The Only Show In Town, Or: Meet The Aikido President

Oh Captain! My Captain!


What we have experienced in the last days is nothing short of a stunning demonstration of the media power of the Media Phenomenon of this Century, Donald John Trump.

Trump gets the Chinese Virus. You would think he uses it to rest and collect his energies for the last spur of this, likely victorious election. This is what, frankly, I would have done.

But Trump is just an extraordinary media guy. His supersized brain starts to think about how to use the forced pause, and make it work for him.

When he has to go to the hospital – a prudent, and very wise decision – he does so as a strong man, walking to the helicopter, and leaving a TV message to the Country before going. A great message of strength and statesmanship. Also, a message of manliness, meant to engender in his viewers comparisons with the old, frail, bumbling Creepy Joe.

Once in, he immediately starts to think how he can use the madness of the rabid left against themselves. Just as the Leftist start to spin their fantasies of a rapidly worsening, perhaps dying President, he puts out a video showing him in a very good shape (for a 74 years old with a nasty flu; operative words here are nasty flu) and destroys the narrative with a show of rugged resilience.

Then, the first Meisterwerk: the SUV run. Make no mistake: when Trump decided to go for the run, he knew that the Left would find some reason to be outraged, and did it anyway. In fact, I think that he did it – besides wanting to thank his supporters –  exactly in order to cause a collective leftist meltdown. Punctually, the left covered themselves in manure accusing Trump of endangering the same people that are near him 24/7. Boy, are these people dumb.

At this point, Trump had lived in everybody’s head – particularly the libtards’ heads – for two days already. Biden was totally cancelled; gone; forgotten; a pathetic non-entity forced to give way to the only person the Planet loved talking about, one way or the other: Donald John Trump.

Yesterday, the President executed another masterful move: the return to the White House, with the grand, solemn, public taking away (almost a ripping out) of the mask, for all the world to see, and the strong, manly, sane message about the Chinese Virus many people, like yours truly, have been repeating for months.

Again, the entire world had to watch, love, hate, criticise, adore; but in the end, no one could be indifferent. Once again, this great Media Master had the planet in his spell. Once again, he knew that his gesture would be controversial, and that the Left would find some way to criticise him, making themselves a laughing stock in the process. 

An obvious comparison is the one with Aikido, a self-defense discipline by which the energy of the attacker is used against him, causing the latter – if the attacked person so wants – extremely serious damage as the attacker’s energy leads to the breaking of his own tendons, etc.

Another spontaneous comparison is the one with an instrument player.  

Trump plays the media like Paganini played the violin.

But Paganini’s violin did not hate him. The press hates Trump with a passion. And still, they are addicted to him; they can’t live without him; they are damned to make their entire existence about him. He plays them like a violin; and they can’t avoid being played, because they live of just that.  

Truly, this guy is without equals.



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  1. Lifted from Twitter (Jack Posobiec): “The left spent the entire week demanding Trump condemn hate and then instantly flipped to hoping he and his wife die. This is who we are dealing with.”

  2. When we heard he had Covid, I felt sad but not fear, and I can’t tell you how much I respect him and the affection I feel for him. He is an anointed man, in my opinion. God is using him. God usually uses the small and weak, but in this case he chose a real man, a man among men. I felt no fear about his Covid, I prayed for he and Melania and all who had it. I have felt hope ever since Donald Trump first campaigned, because it seemed so clear God was sending him, that he has a role to fulfill. It must be to save the West, something he understands, as his great and underrated Warsaw Speech made so clear. He gets it.
    God bless him and keep him.

  3. klausmarienburg

    «Truly, this guy is without equals» – and you, dear mundabor, are not far behind him! Thanks, greetings from Switzerland!

  4. Thanks Mundabor for your full throated support of President Trump, the Man for our times, a man blessed and supported by God to save us from ourselves as best he can.

    Keep up your great work Mundy. You bring the unvarnished truth about our wayward Church and the world at large letting us know that we have nothing to fear when we have faith and hope in God and his providence.

  5. I am one of the very few admirers of President Trump here in an Ireland that slavishly swallows everything the mainstream media throws at them. I’ve been rooting for him ever since Mark Steyn (a proper journalist) brought him to my attention. He is the last great hope for Western Civilisation. May God preserve him.

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