Meet The MAGA Sisters

Religious Sisters featured prominently just behind Donald Trump in this video.

Dressed as, actually, religious sisters; sporting MAGA masks; with crosses in their hands; they seem to be praying.

It is a very sad reflection that it is a piece of Catholic news when you have religious sisters actually dressed like religious sisters, and even expressing their support for the anti-abortion candidate.

However, the world being what it is, it is at least a bit of good news, of sort.

Pray for Trump’s victory.

The Novena starts today.

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  1. While I am delighted to see the support for DJT I am also saddened that our world, and our Church in particular has come to this.
    The public secular politicization of the Church. These Nuns are publicly repudiating frankiethesnake, demonstrating for the world the schism the Church has been brought to but more to the point, placing themselves into the secular/political arena through their very public action.
    In a sense it supports frankiethesnake’s unwarranted papal foray away from salvation and into politics. I see it as another sign of the Church falling away from God and into the secular world… which is becoming evermore satan’s domain now.

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