Thy Will Be Done

I can’t look at the news anymore as I feel like this is giving me a cancer. But I can’t sleep well at night, either. I wake up and pray and pray, at some point exhaustion wins and I have an uneasy sleep, dreaming horrible stuff about a demented nincompoop now President, and a harpy laughing like the evil witch in a cheap movie.

I have lost 2 kilos in a few days out of sheer inquietude, then gained them again as it was clear that Trump really wanted to fight this to the end.

Most of all I blame myself for – besides praying, of course – not being able to abandon myself to God’s perfect Will. “Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry” has become “Pray, Worry, and Don’t Sleep”. Working on it, though.

Every day that this fight goes on some good news trickle its way to me. It is very encouraging how many of my colleagues come to me to signal their support for Trump (I am never particularly shy about my political orientation). Still, I wonder if this is like the Wehrmacht rejoicing at the initial success of the Battle of the Bulge. I think it’s better than that, but you get my drift.

Still, I found some peace (and regained my weight) when it was clear to me this is going to be fought, then there is little that is worse than impotent rage at a great injustice consumed under your eyes, without you being able to do anything.

I also see encouraging signs of a culture war that will keep raging on even if this particular battle should be – quod Deus avertat! – lost. Newt Gingrich very recently was the stuff of legends, the likes of Jim Jordan represent the next generation, however this goes.

But I should practice what I preach, relax, pray in serenity, go on with my life, and put my trust in the Lord whatever happens. Still, here I am, before 6 in the morning, tired before the day has started, feeling like a truck has gone over me, another day in front of me when I try to avoid the news and focus on work, of which – by God’s grace – there is a lot.

I’ll have to revisit the “Abandonment to Divine Providence”.

But I think I’ll keep that in reserve for the case we lose.

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  1. Mundy, it’s not an easy task to surrender to God’s will…join the rest of us:+) But praying each day in order to support the spiritual war has given me peace. I hope it brings you peace (and sleep) too my brother:+) The MOST POWERFUL thing we can do in this is PRAYER. It will be our prayers, penances, alms to the RNC to fight this evil etc. that will aid in the spiritual war going on. Fr. Ripperger just put out a call to pray a specific spiritual warfare prayer every day until this mess is settled. Fr. Z has it posted here:

    A fellow Catholic noted that Fr. R wants you to say your family, President Trump and the United States of America where “names” or “N” needs to be inserted. May Our Lord and His Perfect Mother shower you with their love and peace this day and always, dear Mundabor:+) Sleep well and trust that Our Mother has this ALL in hand. Patience, trust, humility…all of Our Mother’s hallmarks:+) Finally, remember that the RNC capped their convention with singing the Ave Maria. In that moment they won the heart of the King of Kings. You don’t honor His Mother like that and be left empty handed. It might take a fight, but Our Lord allowed a Fighter to be in the White House for JUST this moment. Our Lord is using this to expose all of the rot He sees and wants us to see too. Give the BLAZE of light, truth, and justice time to shine. People are already coming out and giving witness to the corruption, even Democrats. Keep the faith, and keep PRAYING! God bless~

  2. It is certainly tough to watch. I remember when Obama was first elected and all around me were raving about him as if it was the second coming. I knew pretty much what he was about (and so it proved to be) and my response was a line from the psalms, “put not your trust in princes, in mortal men in whom there is no help”. I am reminded very much in these times of Tolkien’s description of the history of Christianity as, “the long defeat”. Christ is the victor however, even if when He returns he might find little Faith on earth.

  3. Seven and one-half years of Bergoglio on the Throne of Peter have toughened me up—I know Our Triune God is in charge despite the earthly tumult in the realm of religion and the secular machinations in which Bergoglio is involved. My imploring Our Lord for release from Vatican treachery never ceases. Hope springs eternal with each new day.

    In regards to the Big Steal, Archbishop Viganò’s words have been a salve. He is a remarkable prelate and just what we need in these hours of watchful waiting. God is so good to send him to us.

    And Our Lady, Help of Christians, fights with us—Holy Mary, defend us in battle!

  4. Yes “Thy Will be done”. Whatever happens will be God’s Providence, consequently the best thing that could happen. This is our faith.

    My suggestion: Read ‘The Epoch Times’ not any MSM newspapers or watch any TV news as they are filled with lies and disinformation.

  5. I find myself strongly considering what, as a twenty-five year old I would have laughed at, and as forty-five year old would have been concerned for anyone thinking it but, as a seventy-five year old find to be a serious consideration.
    That is that the USA finds itself much as Israel did, over and over again in the O.T. Which is to say in the position of great secular power and wealth and proceeding to abandon God and righteousness and is about to be smote by the very Hand it has lost its faith in. Or perhaps, looking at what pope-frankie-the-snake has been doing, the very End Times ushering in HIS Return.

    This bidendebacle, this brazen in-the-act of being stolen election leading to… what?

    >The scion-of-satan elect is reputed to be choosing “big tech” moguls to be in his cabinet and as his advisors.
    Q: Why? Their only expertise is in figuring out pefidious ways to manipulate us for their own profit.
    A: Because the plan is to create the same population control as in China. Using a computerized system to give every American an identification code (we already all have a social security number) that will be needed to buy anything anywhere (ebay has all those records of purchases and sales archived) , go anyplace, etc etc- you get the drift. We will all be issued little plastic “exchange cards.” And the “new amerikan” will ‘earn’ credits for approved actions and demerits for disapproved ones. Such as not wearing a mask while sleeping alone.

  6. You are now as I have been since the election. I found myself having to do an almost total news blackout, but for the quick blips through the local news headlines sometimes peppered with the national ones. And that is enough for me. The open arrogance of those perpetrating election fraud & then, worse, the apparent acquiescence of Federal authorities to its origins, have left me reeling and shaken – almost to my core. That any faith that remains of an impartial national election process is now in question…how can I ever bring myself to vote in one ever again? Has the NWO & Soros apparently won?

    I am yet unsettled and my concern over the next four years, for myself & my family (we just purchased a new home) is forever a presence in my gut. It fights with my Resignation to God’s Will & the knowledge that we are deserving of all that Our Lord permits to happen (and why not?…we are killing daily HIS Children with impunity!). So my battle, like yours, continues, although Our Lord does occasionally allow me a bit of peace of Soul every now and again, thankfully. “Deus Vult” comes to mind often…and so I, as you, must do.

    Still, I can’t help but know that, if it stands, the Biden Presidency will be short lived, as the 25th Amendment will be invoked within the first year or so to deal with Joe’s dementia. And then we will have, as you have said, a “Harpy” for President and the full fury of her own dementia will be released & it will start by her naming Hillary Vice President.

    May God have mercy on our nations’ collective Soul during the next few weeks.

    And may you, I and the USA be granted the Faith & fortitude that it will require.

  7. The Holy Trinity are surely miserable that They must inflict onto America the just punishment for our appalling sins… and it seems They have favored you by placing some of Their own inquietude about this onto your willing shoulders.

    May all Christians volunteer in this manner to soak up God’s anger at our unrepentant nation!

    • Thanks Sunshade, but I don’t think there is any volunteering of merit going on here.
      If I had the faith and serenity I should have, nothing of the sleepless nights etc. would happen.
      It’s not a merit to be weak.

  8. The thing is to fight (that means fight off despair for most of us)and pray and remember which ever way it goes we win. Because God allows the demons and the humans taking on the attributes of demons to persecute us for our own good.

  9. These are very distressing days. I cannot watch the news. But as you say, there are some shining figures for future elections. One of my sons says that people like Kristi Noem and Candace Owens can check off plenty of ‘diversity’ boxes in the future. I hope that this resurgence of conservative thought continues to grow, and that the crowds that have supported Trump will not settle into bored resignation. Lots of reasons to continue to pray.

  10. sharonand8icloudcom

    This talk with Fr Heilman and Fr Ripperger is helpful! I am tempted to become demoralized, or to be passive and say ok, Mary can deal with it. This talk helps on both sides.

  11. Stéphane Mercier

    Keep it going, M., for the enemy is pleased when he sees us down. If a minion of Grandpa Dementia & the ungodly Whore sees a good guy down, an evil smile appears on his face, and we certainly don’t want to give him the pleasure of smirking at our misfortune.

    Also, we’ve got some training here, for there’s another Commie puppet presently occupying the beloved Chair of Peter and turning it into into a see of pestilence. That would be reason enough to shed tears all day long, but we certainly don’t want to do just that and let the evil ones triumph…

  12. I stopped watching Fox News after they declared Arizona for Biden on Election Night, with only 3% of the vote counted. Then they said Biden won and I knew there’d be no turning back. I’ve made the decision to stop watching t.v. news altogether. It’s much calmer to read the news and 2 sources I recommend are News Max and One America News (OAN).

    Like you, I’ve been experiencing a lot of anxiety. It’s helped me to limit the time I read the news – maybe 5-10 minutes in the AM and PM. Then I go on to other stuff. It’s helped me to remember how people used to live a few decades back when the news wasn’t such a part of our day. I used to read books at meals, or study bridge or a language, or read a newspaper or do crosswords or watch a TV show. I put records on the stereo. Our local store sells LP’s and I’m buying them again. The political news wasn’t all there was for us. I remember on the radio they would have guests from the theatre or sports’ world or authors of books on all kinds of subjects. Now it’s politics, 24/7. It’s not normal and it’s not healthy. I’m trying to recreate the way I used to live my life as a way of restoring my sanity in the all consuming political world the media has sucked us into. A car crash always attracts attention and the media delivers up “car crash” sound bites constantly to get our attention. I’ve decided they’re not going to get my attention anymore. Most of the reporters are morons anyway.

    Strangely enough, several talks on You Tube given by the exorcist Fr. Vincent Lampert have helped me. I stumbled across them by accident. I believe there’s a demonic component to this election and his talks have helped me make some sense of what’s going on. They’ve also reduced my anxiety level, which is one of the arrows Satan uses to attack us with. The video where the priest talks about the power Mary has over Satan is stunning. It’s like hearing the catechism of my childhood! Fr. Lampert quotes from Psalm 91, “You shall not fear the terror of the night nor the arrow that flies by day”, which I now read at night before retiring. God plays the long game and His ways are not ours. We don’t know why things are happening the way they are. We do what we can and then trust in God and remember that our number one goal is to get ourselves to Heaven. Everything else has to fall around that.

    Thanks, Mundy, for all you do.

  13. Don’t lose hope and don’t get an ulcer!

  14. Pegon Zellschmidt

    I pledged to myself not to read the news sites (never watched) from Monday prior to election and to see who won on Wed morning. Wed morning I pledged to Friday pm. Since then, I’ve actually deleted all my bookmarks of news sites. I’ve not read but only one of a more analytical site with 2 or 3 articles by author (Sundance). It’s all I can stand. I started a couple of months ago to get away from news, news, news, and found it very relaxing and conducive to reading. No politics. (Just kidding) Apologia pro Marcel Lefebvre, all three volumes, just finished Cranmer’s Godly Order and A bishop Speaks. But those can get your dander up, also.🤷🏻‍♀️

  15. Mundy,
    Listen before bed tonight. . 😉 My family’s prayers are with you.

  16. Boy, we’re all in this great, big boat together. Misery does love company! I know I feel better thinking about all the other miserable folks out there. That sounds terrible but it’s true, at least I don’t feel lonely, there’s a lot of us. This is not just an election, and we know it. We know it too well. But we voted and did our best. It is really hard to defeat Deep State. They are legion. Donald Trump stirred up the pot and out they came like worms that float up onto the pavement in the rain. Now we see them. Well, if it happens, what can we do. We’ll try to live our lives and stay out of their way, lol. There will be a lot less TV, which I barely watch now, only old films and DVD’s. I’m going to buy a house and spend all my free time fixing it up as best I can. Life is going to get even more simple, although it feels like it’s happening at a dizzying pace.
    Pray. Worship. Have as much fun as you can possibly put into a day. Laugh often. Find joy. Get outside and hear birds. Fight the power in your spare time. Our faith is going to be even more important. It’s okay. They can’t take Jesus Christ away from us. Sooner or later God will call us home like wayward children and off we’ll go, never to have to deal with these rotten people again. No Commies in heaven.

    Does this hold water? I just read it, and I’m tired, so I can’t think of the negative side right now. But I hope he’s right.

  18. I came all the way back here to mention something you probably know, Kamala is the name of a Hindu goddess. Sort of helps it all make sense.

  19. Oh my goodness, how well you have expressed my own feelings in your description. I’m here in San Francisco suffering the knowledge of a good man (or rockstar, as you have said) possibly going down before his work is done. I can’t stand the thought of a stolen election, and the feeling of unreality in hearing the world say that the election was valid, etc. It is a suffering to know how much this great man has done for Americans, while watching shameless idiots give the finger to his motorcade.

  20. Watch Steve Bannons The War Room every day and Real Americas Voice. All your stress will go away. These shows are so uplifting and keep us up to date with legal challenges etc…. The MSM is just soul destroying at the moment no matter how strong your faith.

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