Plus ça Change, plus c’est la même Chose

I have written yesterday about the Miraculous medal. Today, I would like to make some further reflections on it.

Whilst the apparitions took place in 1830, St Catherine lived until 1876. Born in 1806, she basically saw Napoleon, the Bourbon Restoration in 1814, the July Revolution in 1830, then another Revolution in 1848, then the siege of Paris in 1870 and, shortly thereafter, the horrible Parisian Commune. That’s quite a lot.

I have no doubt that, at that time, there was no scarcity of people claiming that The End Was Near. I actually doubt that there was any time, pacific or violent, revolutionary or conservative, in which a lot of people did not think the same.

The fact is, that the world did not end. Governments come and go. Kings are deposed. Revolutionaries are killed. Normally, things find a way to adjust themselves, albeit at times after a long time, and not without shedding of blood.

The United States are, if you ask me, in one of the most dramatic phases of their existence. The very foundations of their institutions are about to the shaken by the theft of an election which, if allowed to happen, will redefine the way their institutions work, encourage further thefts form the power-hungry Democrats, and severely test the very fabric of the Country.

It is naive – nay, it is stupid – to think that a Democrat victory will, with some little adjustment here and there, put an end to election controversies. Democrats are power-crazed bastards. If they don’t want to steal power for the money (which many do), they want to do it to further their socialist agenda (which more and more among them also do). When they see that cheating pays, they will make of it a massive, permanent fixture of every election. If the Supreme Court allowed the rot to fester there will be peace today, but a likely gangrene tomorrow.

Unless the Country finds the way to prevents the theft now, the possibility of a massive bloodshed down the line is a very real one. We see, looking at the past, that leftists are never happy, and they will never play fair unless they really have to. In 2020 it was the CHAZ. At some point in future, it will be another Parisian Commune. As to the integrity of the elections, this is blindingly obvious: no democracy can go on for very long without bloodshed, whose elections are a joke. At some point, it will be either civil war or communist servitude. To think that leftists can be appeased is to think that the fox will, given the opportunity, kill half the hens.

Unless the Country finds the resources to deal with the cancer that is eating it, I see dark days in its future. Not immediate future, mind; but dark days nevertheless.

Still: the world will not end. Providence will be at work. The United States will likely survive, albeit shedding blood at some point. Presidents will come and go. We will live other dramas, and other triumphs. The world in which St Catherine Laboure’ lived is our world; merely – for the time being – far more pacific.

The Message is as actual today as it was in 1830:

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us, who have recourse to thee.

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  1. I love your attitude. You are correct. Thank you for the constant stream of sanity in an otherwise insane, “twilight zone” existence. You are in my daily rosary and intentions.

    Deb Lewis


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