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The NBA Crisis, And Why It Is Good For Us.


The ratings for game 2 of the NBA finals are out, and they are terrifying. We are talking all-time low, by a big measure. At this point it is a big, popular boycott.

Why is this interesting for us? What do we care for Basketball (I personally don’t)?

It is interesting for us because, in a world in which everything needs to have a political statement attached to it, the utter rejection of the NBA is also a powerful political statement going in the right direction.

It is a rejection of the attempted indoctrination of sports fan, by those very athletes to whom the basketball enthusiasts look for a moment of respite from the cares of their daily life. This, in itself, is a powerful political statement, which will inform the voting decisions of many.

It is as if I was watching an old romantic comedy and Cary Grant would interrupt his role, look straight in the camera, and ask me whether I have done something today to atone for my (alleged) White Privilege, whilst Mirna Loy shouts “no justice, no peace” in the background.

People have had enough. But mind: whilst it is undoubtedly true that among those completely fed up with the indoctrination are a lot of Democrats together with a lot of Republicans, you need to ask yourselves this: how many voters will switch, because of the heated controversy about race and sport, from Trump to Biden, and how many from Biden to Trump?

I do not think it needs a genius to understand that the rabid activism of the likes of Lebron James and the NBA actually works for us, as it puts in front of many Democrat voters a clear picture of where their lives are headed if they keep supporting the party that fed this lunacy and tries to win an election out of it. It will be Chinese Communist Party-style all-out indoctrination. The scale of the rejection of the NBA tells us a lot about how many people are not only fed up to see politics mixed with sports, but are by now fully alerted to the dangers for their democracy and their daily lives coming from the mad hatters at the NBA, led by Lebron James.

As to the latter, it is another sympton of the madness of our times that the man is princely paid to damage his own employer and his own organisation, with everybody being (at least officially) very happy with the entire situation.

Lebron James is notorious for refusing to condemn the Chicoms, as his employers ordered him to toe the line and not stay in the way of the lucrative Chinese business. However, it is clear now that the NBA and Lebron James have damaged themselves in the USA way more than they would have ever done if they had denounced the tyranny in China. Therefore, both the NBA and James now have the worst of both world: the loss of face and the loss of money. Get woke, go broke, NBA edition.

Still, and back to our point: this kind of activism works for us. Lebron James is, actually, helping Trump to win.

He is, together with his masters, just too thick to get it.

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