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“Something is telling me to stand firmly behind President Trump and stay the course. Do not give in to this, do not capitulate, do not get disheartened. We need to be bold right now. We need to say this is obvious fraud (which it is) and that we demand a recount and we demand this go to the Supreme Court if necessary. There is something even bigger than the election that seems to be going on.
Stay BOLD and sure. Don’t talk as if we lost. Don’t admit defeat. Whatever he is doing, get behind it, and pray, pray, pray. He most surely is a warrior, he will not give up. We cannot give up, this is our country, we cannot give in to criminals who pretend we need to have someone ride in on a donkey with the abacus to count votes. That is nonsense.
This is their COUP”.

Yes. There is something bigger than Trump going on.

Give in on this and it is the end of the confidence in the vote, plus a licence to the Dems to steal as much as they please in the corrupt parts of the Country they control.

The consequences could, in the long term, be unimaginable.



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  1. Today Paul Revere would be shouting the Democrats are coming, the Democrats are coming. They are the party of mayhem, of lies, of abortion, of election theft, of fake pandemics, of Nazi like control, of evil, of the devil.

    It remains to be seen if America is up to the task or righting our Nation which has seriously gone of the rails. Something also the line Americans—mostly in large cities–have placed their faith in Man and not in God.

    As a nation we must return to God and do His will. If we don’t our situation will get worse faster. We are now on the threshold of doom. Only a return to God can save us.

  2. This is so much more than Trump….This is a coup to take over completely the government of the USA. When they are so bold as to right out in the open burn Trump ballots, and then brag about it on social media, you KNOW that this conspiracy involves every facet of democratic controlled government. And don’t think that there aren’t a good number of Republicans in on this, not to mention our intelligence community. PRAY like your life depends on it…..because it DOES.

  3. We should not forget to “thank” the Vatican for influencing the election results. They made it clear that they backed the Democrats, while pretending to be neutral and refusing to give a papal audience to the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. And Wilton Gregory finally got his red hat, as Chinese Catholics have been thrown under the CCP bus in China.

  4. We have at least twolevels of fraud here. The first is in the voting itself. The use of unverfied/unverifiable (a very demoKKKrat action) ballots. The dead, multiple votes, non-residents still on the books, stuff like that. The second is in the counting of the votes. Stalin famously said (a paraquote), “It ain’t the voters, it’s the counters.”
    So the flagrant disregard of election law, “discovery” of “uncounted,” as the last-minute becomes the last-weeks, votes in just enough quantity for jojothemonkeyboy to overcome DJT’s lead. This sudden tsunami of several hundred thousand votes somehow ALL going to jojo….
    All that makes for good litigation that could well end up in the SCotUS where chief-injusticejonboyroberts will not be the deciding vote.
    And, should all that fail the Constitution holds that the ultimate decision as to the electors from each state falls to the state legislature to determine. And all those state legislatures are Republcan. So, if in the end, the state legislature decides that the electoral process was so contaminated as to be unfixable, and they determine that a new election will not be held which would be (pardon the phrase) abortively expensive, they can pick the electors to go to the Electoral College to choose the president. And those legislatures, again,Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin allhave Republican state legislatures.
    We live in interesting times.

  5. “The consequences could, in the long term, be unimaginable.”

    The coup is happening right now….here’s an urgent interview that must be disseminated:
    Dems committed Treason:


    From my vantage point in the Great White North I see this American election as a complete show of fecal material decomposing before our eyes. Rampant abuses abound in defiance of the law. I think your advice is good. Stay the course. Americans do not capitulate to this coup. Pray, pray, pray, for the justices of the Supreme Court to rule justly when this putrid mess comes before them.

  7. sixlittlerabbits

    This is so on target. We need to stay strong. The media and the Dems are attempting a coup that would end free elections in the US. Praying for President Trump and the good of the USA to triumph. This is truly a battle between good and evil.

  8. This nightmare, although horrifying, is not the least surprising, as Hillary Clinton famously said that Joe Biden should not concede on Election Day no matter what. A very bizarre statement to make and one that was an ominous threat of the machinations to come. Then they said that it would “appear” that there was a red wave on Election Day, but just hang in there and it will turn blue for Biden. (In other words, Trump will rightfully win, and we will rig the needed votes for Biden later). This is why their war gaming scenarios of the election never included a Trump win. Then Biden had a Freudian gaffe when he said, “we have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” These bold declarations are the fruit of unpunished criminality for so long in the deep state they fear nothing, and have such contempt for half the country they unjustly despise and denigrate that they could advertise the plot with such brazenness.

    We can pray, we can contribute whatever we can to Trump’s legal fund, and continue to make noise in different ways. Republicans that are behind Trump can be called and given additional support; other Republicans and RINOS can be informed that there is no squishy middle anymore in case they have been sleeping the last 4 years. It will not be tolerated on either side. We will never vote them back in, and the left will run them out of town (if not do worse) once their one party revolution is complete. (They are already making lists of Trump supporters and talking about re-education camps in true Stalinist style). If republicans cannot see the hammer and sickle over their heads and be compelled to do the decent and honorable thing by the country, maybe reminding them this is likely the last time to secure their job and America’s future might resonate. There is so much lying, hatred, deceit, intimidation, conspiracy with corrupt media and general breakdown of law it is astounding. But I’m sure this is excellent practice for the heaven [hell] on earth of brotherly love Francis yammers about. God bless Archbishop Vigano for his comforting and edifying leadership at this time. God help us. And God bless you Mundabor for your posts.

    P.S. a couple of bloggers have made the obvious point… these are people who are okay with killing babies 9 months in the womb. What’s stealing an election?

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