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ACB: The Tanks Are Rolling

Preparations for Election day are well underway at Trump HQ…

As I write this, the debate in the Senate before the approval of Amy Coney Barrett is underway. There is no doubt about the outcome, particularly considering that even Sen. Lisa Murkowski, always the hypocrite and opportunist, has decided that it is better to be on the side of the winners on this one, so that in two years she can boast of an appointment she did everything in her power to prevent.

This is, I think, one of the rare occasions when the Democrats have actually learned from the past. Their obscene circus in 2018 did not go well, and it likely cost them at least part of the “wave” they were (optimistically, I think) awaiting. Still, Kavanaugh’s hearing damaged them, and people remember it now.

This will be a great victory for Trump, at exactly the moment when it helps him the most. It will also be a great boost for Lindsay Graham’s reelection chances, and a deserved boost considering how Graham fought for Kavanaugh in 2018, which is one of the reasons we are now about to have an easy, but historic, victory in 2020.

Every day that goes by, there are new signals that things are going very well. This afternoon (here in the UK), we had news of excellent Republican early voting in Wisconsin, where – as I write this – Rs are even exceeding Ds in the early vote count. Boy, these Dems better hurry, because there can be no doubt on Election day the Republicans will have more votes than them.

The only enemy, now, is complacency. Which is why we should be grateful for every fake poll the MSM are putting out.

In the meantime, Trump cashes in (not in the Hunter sense) another historic victory and, by the by, solves the problem of the electoral shenanigans in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

Go to vote. Pray (day two of the Novena!!). Encourage your friends, relative and colleagues to vote.

And let the tanks roll.

Democrats: The Last Ditch Will Be The Virus

I am following intensively the campaign in America, getting more data than, I am sure, the majority of the local voters.

It seems to me that things are going very well.

Not well. Very well.

Florida’s data, and the data from other States, show that Trump should be able to comfortable win all the State he won in 2016, with the possible exception of Pennsylvania. However, he is strong in New Hampshire, Maine (He visited there! I was wondering why Maine was being neglected!) and, obviously, Pennsylvania. He is also going for Nevada. I think Virginia and Colorado have been abandoned.

If the Trump voters go out to vote, this will likely be a repeat of that wonderful night in 2016.

I think the Dems know it. They know that their vote by mail campaign is not going well, at all, and they are on track for defeat on Election day. They have a candidate that is either closed in his basement, or opens his mouth and does a lot of damage (fracking, fossil fuels, stating that is a , cough, Chinese Wall between himself and the son, when he meets his business partners); they have no enthusiasm, no electricity in their campaign; and, this time, they don’t have double the money. They know they are running out of ballots, fast.

I think they will, as a last ditch attempt, play the Virus card. We will see all MSM thundering all day about an immense explosion of the virus in battleground states, hoping to scare the Election Day, elderly Republican voters to stay home, and bagging the victory as they have proportionally more people voting early and many more older people who have voted early. Be prepared for a huge wave of Virus scares, and counter that with your friends etc. who have not voted yet.

In the end, it should not have a big effect, like all the rest of their attempts at manipulating public opinion. Firstly, the game is transparent; secondly, people don’t believe the “experts” anymore; thirdly, Trump voters are exceptionally motivated and not scared by the virus.

Still, I think this is coming.

Pray (Novena for Trump is ongoing!) but be vigilant!

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