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The Family From Hell

All the sordid details are here.

And yes, it concerns you. “Pop” is running for President.

It seems to me here that only one of the two is possible.

The first: Hunter lives in a hallucinated world where entire, long-lasting, year-long atrocious family situations are entirely imagined. Whilst the man is, or has been at some recent point, a alcoholic and a crack cocaine addict, this is clearly not plausible.

The second: Satan has taken hold of this family, big time. The long texts sent by Hunter reveal a world in which alcoholism, drug addiction, fornication among non blood-connected relatives, and a dark world of, well, the unthinkable, is played in front of Joe and Jill Biden, who seem to act like this is part of the usual controversies that arise in every normal family rather than police stuff, big time. The only one who is on record with at least threatening to involve the police is, if I remember correctly – honestly, I don’t have the stomach to read again – Jill Biden. This is the same woman who then proceeds to run a Presidential campaign on behalf of her husband, knowing that he is more liable to be blackmailed than her part- time-demented husband.

You understand how these people are not fazed by abortion. When you have the very real possibility of incest floating around in your own family, and you live with that situation for years on end, abortion does not seem an impediment to running for President.

Who knows what comes next. Still, Joe Biden is a very high security risk, a man without integrity, likely a silent abetter of unspeakable crimes, and a man so despicable he should have never have thought of running.

I remind you that this is not a normal father. This is Creepy Joe, the serial hair sniffer and outright disquieting guy. There were no laptops in his younger days. I wonder what one would have found in them. It seems like the bad apple fell from a very, very unhealthy tree.

Pray hard in these last days before the election. If you have started it, keep praying your Novena. Pray that the United States and the world may not only enjoy a Trump Presidency for the next 4 years, but send to political oblivion (and, one day, possibly to jail) the one or other member of this family from hell.

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