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Breaking: Biden Runs For Two Offices At The Same Time, Does Not See The Problem

Oh boy, Dementia Joe did it again. Around three weeks before the election, this warrants a huge “Ouch!” from see to shining see.

Not only did the guy obviously misread the teleprompter (something he does often), but he seemed unable to realise what he was saying; he looks like a guy now accustomed to unquestioningly parrot the words fed to him, and who has long ceased wondering whether they make sense to him on the moment.

Later during the same speech, Biden pulled another one, inviting his listener to visit an internet site that does not exist (same link).

This is two huge red flags in one day. Even “punk” singers, certainly no strangers to heavy drugs, can see that he is gone. But no, apparently we should be worried because Trump got some medicines in the hospital, whilst the guy with the brain operation who could impair his cognitive abilities is the brightest thing since, I don’t know, Greta on one of her less retarded days.

Let me say this once again: Biden would be entitled to our compassion (of sort) if he were an old man, sitting on his favourite chair somewhere in Delaware, reminiscing about all the hair he once sniffed, the military guy who almost gave him a new face when he molested his girlfriend, and how he loved to dangle his dong in front of scandalised security personnel, just to show he could. But the guy wants to become President, so he isn’t. I am sure he had enough moments of clarity to wonder what the heck he is doing, and decided to go on anyway.

Dementia Joe has now become a source of continued hilarity. It is so bad, that Dementia Joe has now almost eclipsed China Joe, Two Finger Joe, Creepy Joe, and some other Joe I might be forgetting. Oh, yes, there would be “Joe Biden’s husband”, whoever that guy may be.

There was a time when I thought that Sanders would have been an easier opponent for Trump. I have changed my mind a long time ago, as the old man showed increasingly clearer signs of impairment. Sanders would, by now, be flying around the country, exciting at least the fringe extremists who love him so dearly. He would have a couple of thousands supporters at his rallies instead of, I don’t know, twenty? He would come across, at least, as a man on a mission, fully intentioned to die on the hill of socialism, and fall to the ground singing the “International”. Biden just looks like he could poop his pants at any moment, or have an outburst of anger any evening.

He knew, by the way, that he could not survive the second debate without some major “Biden Moment”, hence why he had his dogs change the rules in mid-game and avoid him a second humiliation. After all, this is the guy who think he can appoint the first (hello Kamala!) Black woman to… the Senate.






Good News From The Hard Data

The first data are in, and they look Melania-good…

As I have written a short time ago, I will adopt an optimistic stance on this election unless and until the facts show me that things are going otherwise. Instead of the polls (which are, simply, fake news), I will look at hard facts like registrations and voter participation, and compare them with the past.

This article has the first usable pack of data I can use. As you can see, it is not all roses, but it’s very good news.

It seems to me that things are looking very good in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, obviously Iowa, and Florida. It seems to me that, if these data are indicative of the reality on the ground, these four States will not even be very close and Trump will comfortably win them with more than 1% advantage (I see another big victory in Iowa). I am less confident about Arizona, for the reasons I will state. Let us see these States one by one.

Pennsylvania. Trump won here in 2016 with a meagre advantage of 0.71%. He needs to keep the Trump Democrats and get a stronger percentage of younger voters/first time voters to coast to victory. Will he manage to do it? It appears so. Reducing the Democrat’s dominance by 200,000 registered voters since 2016 means that there are, out there, 200,000 more people who have newly registered or have newly changed their party allegiance. Will they go to vote? We don’t know, but the fact that these people are clearly new to Republican party registration is a very good sign, as they have recently bothered to register for the Republicans. On the contrary, I can imagine many Democrat affiliates not bothering to vote or, in fact, register with the Democrats to avoid the discussion at the kitchen table, but voting Trump at the polling station.

Plus, Pennsylvania is Black to the tune of 12%. Not terribly much, but I think Biden will lose some 5% or 10% of this demographics, potentially leaving (assuming same voter participation) 0.6%-1.2% on the ground on this demographics alone. Now let me think: how happy are the others (most importantly: the non-college educated Whites) with Trump? I think they are very happy. I read reports of great support for Trump. I think this should be comfortably won in the end.

North Carolina. Trump won here in 2016 by 3.66%. In a word, it wasn’t really close. Heck, even Romney managed to win by more than 2%! Plus, Blacks are 22% of the electorate here. In North Carolina, Republicans have eroded the Democrat advantage in registration by 243,000. Honestly, I don’t think this will be close. I see Trump easily increasing the advantage compared to 2016. He also has a lot of buffer should think not go as expected.

Iowa. You got to be kidding me. Trump won here in 2016 by a staggering 9.41%, in a State deluded Democrats thought was in play. Has he done anything to anger the locals? Thought not. He is also reversing the registration data (more Republicans than Democrats). I won’t waste time on this one.

Florida. Trump won here in 2016 by a solid (for Florida) 1.2%, or around 113,000 votes. Dem registration advantage was chopped by a whopping 154,000 compared to 2016. Again, these are recent registrations or switches in registration, and there will be a lot of voters among these ones. Latinos are on fire. They also gave Trump the victory in the first debate to a crushing 66% to 34%. Everything seems to go according to plan.

Arizona. Trump won here in 2016 by exactly 3.5%. This is McCain land, and has become increasingly more hostile to Republicans. They have elected a Democrat Senator in 2018 (Florida didn’t). They have, to my knowledge, emigration from California, which will be late in translating into absorbing the local values in terms of, say, guns, and might top the State for the Dems. The linked article shows anecdotal advantages of Democrats in the registration game. Privately, I am told by acquaintances that Arizona has a lot of people who are resenting Trump’s policies on immigration, as it threatens to deprive them of the illegals giving them cheap gardening, babysitting and house cleaning duties. It might be poppycock. It might not. I suppose a lot of people in Southern California think the same way, though, and when they move…

It’s early days, and we will get more news; some of them bad, or alarming, as this is always, always the case. But it seems to me that things are going well. If Trump wins Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and, obviously, Iowa, he will be in an extremely strong position even if Arizona goes to the wire. Besides, winning well in Pennsylvania means a high probability of victory in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota. I can’t see Trump losing in Minnesota after the riots and all the money the Trump campaign has spent. I actually see the Dems performing poorly in Minneapolis itself. Give Trump the above states and Minnesota and he can lose, compared to 2016, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona and still come out on top; with New Hampshire, Maine, Nevada and possibly Virginia and Colorado (all Dem victories in 2016) in play.

Again, we will see how things progress. But notice that, when the game shifts from fantasy polls to hard facts, Trump starts to look just as good as Melania.

#CaravanaPorLaLibertad, Or: Gaslighting Vs Facts


The #CaravanaPorLaLibertad in Miami attracted up to 30,000 cars (this is not me saying it; it’s the local Policia).

Well, I must have a hallucination here. It just cannot be true. The MSM keep telling us that Biden is going strong in Florida, and Trump is losing support among Latino voters. Hey, Biden even played “Despacito” on his smartphone. This worked really, really well…

Also note here that it appears Latinos have a thing for motorcades. There is no risk of infection with a motorcade. What prevents the huge, enthusiastic, totally motivated Biden Latino troops from organising huge motorcades like this showing their support for Biden? I have some hashtags ready for them: #AntifaPresidency, #IAmWithDementia, #Creepy46, #PeePadJoe, #VoteJoeGetKamala.

Alas, nothing of this seems to be happening. Perhaps are all the Latinos in Florida listening to their Biden-Despacito video right now, thinking they must have this guy as president? After all, Florida has voted Democrat in the 2016 presidential elections and in the 2018 Senate and Gubernatorial elections…

No, wait…




#Walkaway. A Lot Of Truths Packed In 47 Minutes.


A lot of Youtube message are full of endless waffling, made by people who are not professionals and, not having to actually write, manage to never get to the point.

Not this one.

This is a 47 minutes video full of interesting information and rich details about the journey of a “Libtard Light” from Massachusetts, who still was smart enough to recognise reality after she had to smash her nose against it many times, during years, in a painful way.

From her family, friends and environment in liberal Massachusetts, to the school system, to the “progressive” education mentality, to her activity as nurse, Georgia H drives us through a real, vivid, lived life journey from the liberal monoculture to the freedom of the Red Pill.

Georgia H is, as you will note, rather easy on the eye; in my experience, this makes it much easier for women to look at Conservatism and abandon their liberal ideology, once they start to seriously notice that the interesting, manly men tend to be on the other side, and her side is full of whining, creepy weirdos with an addiction to soy latte. This is not to say that ugly, or comely, “Libtard light” girls cannot become conservative. However, it has been my experience that, more often than not, angry feminism is nothing more than the weaponizing of a woman’s resentment against men not looking at her. So there is that, too.

The video is 47 minutes long. The young woman is very articulated, and she does not waffle. It’s 47 minutes full of truth.

The video had 1.2 million views in 3 weeks. It is, it appears, the only video ever uploaded by this lady. Therefore, there is no channel with an established audience behind this staggering figure.

This tells you something about the sentiment in the Country. It is not only the many people who participate in the #walkaway movement marches. What should really worry the Democrats is the millions of people who search for #walkaway on Youtube and elsewhere, and find a lot of people telling their stories together with the usual, North Korean propaganda stories stating that it is all (you guessed it…) “fake news”.

Go to vote in November. Encourage as many people as you can to vote. If you can, offer to drive old people to the polling station.

Do all this, and then relax.

I think we are doing just fine.



Kamala Invites Her Voters To Stay Home

Today the hearing for the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett begins, and Kamala has said that she will follow the debate remotely.

You might be excused if you think that she does so because she was such a ***BITCH*** the last time, that she is now fearful of even showing her face in person.

Still, it is not for this reason, or so she says. It is, she says, because no sufficient precautions were taken to avoid her taking the Chinese Virus.

This is interesting.

Whilst I do not know the details of the “precautions” that the Senate is taking, I can easily imagine that they are stronger than the average polling place will be able to adopt.

Therefore, Kamala is sending a clear message to her voters: going to the polls is dangerous; you should think twice before doing it; you might have to stay home if you don’t like the measure taken.

Well done, Kamala. This will scare more people from going to the polls and voting for a useless hag like you.

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