Huntergate: Meet The Family From Hell

Hunter Biden is here seen sleeping, together with his inseparable drug (probably crack cocaine) pipe.


Rudy Giuliani just released a long-ish text message. I have it from a Youtube Trump channel containing extremely vulgar language, which I don’t want to link to here. You will soon have the text everywhere, and Giuliani has promised pictures and more material talking to Maria Bartiromo (on “Morning with Maria”) in a matter of hours.

The key parts of the text, which was sent from Hunter Biden to Joe Biden, are the following ones:

  1. “She told my therapist I was sexually inappropriate. This would be with an unnamed 14 years old girl”. “She” is the sister-in-law of Hunter Biden, of whom Hunter was the lover after Beau Biden diedWhat kind of family is this one, I wonder. So this is Hunter texting Joe that his sister-in-law and former lover told his therapist that he was sexually inappropriate with a 14 years old girl. This is not what he says. This is what she says.
  2. “And the reason why she can’t have her out to see me is because I walk around naked smoking crack talking Tom Girls(?) on Face time”. “Tom Girls”, and the question mark, is clearly Hunter misspelling “to girls”. “Face time” is clearly FaceTime, Apple’s videotelephony software. So Hunter states that he, as he himself admits,
    • talks to at least one girl (I think he questions the plural) on FaceTime
    • whilst walking around naked
    • smoking crack
    • all the time. —- Note here that Hunter does not say to “Pop” that this walking naked is something his “sister-in-law slash former lover” maintains. No. This is something he states as a fact, together with the rest.
  3. The bottom line is that I created and caused a very unsafe environment for the kids”. You don’t say, Hunter?!

Now, how serious is this? This is so serious that Mr Giuliani has now given the hard disk to the police.

This looks to me like Hunter Biden having to go down hard, with Rudy Giuliani doing all he can so that the police is actually forced to act (or is shamed, possibly with heads rolling, for not doing it) on the material, and arrests/interrogates the guy who sleeps with his widowed sister-in-law.

“Pop” is, no matter how demented, au courant about everything. He must have been the most leveraged politician on this planet for years now, as there is no possibility in this universe in which the Chinese were not aware at the very least of his son’s crack addiction and, very possibly, of the sordid details of Hunter “Anthony-Weinering” around and (if this was a secret; hey, this is a liberal family, so you never know…..) sleeping with the sister-in-law.

Trump called Hunter’s laptop “the laptop from hell”. But really, I think he is being too gentle. What is emerging is the picture of a family very closely resembling a crime syndicate, in which several members of the family (at least Joe’s son, brother, and son-in-law) all massively leverage “Pop’s” power and connection to make a quick buck (actually, millions of them) and “Pop” gets a kickback for it; all the while having to arbitrage stuff like his son sleeping with the wife of his deceased other son, his son having a crack addiction, and his son talking naked to girls on FaceTime “all the time”, “smoking crack”.

Boy, this is disquieting on so many levels, it makes the Clintons – minus the suspected arkancides – almost look like a normal family.

Stay tuned.



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  1. 1) It would appear that the “unnamed 14 y/o girl” is hunter’s niece given the context of the statements. Otherwise what control would his sister-in-law have over the child?

    #2-) “And the reason….” could easily be interpreted as his s-i-l’s reason, not necessarily an admission on his part. BUT, if that is the case I would think the sister-in-law should have reported him to the police or child-welfare. Goes to the corruption of the entire family from the top down. (And was it the combination of things, any one of which would be sufficient, that caused her to not let the “unnamed girl” visit anymore?)
    The “question mark” is clearly about who he is talking to, the 14y/o’s presumption is that it is to girls but it could be underage boys or people’s pets.
    The “Tom” could be an irrelevant typo and should maybe be “to. BUT, given that the “T” is capitalized (as is Girls) it may be a call-girl or video-phone-sex site.
    Finally, while hunter doesn’t admit to the s-i-l’s allegations he doesn’t deny them either.

    Why did he even send this email to his dad? So jojothemonkeyboy would intervene and hunter could see the “unnamed 14 y/o girl” alone again?
    Allegations such as this, had they come out, might have harmed hunter’s divorce case and jojo’s financial stream.

    Nowhere do I see where hunter uses the phrase “all the time.”

    That all said these biden people have to go down and a lot harder than mrzklinton hasn’t. If joe and his family get away with all this my country is over.

    • I think if the reason was reported, even a crack heroine addict would have said it, particularly when writing to the boss, on whom his income depends.
      My take is that the sister-in-law would not report him because she knows she would be dragged in the mud as the woman screwing the brother of his dead husband. These are not the kind of people having much consideration for their children, which is why they grow up disturbed, drugged, or otherwise unstable.

  2. Rudy Giuliani has a radio show M – F 3-4 pm EST, at 77 WABC Radio. Click on the On Air tab at the top and scroll down till you see his name and click on it to hear the program. Rudy’s been saying the Bidens are set up like a crime family, where the head man
    (or his wife) don’t collect the money because it would have to be on their income tax returns. Instead, they use “bagmen” to collect the money and then kick back a portion of it to the head man (the godfather/don,etc.). Joe is the “don”, Hunter is the bagman. Rudy was a federal prosecutor back in the 1980’s and got the indictment of 11 Mafia leaders so he knows what he’s talking about.

  3. Oops! Forgot we’re on Daylight Time here for another week.

  4. There are also supposed pics or videos of Hunter having sex with and torturing young chinese girls. Maybe 11 years old. A Chicom dissident calls Hunter a pedophile. Hunter’s former business partners who are in jail now are offering their own emails to corroborate the corruption. But this is all for naught if the MSM blocks all the info. The Feds could have signs placed in polling places to warn off voters that they are voting for a crook. Or they could bring up charges against Biden before the election and get him off the ballot. A sick family indeed. Lord have mercy on them. God bless~

    • I’ll believe the 11 years old when I see it.
      For now, I think it’s only Alex Jones.
      When Alex Jones tells me what time is it, I look at my watch.

  5. I remember many instances of “this time we have the evidence and The Clintons are going down.”

    It never happened.

    It prolly won’t this time either. The Washington political class is above the law.

  6. So Hunter Biden, who had an affair with the wife of his deceased brother Beau, now admits to doing naked FaceTimes and keeping sexually explicit photos of Beau’s 14 year old daughter—his niece Natalie. This is one sick family!

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