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The Self-Eating Machine


A founder of BLM Los Angeles has equated Biden to Trump, calling Oldfinger Joe and the leftist who support Biden, in so many words, “violent White Supremacists”.  

The female states that there is no substantial difference between Trump and a candidate who, and I quote, “represents the same system”.

Let that sink in.

You might say that this is an isolated episode. I say that this female clearly enjoys more than some recognition in BLM/Antifa circles. She talks for the “movement” in an somewhat official capacity as co-founder of the LA BLM. She clearly has traction.

I would also say this: that for one who speaks openly, many smart silently. Chances are they will not comply in November.

Leftists with a brain (albeit an evil, often sexually perverted, invariably baby-killing one) realise that they are, once again, the useful idiots of the people they hate. Some of them, like Bernie, embrace the suck and enthusiastically support the people who screwed them (Bernie will have his motives and advantages, as he knows that his survival as an “independent” Senator in Vermont depends on him not rocking the boat, and do what his masters say). Others, like this female here, really can’t stand the entire situation and lash out at Biden out of sheer frustration at their Marxist program being, unofficially but clearly enough, thrown away in order not to scare the leftist mothers in the North Carolina, Nevada, or Arizona suburbs.

And really, Biden is a mess. He is for fracking in Pennsylvania and against it in California. You may think he forgets, but I am pretty sure he can still take notes and re-read them. No, Biden is merely telling people what they want to hear before he starts – if he wins, which I don’t think he will – pursuing the globalist, war-mongering, coal-killing, immigration-boosting, baby-killing design of his puppet masters, with some cosmetic concessions to the extreme leftists like “Black Lives Matter Day”, “Greta Week”, “Earth Halloween”, or the like (whatever his billionaire puppet masters allow).

Congratulation, Lebron. You truly are a moron.


The less insane leftists should profit from this to learn a valuable lesson:

Marxists are like piranhas. There is no way to appease them. They will eat everything in sight. When they have finished with their preys, they will eat each other. It’s what they do. It’s in their genetic code.

Biden has now been equated to Trump and violent White Supremacists by an important representative of a movement likely amounting to, say, 3%, 5%, 7%, perhaps even 10% of their 2016 Black vote. Mind, we are not talking of the moderate Blacks here, who are already leaving him in great numbers. We are talking here of the very voters for whom Democrats have embraced, supported, condoned or ignored violence, arson, chaos, and murder on the street for several months now. 

Smart tactic? You be the judge. I’d say they lose 40% of this group (let’s call it 7% X 0.4 = 2.8% of the Black vote) and they are done for in places like Georgia (if they had hopes), Minnesota, or Michigan.

As it is now, it looks to me like the Democrats are a bunch of losers veering hard to the left, and committing mass suicide, because Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Nadler, and a couple of others are afraid of being AOC’d in their own district, and prefer to damage the party they lead rather than run the risk of being challenged by leftist nutcases in their own turf themselves.

It will work for them. It will not work for countless lesser Dem politicians down ballot.

It will, I think, spectacularly backfire for both Joe, and the Hoe.


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