What I Have Learned This Week

I must say, this was an instructive week. In fact, I can barely remember another week that was so rich in new insights.

I have learned that a man called, for decades, America’s Mayor, one of the most famous prosecutors worldwide, and a man universally admired from both sides of the aisle before aligning with Trump, has thrown away everything he remembers about how to do his job. I have also learned that he has decided to be remembered for a several week long exercise in shenanigans, at the end of which he will come out with absolutely no evidence at all for what he claims. This is strange, because, looking at him, he doesn’t come across as another Biden.

I have, also, learned that “evidence” is a quite difficult hurdle. Hundred of affidavits, exposing their signatories to jail if they have lied, are now not considered evidence. Who would have thought? This is, I must say, shocking news. Still, I heard it on CNN, so it must be true.

Then I have learned that some of the most extremely famous lawyers in the Country; people who, other than Giuliani, are still active and extremely well paid, have clearly decided to destroy their reputation and forego a couple of decades of extremely remunerative professional activity (let’s call it, very likely, tens of millions of dollars) for the sake of a useless charade that, as CNN clearly told me, will end up with absolutely nothing.

Finally, I have learned that I do not have to encumber my little mind with stuff like electoral fraud, or votes switched from Trump to Biden, or votes with date falsified, or votes with no signature verification at all, and the like. This is a waste of time, that makes of me a conspiracy theorist, a racist and a bad, bad man. The legacy media tell me that there is nothing to it, so that is settled. Also, I need to really understand that when the legacy media write that all Trump lawsuits have been thrown off by the courts and he has now nothing else to do but concede, they must be right, without bothering my little brain with the attempt to understand why, more than a week after after all these lawsuits have been thrown out and Trump had nothing left, the man has still not conceded and Giuliani & Co. pretend that nothing has changed.

Mind, there was a time where I thought (I apologise for this!) that there might have been something in the accusations, and that dead people, people residing in other States, dogs, cats, and squirrels might have voted. However, after I knew that a second count, including all the votes cast by dead people, people residing in other States, dogs, cats, and squirrels was being carried out, my mind was at ease. Clearly, if there was something wrong with the first count, recounting the exact same votes will certainly allow any irregularity to emerge. I didn’t know it worked that way, but I have been assured on TV that this is the way it works. Therefore, it must be true.

I must, again, apologise with my readers for having come dangerously near to a Conspiracy Theorist. I should have trusted CNN et al. to explain reality to me, without bothering my little brain with the attempt to reconcile what they say with what I see. This is dangerous thinking, because it encourages one to think that there might be another reality than the one objectively reported to us by the Legacy media.

This clearly cannot be. How do I know, you ask?

I have heard it on CNN!

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  1. Then it must be true, and night is day and day is night. I heard that on CNN too. We are so lucky to be so enlightened. Thank you, CNN!

  2. In this era of the Bizarro World where up is down and black is white, here’s another tidbit I could have lived without knowing, but it’s probably inescapable. All those Democrat voters, all those people on the other side of the aisle, many of whom are our nearest and dearest, whose opinions on this election and it’s impact have escaped our understanding, may be just fine with a stolen election, as long as it means their guy WINS and Trump is finally gone.
    Wrap your head around that. Maybe this won’t turn out to be the case, but thus far I am not seeing mobs of Democrat voters demanding an audit and the truth.

    • Yep.
      Democracy is in danger when people want to “win” irrespective of its rules.

    • Indeed. It was shocking to realize that the revelations about how Biden runs his family, only made him *more* attractive to his constituency, not *less*.

      After all, when a politician promises to his voters that he will approve of (and financially support) their vices, the discovery of his own malfeasance only lends credibility to his offer of moral license.

    • I am not sure this happened in he first place. It’s more likely that Biden was soundly rejected by the voters.

  3. Communist News Network is alive and well. “Nothing to see here folks!” as the world comes falling down. Thanks for the satire, Mundy:+) Looking forward to the Kraken being unleashed this week. Sidney Powell says what will happen in Georgia will be biblical :+) God bless~

  4. Good coverage on Real America’s Voice. https://americasvoice.news
    Steve Bannon has a daily show live there, War Room: Pandemic. Lots of interesting guests too.

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