Daily Archives: October 22, 2020

Just A Short One

I have been undecided all day whether I should completely ignore Francis’ latest stunt, or I should excoriate him in the way he deserves on this earth (before the excoriations in hell, which will be much worse. ..)

I have, in the end, decided for a middle way. I will keep it short and sweet, and move on with my life.

This little, very possibly perverted, Church-hating, Christ-hating, Catholic-hating bastard (with my apologies to bastards; who, in the end, have done nothing wrong themselves, in strong contrast to Francis) had to find another way to make headlines after all the rest failed and he discovered he is, in his old age, ignored by everyone but a handful of professional boot-lickers. So-called “civil partnerships”, he must have thought, would do admirably.

Next on his plate, I suspect, bestiality, incest, and (you guessed it) coprophagia.

I would really not be surprised.

Die soon, Frankie boy.

Satan is eagerly awaiting.

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