The Biggest Fraud Ever

Well I could finally sleep (one night without closing an eye, then an entire day at work; sleep is sweet after such a day!) and I think I can offer some reflection.

This massive fraud was already in the making. Still, the brazenness and scale of it astonishes. It is also astounding that election fraud is treated so lightly in the US compared to Europe. The voting rules and voting standards are pure Third World.

Those Democrats who thinks local fraud and manipulation are enough to get rid of Trump have learned nothing from the shampeachment theater. Trump is no Romney. He is a fighter, which is why we love him.

Plus: Trump is in. Biden is out. The Supreme Court will be (I very much hope) reasonable. There is so much that is crooked in what has happened that a reasonable person, and a reasonable judge, will immediately see what is what.

I think Trump should go full-scale lawfare, and keep campaigning. He should keep mobilising thousands whilst his opponent embarrasses his dog. He should make clear to everyone whom the people of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Arizona have chosen.

Mind: we might still lose. The world would not end. It would not be the end of the United States. A Great Nation, who has survived far bigger tests, would, with God’s grace, survive this test, too. But there is no denying that, if things were to go the wrong way, this would be a great test for freedoms all over the West, and the influence of China and the illiberal Internet Plutocrats would cast a very sinister shadow over not only on the United States, but the entire Western world.

Still, I think we will win in the end. I just can’t see a fraud of this scale, so foreseen, so obviously prepared months beforehand with the help of unscrupulous judges, will come to pass.

Trump is still in. Biden is still out. The Supreme Court is in good shape. The fraud was evident.

Keep praying.

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  1. Of interest: Michigan USPS Whistleblower Details Directive From Superiors To Back-Date Late Mail-In-Ballots Nov 3

  2. catholictradition2

    Our household of registered voters received a mail in ballot, marked for the Democrat and not the Independent. If it were on the up and up, both of us would have received one. In addition my husband has advanced Alzheimers and is not lucid enough to vote, how would anyone know if he filled it out? In person it would have been obvious he would not have even known what the ballot was for. Fraud on steroids, if you ask me.

  3. Exactly right! Trump is a not just a fighter, he’s a mighty warrior. Woe to those who tried to defraud him a second time! This was a sting operation for those swing states. If this gets settled by the courts, they will stave off the cabalists for generations,

  4. Roberto Hope Sánchez Mejorada

    The US elections system is getting to be like it was in Mexico in most of last century: A way to get the people to accept what the powers that be have already decided beforehand.
    An defect inherent to democracy.

  5. The scale, logistics and organisation for a fraud on the national level seems too far fetched to be real. Plus if the Democrats could pull of such a coup, with apparent ease, why would they let themselves loose seats in the House, fail to flip the senate….?

    The utter lack of support from Republicans including many close to Trump , not just RINOS is also telling.

    It’s not hugely surprising democrats voted disproportionately by mail. It’s been their strategy all along, as has Trumps focus on maximising in person Election Day voting.

    I just can’t see this being the nationwide fraud that’s being suggested.

    • It become far easier to cheat if there are way more people voting by mail. This is, in fact, exactly why the mail vote was forced on the voters.
      Also, please consider this: there are 50 States, and only in corrupt environments (Philadelphia, Detroit etc.) can fraud be committed. Losing seats in California says nothing about the fraud in Detroit of Philadelphia.

  6. Matthew R. Schwartz

    Nuts !!

  7. The biggest frauds ever must include Satan’s convincing a third of the angels to follow him, Revelation 12:4, and his convincing of Eve and Adam to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, Genesis 3:1-6.

    This election fraud is really bad, but not in the same league at all as those two.

  8. This election has become a train wreck/dumpster fire all because the democrats got their way with mail-in voting. Waiting for the outcome is nerve wracking. But like you say, Trump is a fighter, and I pray that he will prevail for the good of our country and for democracy.

  9. There are algorithms for detecting fraud in gambling, stock trading, etc. Team Trump could, via emergency National Security TV broadcasts, use experts in these matters to explain to the public how it is statistically impossible for the vote to change so dramatically. Ideological bias would prevent many from accepting this, but it would help to leave no stone unturned.

  10. sixlittlerabbits

    Just learned about the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency, which Trump founded in 2018; see Thomas Wicker’s post on youtube “The new federal agency nobody knows about” enlightened me.
    Agree with you, Mundabor, that Trump is in and Biden is out. Said 15 decades today, will keep praying.

  11. Sorry, Mundabor, you are simply wrong. Biden has the clear lead in the race, he leads in all but one of the remaining states, and he continues to lengthen those leads as the remaining absentee/mail ballots are tabulated. We still like to actually count all the votes here, even if an unprincipled president and his henchmen don’t fancy the idea.

    There is no meaningful fraud here either, just another set of fabricated lies by the president to go with the 20,000+ lies and falsehoods he has peddled since becoming president. Trump knows nothing meaningful other than lie, deny, and attack.

    Trump needed an inside straight in 2016 to win. He remarkably pulled it off. Right now, he will need about 4 inside straights to win this. Not going to happen. Trump is toast. And as a traditional Catholic who takes the true full depth and breadth of the faith seriously, unlike a number of you, I will not be sad to watch President Trump go bye bye.

    • I disagree.
      From what I can see, there was a theft of unprecedented dimensions.
      It is very sad that you fail to realise the damage that a (possible) of President Trump will do to the Country and to Christians the world over.

  12. Peaceful DEMONSTRATIONS AND PRAYER at 12 NOON TODAY at all 50 State Capitol buildings:
    12 NOON Today PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATIONS and prayer at all State Capitol Buildings for Trump and the Presidency. Participants are asked to drive to  the nearest state capitol even if it is not their State….See Twitter ;Stop the Steal.US

    Information is from Youtube 17 hrs ago on Tim Gordon’s website called Rules for Retrogrades . Tim is an Italian American attorney with advanced Theology degrees from the Gregorian  Seminary in Rome, Italy. He is a pro-life conservative and orthodox Catholic who supports Trump. Tim will be in  Baton Rouge, Louisiana  at 12 Noon today.

  13. DJT has increased the percentage of minority voters voting Republican, so he has cut into the demoKKKrat base substantially. Yet, somehow, the demoKKKrats appear/claim to be winning, without their base!
    There are reports of fraud on both the level of voting and then in the counting process. In Nevada we see non-residents, people who have moved out of state casting ballots, in Pennsylvania the rolls are replete with zombie-voters and this has been repeated acoss the country.
    In Michigan there was a soft-ware “glitch” that when discovered and corrected made for a twelve thousand vote turnaround, making the Republican the winner of a local contest. And that same software was used in 28 states across the nation, in numerous counties in battleground states. The same glitch was discovered in Georgia. The “glitches” invariably favor th edemoKKKrat… oddly enough.
    There are numerous, documented cases of irregularities and downright illegalaities in teh voting and counting processes. Enough, I think, and documented adequately, I think, for the court(s) to declare the election in many states “void” and requiring either new elections which would be (pardon the term) abortively expensive or throwing the choice of electors to the state legislatures, most of which in the questionable states being Republican.
    In order for the demoKKKrat party to have pulled off this fraud it requires control of certain aspects of the electoral process, be it the board of elections in a state, the secretary of sstate or the AG or some combination of those.
    But the demoKKrats have certainly corrupted this election and it is and forever will have been a tainted process.

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