The Last Debate

“This needs to end before I say that I married my daughter”


Good news for the unborn yesterday night.

Let me count the ways.

The President was Presidential

I confess: I prefer Angry Trump to Statesman Trump. I want to see the lion roar. I want to see the decrepit animal, Biden, looking for cover. I want to see the terror in his eyes as the Lion is about to put his teeth in his throat. Trump has given me both: Warrior Trump and Statesman Trump. Praise the Lord, and pass the ballot (I wish!).

Biden was waning fast

Come on, man! Biden was looking at his watch, and was more blurred towards the end, because his drugs were starting to lose their effect. Plus, he had three full days to alter his circadian rhythms and avoid sundowning. Plus, he might have known the questions beforehand (if you did that, you might be hired by Fox very soon). Still, the old and frail man was, well, old and frail. Trump was, in contrast, quite the guy you would want at the top of the Free World.

Biden fracked himself on energy

Poor Joe lives in the Seventies. In a world with tape recorders, and no Internet. He lies – like he has done his whole life: ask him how many degrees he has! – without reflecting that his lies will live for 30 minutes, top. He managed to screw himself and be seen as a shameless liar by the entire Country. The videos posted by Trump after the debates already have many millions views. He voted himself out of Pennsylvania with his own mouth. This is going to be glorious.

“Who built the cages, Joe?”

Ah, the one with the cages! Vintage Trump! Will be on TV in 30 years! Biden answered with… crickets. I’ll go out on a limb and say this: millions of people will have discovered only yesterday that the “cages” were built by Bronzefaced Bathhouse Barry Boy.

The Laptop From Hell

Trump pressed Biden on this, forcing him to make an ass of himself. You have a drug addict son, Joe, and it looks like you made a lot of money out of him, as your crack-pipe-cum-bag-man. Not looking good, Joe!

The General Impression

Experienced, proven President destroys liar, corrupt wannabe.

Pray that there is no jail for you or your son, Joe.

Ask Anthony Weiner how it ended for him.





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  1. Ouch! You caught more of the gaffs than I. But even in my books, Biden did very poorly. I do not currently have cable TV, having moved into my new home down south, so I am completely our of the action. I hope I can watch online on election night, as I watched in 2016 on cable, and see Trump decimate his contender, Biden this time. But I may have to wait for the earliest news to find out the answer.

    Final note: I have to admit I was surprised by the moderator. She obviously preferred Biden, but she was slightly more accommodating to Trump than ‘conservative’ Chris Wallace; I find him insufferable.

    • I suggest you stay online for the first hours and then, if all goes well and you have the cable, switch on the TV to see the liberal heads exploding.
      They will gaslight to the last moment. It’s not smart to support them in this, and ruin your evening.

  2. Yep, jojothemonkeyboy did not take a cent from foreign countries and enemies of the United States.
    His family, using jjtmb’s position first as senator and then as veep, leveraged foreign entities to provide employment, loans, investments and gifts, in return for access to “the big guy.” Then generously gave jojo a percentage of their take.
    jojothemonkeyboy only took money from his own family.
    In his defense he really may not be able to recall any of this so he may not actually be lying after all.
    But he still did it.
    When he was clear.
    Clearly a traitor.

  3. All true, yet the levels of stupidity in this nation cannot be overstated. Millions are gaslighted, and have no idea, because Facebook doesn’t tell them they are. For the first time in American history, media has taken an open position against a sitting president, and refuses to do it’s job, inform the public.
    Deep State, confirmed. Accusations of tin toil hat wearing are all gone now. Deep State has been revealed, it revealed itself. But do Americans care? Or is what your co-worker or friend thinks of you, or what Beyonce or Alyssa Milano thinks of you, more important.

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