Suggestions For The Next Supreme Court Appointments

We obviously never know how an appointment for the Supreme Court will turn out in practice. However, it is fairly easy to see recent cases (Roberts, perhaps Gorsuch) of a Justice “going native” after a few years.

In my eyes, the reason for this is the societal pressure put on the Justice by the Washington establishment, coupled with the conformism, pusillanimity and general desire to be perceived as a “cool guy” of said Justice. It seems clear that coming from a conservative environment is not really a good predictor, then this environment does not test the fortitude of said Justice.

If I had Trump’s ear, I would give him some suggestions as to the (hopefully) next appointments.

First: pick a conservative judge who has been operating in a progressive environment, paying the price of social isolation in the local “magic circles”. You want someone who has already shown that he gets isolated and just does not care.

Second: pick a judge, not a professor or a politician. The accurate analysis of his judicial activity will be a better predictor than words, or abstract doctrines.

Third: avoid judges with progressive wifes. A man who married a progressive wife has already shown poor judgment in the most important choice of his life. It is extremely likely that she will put daily, additional pressure on him to conform to the ideas of the Washington establishment. We have seen, here in the UK, the devastating effect of the wrong wife on both Cameron (sodomarriage) and, very likely, Johnson (Covid). Of course, these wives are also indicators that the men were weak in the first place.

There, I think I have stated three common sense rules never or rarely mentioned in the newspaper. Let us hope that Trump is in a position to apply these, or similar, rules in the next years.

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  1. Your observations are very astute especially since you view the American Judiciary from overseas.

    The point about the spouses of judges is especially well made. Back in the 90s when the GOP controlled both Houses of Congress, Newt Gingrich tried to abolish the Public Broadcasting Corporation as part of his Contract with America and he failed. PBS continues to get generous federal appropriations as well as tax dollars from state and local governments, not to mention the charitable contributions of many citizens. Why did Newt fail? PBS had hired many Congressional Wives and they put pressure on their husbands not to eliminate their sinecures. In fact, the President of PBS at the time was the daughter of a former Senator and the wife of a sitting Senator. The Deep State is deeply entrenched.

  2. Great point about the wife. I alway thought Ryan was “pusillanimous”-whipped.

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