering whether they make sense to him on the moment.

Later during the same speech, Biden pulled another one, inviting his listener to visit an internet site that does not exist (same link).

This is two huge red flags in one day. Even “punk” singers, certainly no strangers to heavy drugs, can see that he is gone. But no, apparently we should be worried because Trump got some medicines in the hospital, whilst the guy with the brain operation who could impair his cognitive abilities is the brightest thing since, I don’t know, Greta on one of her less retarded days.

Let me say this once again: Biden would be entitled to our compassion (of sort) if he were an old man, sitting on his favourite chair somewhere in Delaware, reminiscing about all the hair he once sniffed, the military guy who almost gave him a new face when he molested his girlfriend, and how he loved to dangle his dong in front of scandalised security personnel, just to show he could. But the guy wants to become President, so he isn’t. I am sure he had enough moments of clarity to wonder what the heck he is doing, and decided to go on anyway.

Dementia Joe has now become a source of continued hilarity. It is so bad, that Dementia Joe has now almost eclipsed China Joe, Two Finger Joe, Creepy Joe, and some other Joe I might be forgetting. Oh, yes, there would be “Joe Biden’s husband”, whoever that guy may be.

There was a time when I thought that Sanders would have been an easier opponent for Trump. I have changed my mind a long time ago, as the old man showed increasingly clearer signs of impairment. Sanders would, by now, be flying around the country, exciting at least the fringe extremists who love him so dearly. He would have a couple of thousands supporters at his rallies instead of, I don’t know, twenty? He would come across, at least, as a man on a mission, fully intentioned to die on the hill of socialism, and fall to the ground singing the “International”. Biden just looks like he could poop his pants at any moment, or have an outburst of anger any evening.

He knew, by the way, that he could not survive the second debate without some major “Biden Moment”, hence why he had his dogs change the rules in mid-game and avoid him a second humiliation. After all, this is the guy who think he can appoint the first (hello Kamala!) Black woman to… the Senate.






Good News From The Hard Data

The first data are in, and they look Melania-good…

As I have written a short time ago, I will adopt an optimistic stance on this election unless and until the facts show me that things are going otherwise. Instead of the polls (which are, simply, fake news), I will look at hard facts like registrations and voter participation, and compare them with the past.

This article has the first usable pack of data I can use. As you can see, it is not all roses, but it’s very good news.

It seems to me that things are looking very good in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, obviously Iowa, and Florida. It seems to me that, if these data are indicative of the reality on the ground, these four States will not even be very close and Trump will comfortably win them with more than 1% advantage (I see another big victory in Iowa). I am less confident about Arizona, for the reasons I will state. Let us see these States one by one.

Pennsylvania. Trump won here in 2016 with a meagre advantage of 0.71%. He needs to keep the Trump Democrats and get a stronger percentage of younger voters/first time voters to coast to victory. Will he manage to do it? It appears so. Reducing the Democrat’s dominance by 200,000 registered voters since 2016 means that there are, out there, 200,000 more people who have newly registered or have newly changed their party allegiance. Will they go to vote? We don’t know, but the fact that these people are clearly new to Republican party registration is a very good sign, as they have recently bothered to register for the Republicans. On the contrary, I can imagine many Democrat affiliates not bothering to vote or, in fact, register with the Democrats to avoid the discussion at the kitchen table, but voting Trump at the polling station.

Plus, Pennsylvania is Black to the tune of 12%. Not terribly much, but I think Biden will lose some 5% or 10% of this demographics, potentially leaving (assuming same voter participation) 0.6%-1.2% on the ground on this demographics alone. Now let me think: how happy are the others (most importantly: the non-college educated Whites) with Trump? I think they are very happy. I read reports of great support for Trump. I think this should be comfortably won in the end.

North Carolina. Trump won here in 2016 by 3.66%. In a word, it wasn’t really close. Heck, even Romney managed to win by more than 2%! Plus, Blacks are 22% of the electorate here. In North Carolina, Republicans have eroded the Democrat advantage in registration by 243,000. Honestly, I don’t think this will be close. I see Trump easily increasing the advantage compared to 2016. He also has a lot of buffer should think not go as expected.

Iowa. You got to be kidding me. Trump won here in 2016 by a staggering 9.41%, in a State deluded Democrats thought was in play. Has he done anything to anger the locals? Thought not. He is also reversing the registration data (more Republicans than Democrats). I won’t waste time on this one.

Florida. Trump won here in 2016 by a solid (for Florida) 1.2%, or around 113,000 votes. Dem registration advantage was chopped by a whopping 154,000 compared to 2016. Again, these are recent registrations or switches in registration, and there will be a lot of voters among these ones. Latinos are on fire. They also gave Trump the victory in the first debate to a crushing 66% to 34%. Everything seems to go according to plan.

Arizona. Trump won here in 2016 by exactly 3.5%. This is McCain land, and has become increasingly more hostile to Republicans. They have elected a Democrat Senator in 2018 (Florida didn’t). They have, to my knowledge, emigration from California, which will be late in translating into absorbing the local values in terms of, say, guns, and might top the State for the Dems. The linked article shows anecdotal advantages of Democrats in the registration game. Privately, I am told by acquaintances that Arizona has a lot of people who are resenting Trump’s policies on immigration, as it threatens to deprive them of the illegals giving them cheap gardening, babysitting and house cleaning duties. It might be poppycock. It might not. I suppose a lot of people in Southern California think the same way, though, and when they move…

It’s early days, and we will get more news; some of them bad, or alarming, as this is always, always the case. But it seems to me that things are going well. If Trump wins Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and, obviously, Iowa, he will be in an extremely strong position even if Arizona goes to the wire. Besides, winning well in Pennsylvania means a high probability of victory in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota. I can’t see Trump losing in Minnesota after the riots and all the money the Trump campaign has spent. I actually see the Dems performing poorly in Minneapolis itself. Give Trump the above states and Minnesota and he can lose, compared to 2016, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona and still come out on top; with New Hampshire, Maine, Nevada and possibly Virginia and Colorado (all Dem victories in 2016) in play.

Again, we will see how things progress. But notice that, when the game shifts from fantasy polls to hard facts, Trump starts to look just as good as Melania.

#CaravanaPorLaLibertad, Or: Gaslighting Vs Facts


The #CaravanaPorLaLibertad in Miami attracted up to 30,000 cars (this is not me saying it; it’s the local Policia).

Well, I must have a hallucination here. It just cannot be true. The MSM keep telling us that Biden is going strong in Florida, and Trump is losing support among Latino voters. Hey, Biden even played “Despacito” on his smartphone. This worked really, really well…

Also note here that it appears Latinos have a thing for motorcades. There is no risk of infection with a motorcade. What prevents the huge, enthusiastic, totally motivated Biden Latino troops from organising huge motorcades like this showing their support for Biden? I have some hashtags ready for them: #AntifaPresidency, #IAmWithDementia, #Creepy46, #PeePadJoe, #VoteJoeGetKamala.

Alas, nothing of this seems to be happening. Perhaps are all the Latinos in Florida listening to their Biden-Despacito video right now, thinking they must have this guy as president? After all, Florida has voted Democrat in the 2016 presidential elections and in the 2018 Senate and Gubernatorial elections…

No, wait…




#Walkaway. A Lot Of Truths Packed In 47 Minutes.


A lot of Youtube message are full of endless waffling, made by people who are not professionals and, not having to actually write, manage to never get to the point.

Not this one.

This is a 47 minutes video full of interesting information and rich details about the journey of a “Libtard Light” from Massachusetts, who still was smart enough to recognise reality after she had to smash her nose against it many times, during years, in a painful way.

From her family, friends and environment in liberal Massachusetts, to the school system, to the “progressive” education mentality, to her activity as nurse, Georgia H drives us through a real, vivid, lived life journey from the liberal monoculture to the freedom of the Red Pill.

Georgia H is, as you will note, rather easy on the eye; in my experience, this makes it much easier for women to look at Conservatism and abandon their liberal ideology, once they start to seriously notice that the interesting, manly men tend to be on the other side, and her side is full of whining, creepy weirdos with an addiction to soy latte. This is not to say that ugly, or comely, “Libtard light” girls cannot become conservative. However, it has been my experience that, more often than not, angry feminism is nothing more than the weaponizing of a woman’s resentment against men not looking at her. So there is that, too.

The video is 47 minutes long. The young woman is very articulated, and she does not waffle. It’s 47 minutes full of truth.

The video had 1.2 million views in 3 weeks. It is, it appears, the only video ever uploaded by this lady. Therefore, there is no channel with an established audience behind this staggering figure.

This tells you something about the sentiment in the Country. It is not only the many people who participate in the #walkaway movement marches. What should really worry the Democrats is the millions of people who search for #walkaway on Youtube and elsewhere, and find a lot of people telling their stories together with the usual, North Korean propaganda stories stating that it is all (you guessed it…) “fake news”.

Go to vote in November. Encourage as many people as you can to vote. If you can, offer to drive old people to the polling station.

Do all this, and then relax.

I think we are doing just fine.



Kamala Invites Her Voters To Stay Home

Today the hearing for the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett begins, and Kamala has said that she will follow the debate remotely.

You might be excused if you think that she does so because she was such a ***BITCH*** the last time, that she is now fearful of even showing her face in person.

Still, it is not for this reason, or so she says. It is, she says, because no sufficient precautions were taken to avoid her taking the Chinese Virus.

This is interesting.

Whilst I do not know the details of the “precautions” that the Senate is taking, I can easily imagine that they are stronger than the average polling place will be able to adopt.

Therefore, Kamala is sending a clear message to her voters: going to the polls is dangerous; you should think twice before doing it; you might have to stay home if you don’t like the measure taken.

Well done, Kamala. This will scare more people from going to the polls and voting for a useless hag like you.

Why The Polls Lie

I would like to connect to yesterday’s post and reflect on why the polls are the way they are, what interest Dems have in polling the wrong way and why they, in short, do not have any alternative to lying.

Let us, first, reflect on this: very often, news outlets pay for the polls. This is, mind, not your severe, state-owned TV station in the Fifties, like RAI in Italy, to whom accurate polling was a sacrosanct matter of credibility. The environment is, now, dominated by news outlets who have openly, blatantly, chosen the candidate they want to support. More than this, these are now not outlets who carry out a serious, balanced, fact-based journalistic activity, and then write an editorial one week before the election stating their endorsement. On the contrary, they are organisations in which the political orientation is all-pervasive, and dominates everything from proper political coverage to morning shows to sport coverage. In this perspective, it is obvious that the polls, like all the rest, will have to be in service of the mandated narrative. The poll paid for by CNN will always have a result that is as much pleasing to CNN as reasonably and, often, even unreasonably possible. Every time you read that the poll was made “with” NYT, CNN, ABC, NBC, or the like, you know you are being gaslighted, 100% of the time.

Then there is another big, big issue. Polling as a Democrat is a nasty business. Even if you are allowed to operate with a degree of independence, telling the truth will have an army of Twitter lunatics demanding that you are fired and your firm boycotted and utterly cancelled. Nate Silver was almost crucified in 2016 for merely suggesting that Hillary had “only” 70% probability of winning. The Twitter Mob does not allow for any measure of reality to filter to the polls, and they will try to utterly ruin you if you refuse to comply. Mind, I am sure that Nate Silver knew, at that time, that Trump had way more than 30% probability of victory. He just understood how dangerous would have been for him to simply say what the situation on the ground was.

The third factor to consider is the intended recipient. The intended recipient of the poll is not an educated, informed voter. They know all too well how things stand. The target of the poll is the army of poorly informed, distracted, low-interest voters who do not really educate themselves about the political situation, but are happy to absorb its echoes. They are the people who read the title of the poll article, or are merely told at the water cooler about the title others have read. This is what all is about: a pretext for a title that says “Biden 12 points in the lead”. Then the pollster and journalist will admit, in the article and the notes, that Democrats have been overrepresented to the tune of 10%, the polls is among registered voters, and minorities/younger people have been overrepresented, too. Why? Because they need the title that Biden is 12 points in front.

Last point: why do they do that? Why do they run the risk of having their people become lazier than they already are and not show up to the poll? To me, the answer to this is very simple: reality would utterly destroy Biden’s chances, as the candidate generates no enthusiasm at all. Therefore, making clear to the Country that the guy is in dire straits would never cause the mobilisation that, say, a Trump would engender. The MSM need to choose between the risk of their voters becoming complacent and the risk of them admitting defeat one month before the election. It is obvious that they choose the first, come what may. The lie might become the truth and cause a victory for Biden caused by millions of voters not being told how big Trump’s advantage was. The truth will, however, never lead Biden to victory.

Next month, we will hear more surprised voices about the “hidden vote”, or, rather the “hidden racism”, which “does not dare to reveal itself to the pollsters”.

Alas, this is the reality we live in. At this point, do not expect much in the way of “corrections” in the last days before the elections, either. It will have to be lies to the very end.

Joe, Meet Steamroller


Dems are the black stuff…

You read the gaslighting from the fake news industry and the polls sponsored by the likes of NYT and CNN, you think it is going to be a Biden landslide. It’s not even comedy gold by now. It’s North Korean fun.

Ten to fourteen points advantage for Sleepy Joe. Hillary must be jealous.

But wait, wasn’t Hillary also just as sure to win? Actually, she was. Who said it? The same polls who say Joe is winning today. Do you see a trend here?

And then, when the less intelligent Dems are relaxing and start to prepare their virtual victory party with their “gay friends”, this hammer hits them on the head: Gallup (which is not your usual “pay me and I will give you the result you want” polling institution) says that 56% of Americans think they are better off now than 4 years ago.

Mind, this is during the pandemic. This is, also, better off *now*, not on the average of the last four years.

Obama was at 45% in 2012, and he managed to get reelected, favoured by a non-candidate with no trace of testosterone in him as his opponent. Trump is 11 percentage points ahead of Obama, with the pandemic, and we are supposed to believe that Trump is about to get trounced.

The polls announcing a Biden victory will continue all month, likely with some “adjustment” in the last days if the Dems think the good polls are actually demotivating their base instead of creating that most improbable of miracles, “excitement” for Mr Biden. Therefore, you need to choose whether you want to believe the incessant propaganda, or the reality around you.

If I were you, I would pose myself the following questions:

  1. What do I see around me? How many of my relatives, friends and acquaintances are switching from Trump 2016 to Biden 2020? How many from Hillary 2016 to Trump 2020? How many who did not vote in 2016 want to vote in 2020, for whom? What does this say to me when adjusted for the State I, and the people I know of, live in?
  2. What do the people I know say it’s happening in States like Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan or Minnesota? I keep reading of a very excited Republican base; of Republicans defeating Democrats in both new registrations and party affiliation changes in Pennsylvania; of Trump yard signs vastly exceeding the 2016 situation in rural Pennsylvania.
  3. Who is managing to get in front of the cameras with big meetings, motorcades, boat days, and the likes? How is it that, if the Biden people are so excited, no one shows up with his car or boat to support him, whilst the Deplorables get huge motorcades and boat gatherings?
  4. How is Biden doing? When he gets out of the basement, how many thousands of people go to see him, have a wonderful day, then drive back home and tell everybody how exciting it all was, how proud they are to have been there? The excitement should actually be bigger still, because the man does not get out much!
  5. What happens when we compare the polls not with more polls (the polls of polls are just as stupid as the polls of which they are constituted; garbage in, garbage out), but with some solid data from that very reliable source called… the past? How many presidential candidates have finished fifth in the New Hampshire primary and have gone on to win the Presidency? (hint: apparently, zero). How many incumbents have run unopposed and have gone on to lose the presidency? (Hint: apparently, zero). How many candidates have clinched the candidacy on their third full-blown, full USA attempt and have gone on to win the Presidency? (Apparently, zero, if you exclude Reagan; who, if memory serves, in 1968 ran in California only, and won there). Has there ever been a motto along the lines of “it’s the Twitter behaviour, stupid”?

I tell you this: for the moment, I am very, very confident that Trump will win with more delegates than in 2016, it being fully irrelevant how many losers go out of their basement in California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois or Massachusetts to vote for Biden (and… will they?). I will begin to worry only if, and when, reality, not the polls, shows that things are not going as we hope. What I will monitor very closely are the real data when the early voting begins: states like Florida give an extremely detailed daily account of how many voters have voted and how their party affiliation is. This can be compared with 2016 in order to gauge how things are going. For the record, I suspect more Trump voters among Democrat affiliates than Biden votes among Republican affiliates; not only in Florida, but everywhere.

Keep drumming for Trump. Laugh at the “polls”. Reflect that they will likely demotivate one Dem voter for every one they excite. Pray for President Trump and for the victory in November. Do not despair if we lose. Rejoice if we win.

I honestly think we will all rejoice in the end. But it’s not done yet.



Dems Officially Out Of Ammo

You know that your candidate is in trouble when the journos find nothing worse to say about Pence than the accusation of “mansplaining”, or need to use extremely vulgar comparisons just because some fly harassed him during the debate.

Mind, Pence is good. He did very well against poor Kaine in 2016 and repeated himself yesterday against the Hoe. But there is no denying that Kamala is no strong debater and no strong candidate.

The result is that you need to look at instant polls from the likes of CNN to find someone shameless enough to declare her the winner, whilst even her supporters had to constantly stress the “historic” nature of her candidacy to try to put some lipstick on this particular pig.

My take is this: last Tuesday, we saw the rough warrior. Yesterday, we saw the persuading gentlemen. Pence left less room for attack, but was ultimately less devastating. Trump was an atomic bomb, leaving his enemies complaining about the rudeness of the atomic fallout.

What does the other side have to oppose to this formidable duo? A demented old man and, to put it gently, a saloon woman.

I keep seeing a clear victory in November. I don’t want to sound complacent, and I realise that Trump supporters will still have to show up in great numbers to win in November. Still, the Democrats are missing every train here. They lost the first debate, they were totally cancelled by Trump’s masterful management of his own illness, and they have now clearly lost the vice-presidential debate; they are missing every opportunity to put Trump on the defensive, and they are still not managing to ignite their base, to create enthusiasm and excitement.

If I look at the past, Biden looks like a demented Mondale, or like an ever weaker Bob Dole. Like Mondale (but more than him), he is the product of a grassroots movement moving the party to the left. Like Dole (but more than him) he is a tired, old man unable to energise his voters. Granted, he is not as abrasive and unpleasant as Hillary, but he is much more of an establishment creature than she is.

It does not look good for the Democrats, and it looks like at this point they have shot all the ammunition they had.

They better have a huge October Surprise in store. And no, Trump liking women is not going to cut it.

The Self-Eating Machine


A founder of BLM Los Angeles has equated Biden to Trump, calling Oldfinger Joe and the leftist who support Biden, in so many words, “violent White Supremacists”.  

The female states that there is no substantial difference between Trump and a candidate who, and I quote, “represents the same system”.

Let that sink in.

You might say that this is an isolated episode. I say that this female clearly enjoys more than some recognition in BLM/Antifa circles. She talks for the “movement” in an somewhat official capacity as co-founder of the LA BLM. She clearly has traction.

I would also say this: that for one who speaks openly, many smart silently. Chances are they will not comply in November.

Leftists with a brain (albeit an evil, often sexually perverted, invariably baby-killing one) realise that they are, once again, the useful idiots of the people they hate. Some of them, like Bernie, embrace the suck and enthusiastically support the people who screwed them (Bernie will have his motives and advantages, as he knows that his survival as an “independent” Senator in Vermont depends on him not rocking the boat, and do what his masters say). Others, like this female here, really can’t stand the entire situation and lash out at Biden out of sheer frustration at their Marxist program being, unofficially but clearly enough, thrown away in order not to scare the leftist mothers in the North Carolina, Nevada, or Arizona suburbs.

And really, Biden is a mess. He is for fracking in Pennsylvania and against it in California. You may think he forgets, but I am pretty sure he can still take notes and re-read them. No, Biden is merely telling people what they want to hear before he starts – if he wins, which I don’t think he will – pursuing the globalist, war-mongering, coal-killing, immigration-boosting, baby-killing design of his puppet masters, with some cosmetic concessions to the extreme leftists like “Black Lives Matter Day”, “Greta Week”, “Earth Halloween”, or the like (whatever his billionaire puppet masters allow).

Congratulation, Lebron. You truly are a moron.


The less insane leftists should profit from this to learn a valuable lesson:

Marxists are like piranhas. There is no way to appease them. They will eat everything in sight. When they have finished with their preys, they will eat each other. It’s what they do. It’s in their genetic code.

Biden has now been equated to Trump and violent White Supremacists by an important representative of a movement likely amounting to, say, 3%, 5%, 7%, perhaps even 10% of their 2016 Black vote. Mind, we are not talking of the moderate Blacks here, who are already leaving him in great numbers. We are talking here of the very voters for whom Democrats have embraced, supported, condoned or ignored violence, arson, chaos, and murder on the street for several months now. 

Smart tactic? You be the judge. I’d say they lose 40% of this group (let’s call it 7% X 0.4 = 2.8% of the Black vote) and they are done for in places like Georgia (if they had hopes), Minnesota, or Michigan.

As it is now, it looks to me like the Democrats are a bunch of losers veering hard to the left, and committing mass suicide, because Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Nadler, and a couple of others are afraid of being AOC’d in their own district, and prefer to damage the party they lead rather than run the risk of being challenged by leftist nutcases in their own turf themselves.

It will work for them. It will not work for countless lesser Dem politicians down ballot.

It will, I think, spectacularly backfire for both Joe, and the Hoe.


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