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Achtung! Excrementation Incoming!

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True Catholics’ reaction to the new Excrementation were not entirely positive…

The Evil Clown has just dumped on all of us another of his Encyclical Turds. From the title alone (“Fratelli Tutti”, an emphatic rendition of “all brothers”) it is clear that this will be another globalist bloviation like those Francis has vomited on us for now seven and a half years.

I have some bad news for Francis on this. He may think, in his arrogance, that releasing an encyclical letter weeks before the US election will influence the way American Catholics vote. Someone should tell him that he has made himself utterly irrelevant, and a lot of Catholics react to the news of this clown releasing another Excrementation in the same way as they react to Grandpa Jon ranting about the end of the cassette player and the advent of that new evil instrument, the CD.

However, Francis’ problem are worse than this. As I write this, the entire planet pays attention to one thing and one thing only: Donald Trump’s health. The guy manages to steal the show (not only Francis’ show, but Sleepy Joe’s show, too) by just being ill. In the next days, his condition will be monitored closely and will be the talk of the planet. Then we will have the last phase of the election (another planetary event), and the hearings for Amy Coney Barrett, infinitely more interesting to every sensible Catholic than the childish rants of this old, atheist, globalist, socialist (or worse) and utterly Catholicism-free nincompoop.

I am planning, as I have done in the past, a substantial boycott of the “work”, as I am not the guy who has to clean Francis’ backside every time he poops globalism. I might write the one or other short takedown; but really, this man is best dealt with by ignoring him, and waiting that he dies or resigns (alas, this is another leftist full of himself and persuaded that the planet has absolute need of him, like RBG; therefore, he will have to assume room temperature in order for us and all the Church to get rid of him).

Still, a suggestion to my readers. If anybody mentions to you the new encyclical (unlikely, but you never know), profit from the occasion and shoot on Francis (metaphorically, of course) with the AR-15. Be strong. Be harsh. Be shocking.

Nothing opens the eyes of a milquetoast, distracted Christian like someone they know to be a devout Catholic stating in unforgettable terms what he thinks of this man.

Jesus On The Second Amendment

He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one”.

Luke 22:36

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