Please Join The Novena For Trump’s Victory

Reader Stéphane Mercier writes: 

Starting a novena this very weekend so that Trumps, well… trumps grandpa B. All your readers might join in and pray the novena if you suggest the idea in a post, dear M.
We all know Trump isn’t a saint, but he’s certainly the one whom the sane world NEEDS to win this election. Like in the Batman movie, “he’s not the hero we deserve, but the one we need right now.”

Excellent idea, and many thanks to you, Stéphane! 

Instead of praying on our own, why not star a big common Novena?

I suggest we start on 

Sunday, 25 October  

It will end on Monday, 2 November. This is exactly the day before the election, so the timing is excellent. 

You can choose your won reflection as you please, or take them from a Catholic site of your choice. 

It’s an excellent idea and I would like to launch it now.

Please forward and spread around. 

Make Democrats Cry Again!  

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  1. Rosary novena, day 1, begun. Thank you, Stephane, for the idea, and thanks, Mundabor, for carrying it out. I’ve told you this before, M, but I’ll say it again: my dear mother (RIP) would have been SO happy that Catholic men were leading the return to the Faith! God bless you both.

  2. Day 2 novena, complete. If you are worried that you have already joined other novenas, Our Lord and Our Lady don’t mind if you are joining your prayers to other similar novenas. They are hoping you will pray for the reign of Christ the King and His Church. I have been adding my rosary to the rosary of the SSPX and others, and am now happily mentioning this novena, all for the reelection of President Trump. Our prayers don’t diminish in strength by being shared.

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