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Big Tech Is The Biggest Issue

What has been happening in the last 48 hours is something I have not experienced, even in Italy, where journalism is largely corrupt. Actually, never have I, in Italy, experienced anything even close to what I see happening now in the United States.

The censorship of certain news in one’s own publication is bad enough. If, say, the Washington Post or the New York Times refuse to publish the news about a laptop with pics of Hunter Biden with a crack pipe in his mouth, or emails to Chinese financiers in which he claims to have influence (which is true, by the way), with “Pop”, or the absolutely devastating text message in which he claims “Pop” (this is the current Democrat candidate to the Presidency) makes Hunter give to him 50% of the money, this is bad enough.

However, it gets much, much worse – and it represent a different, completely new level of censorship and evil – when a platform prevents information from being exchanged.

To make a comparison with past times, it is as if the US Postal service and one or two other companies had had the monopoly of the distribution of newspapers in decades past, and had refused to deliver the newspapers they don’t like.

The issue is so huge, it is extremely worrying that only now the US Senates has started to show (some) teeth. I have also looked around cursorily, and it seems to me that the election interference legislation in the US is woefully inadequate and does not deal with the distribution or control of the distribution of information before election day, with merely some rules concerning, say, regulation of donations.

Free access to information is vital to a Democracy both before and after an election.

You would think even a moderate Democrat understands this, and understands the poison he is introducing in his own Country if he contribute to a Democrat presidency and House majority that will make this problem far more difficult to get rid of.

Will they? In big numbers, I doubt. However, from the #walkaway videos I have seen it appears that censorship is one of the things that worries them most (the other is, alas, people being rude to them; but these are recovering liberals, so we must give them some time…).

Let us pray hard in these last week that God’s will be done, and that this will includes a glorious Trump victory.

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