The World We Live In: Facebook Censors “Stop The Steal”. MSM Think It Normal.

The article linked here is some days old, but is not a parody. It is a simple fact that a MSM outlets reports about the (mediocre) results of Facebook attempt to censure its members. As if it was the normal, sane, obvious thing to do.

There are lawsuits going on everywhere. The Country is in turmoil. This is, unquestionably, the most contested election in the last decades, 2000 one not excluded.

But for the MSM, this is all fake news, conspiracy theories, Alex Jones stuff. Hey, Facebook needs to stop this. Otherwise where will it end, with people supporting Trump?

Make no mistake: this is the world that awaits you if Biden wins this. Constant indoctrination, and censorship seen as normal by the sheep; they will, as always, follow their evil shepherds in the Democrat party and elsewhere.

I am informed that there will be Stop The Steal gatherings on many State Capitals today. Please try to get information and take part if you can.

And pray. Pray as much as you can. Give thanks to the Lord that he has given us such a fighter as Trump.

However this goes, this guy is a legend.

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  1. I believe Donald Trump and Archbishop Vigano are on a mission from God to give some in the world an opportunity and a reprieve to know the Truth and live it. They represent a last chance opportunity for us before the Chastisement. Let us pray that Trump is victorious and acts as Vigano’s protector to bring orthodox Catholic Truth to the world.

  2. J. Ronald Parrish

    The people of the United States owe a debt of eternal gratitude to Donald John Trump. He gave us a chance to pull back from the final capitulation to evil. The vote for him should have been so overwhelming as to make cheating impossible. Regardless of the final outcome, it was not. At least 70 million people signaled they are ok with baby murder. The Pope, the overwhelming majority of Catholic Bishops and perhaps a majority of the laity are complicit and accomplices to the coming deaths of untold numbers of babies. If the Catholic heirachy had spoken out against this evil agenda, they could likely have stopped it. They instead enabled it. The evangelical Protestants got it right. What does that tell us? I know not. Thank you for your efforts to promote Truth on this blog.

  3. Dr. Taylor Marshall , former Anglican priest, will be at the Washington, DC Stop the Steal rally today.
    This little video ( appearing today on ABYSSUS ABYSSUM INVOCAT website)explains simply what happens if there in no concession in a USA presidential election:

  4. Here in Canada the censoring has begun in earnest. The Liberal Justin Trudeau government has set up a 600 million dollar slush fund to pay the MSM, not to mention the fact that the state broadcaster already gets 1.5 billion tax dollars. So, the PM has broken ethics law, has managed to control the narrative with the SNC Lavalin corruption, the We Charity scandal and with his blackface shenanigans. How? Because Trudeau uses tax money to pay the media to turn censor the truth, and the CBC cheer-leads for him and the party. Canadians need to wake up.

  5. Donald Trump does not surrender.

    Donald Trump did not fire the senile Mueller during the fake Russian conspiracy.

    Donald Trump was not impeached.

    Donald Trump always makes the right decisions in battle.

    There was a massive fraud perpetuated on the American people in the election of 2020 which is being exposed .

    Donald Trump was elected by a landslide and this will be held up at the US S Supreme Court.

    During the 2016 campaign when they released those bogus tapes of Trump allegedly talking trash about women. It looked like Trump was all done. It was the day of the final presidential debate . All the media were going to do is to ask about President Trump’s comments about women and destroy him during the debate.
    But Trump pulled the rug out from under them.

    In the afternoon Trump assembled in a press conference all of the women that Bill Clinton raped. They all testified to Bill Clinton’s character in his nefarious deeds.
    Trump then then sat these women in the audience during the debate with Hillary Clinton.

    The result was the media backed off on what they were going to ask president trump.. it was supposed to be all about the tape that was released about his comments on women.

    The Clinton’s and the media changed the game plan of questions during the debate because they were afraid what else Trump might say. Bill Clinton in the audience was s******* his pants.

    I was reviewing a book at the time and came across this quote on Winston Churchill which greatly resembles our beloved President Trump.

    “Winston is like a strong wire that stretched always springs back. He prospers under attack, emnity and disparagement. The more he senses frustration the more he has to fight the greater the obstacles, the greater the triumph.”

    There are many dark episodes in American history that were turned around by leadership and strength.

    I am confident of victory.

    They tried to finish him with a fake conspiracy of Russians they tried to impeach him and all these tactics failed.

    President Donald J Trump cannot be pinned to the ground like Gulliver he breaks all their Lilliputian chords!

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