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2021: Here’s Hoping

So, Christmas has come and gone, 2020 is about to leave us, and 2021 is about to enter our lives.

My end-of-year wish starts with this reflection: I have endured Francis for now around 7 years and 9 months. Benedict’s pontificate was, if memory serves, around 7 years and 10 months long. Francis himself said he thought his pontificate would be short, or short-ish, or shorter than Benedict’s one.

It is my fervent wish for 2021 that Francis will, for once in his disgraceful life, do what he says and actually abdicate.

Yes, we would have the new edition of the Three Tenors (and I barely survived the first one) as the guy is unlikely to retire in a monastery as “Father Francis”. But hey, at this point I will take everything.

I have written several times that Trump is not only way more Catholic than the (current) Pope, but actually the number one friend of the unborn among the powerful. To see, in 2021, that Trump is not in office anymore, but Francis still is, would not be a pleasant thing to behold.

Still, we are condemned to suffer this insufferable individual until the Lord, in His Mercy, does us a big favour and rids us of his presence; or else persuades him to just go away, as no one listens to what he has to say anyway.

And so for 2021, I would like to follow the tradition of sensitivity and delicacy that has been the mark of this blog from its very inception, and wish the end of Francis’ Pontificate, however that may be.

But in my goodness, I will take an abdication, too.

Venite, Adoremus Dominum

The Swallow And The Eagle

On this beautiful day I would like to make a couple of short reflections, helping myself (and perhaps someone else) to put things into the right perspective.

Make no mistakes: this is a vale of tears. From injustices of all sorts to illness, want, and bereavement, we are all exposed to a long list of problems, because this is the way the Lord, in His Goodness, has allowed us to, with His Grace, work our way towards Him.

So we have the problems and injustices and diseases on one side, and Christ on the other. Where does this leave us? It leaves us to the point that, whenever we pass a period of time in review and reflect about what it brought us – or, alternatively, whenever we interrogate ourselves about our future, and wonder what it will bring to us, our loved ones, our Nation, and Christianity at large – we need to keep our eyes fixed on Christ, and measure the events in light of this central focal point.

We have already won, because Christ has already won. Our dismay at appalling events – individual or collective – is merely the result (justified, of course; but not all-embracing) of our flying very low, like a swallow surveying the misery of the human conditions.

Christmas Eve is one of the best days of the year to soar like an eagle, look at the world way below us, and reflect that Christ’s light, and inevitable victory, shines over all of it, all the time. It is right to feel righteous anger. It is not right to be despondent, defeatist, or of little faith.

We have already won. Let our enemies exercise, exhaust themselves trying to damage or suppress every sort of righteous cause, and perhaps getting some temporary victory now and then; their time of reckoning will come. Some of them will, hopefully, see the light in time, and we pray that they all might; many others will be the cause of their own doom.

We have already won. Always fight, never fret.

As to us, Christmas Eve is, in fact, an excellent day to make another sort of review: the one concerning our soul. If we think that we have, in the last twelve months, continued on the path to salvation, I’d go out on a limb and say that, in the end, the year has not been bad, at all. If this has not been the case, I’d dare to say that this is a problem that requires more urgent attention that anything else that might be happening out there.

I am not the youngest anymore and, with every year that passes, every 12 months period takes away a larger percentage of the time allotted to me on this earth. This, as every 12 period appears to actually go past me at a speed I could have never imagined decades ago! Yes, I might be called anytime. Still, the above reasoning is valid even if my call is not anywhere near.

I think my year has been fine. I think I can go to sleep, tonight, with a sensible, reasonable confidence that, should I be taken away from this planet in my sleep, I would be able to avoid the worst. It being this way, I cannot avoid – once I soared high, where the eagle flies – thinking that, at the end, everything is going fine.

I wish all my readers a merry Christmas, and the fundamental serenity their faith should, even in the worst times, give them.

Angels From The Realms Of Glory

Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle

Longing For The Grinch

Britain, meet your new hero..

Watch this and cry.

Some things to know:

  1. Paul Joseph Watson is right: I don’t know whom they are asking, but I can confirm that the part-time jailing of an entire Country is actually supported by a substantial part of the population.
  2. High street shops in this Country, as probably in many others, are very dependant on December. If you want to cause a massacre among high street retailers, and give big swaths of the market to Amazon, you force them to shut down in December.
  3. With few exceptions, even said shopkeepers will approve of the Government’s action whilst they are led to the slaughter, like the stupid sheep they are.

I have written about this already, but it bears repeating: the big crisis of leadership at the top is the product of a big crisis of manliness at the bottom. It is fashionable to be a soyboy. Every other behaviour would be seen as selfish.

Meanwhile, Amazon’s cash registers are singing Christmas Carols all the time. You would think the population would start counting, and would decide to think for themselves. Not happening. Make no mistake, Boris would have never dared to play Grinch unless he is sure that it pays. It is appalling to say this, but this madness appears to be what the Country wants. Don’t forget that a substantial minority in this Country has voted for a bloody Communist only one year ago.

In the end, you know what? I am doing very fine, and I do not forecast the Seppoku of the British High Street and food/entertainment industry will damage me more than very marginally, unless the geniuses start to raise taxes big time (which they likely won’t, because they aren’t that stupid). I also always saw Christmas as a religious festivity and a time for prayer, reflection, and prayer. You take the fully decorated shops away from me, it doesn’t really matter much.

But the families told that they cannot see their relatives for Christmas just a few days before, with preparations likely already underway, must be a tad more upset.

It doesn’t matter.

They will persuade themselves that it is right this way, because “mutation”…

What Sweeter Music

Nativity Carol

Coventry Carol

In The Bleak Midwinter

Good King Wenceslas

A Country At The Crossroads

I am sure this is not the case among my (very smart) readers, but I have the suspicion that many other, less smart, people are thinking that, if they allow the Democrats to “get away” with the Great Steal, they will learn the lesson of these weeks of polemics, not push their luck too hard, and return the Country to relative normality; minus Trump, whom they likely do not like in the first place.

Not happening, folks.

The Georgia runoff is clearly following the same pattern seen in November, and there are no prizes for guessing that the controversies will continue well after the 5th January.

But really, if you think that the Dems are happy with one steal every decade or two, you have not been paying attention.

Dems despise democracy. They despise the United States. And they despise you.

Many of them are motivated by greed and are, by any standard, deeply corrupted. These are not the kind of people keeping their hands away from a pie in front of them.

Many others, probably a bigger number than the first group, just hate their opponents, out of Satan-induced ideological blindness. They don’t see it as wrong to cheat, if this allows them to defeat their opponent. They will likely brag about it, like that Dominion executive tweeting that he would make “effing sure” (he used a different word) that Trump doesn’t win. They demonise their opponent, and this allows them to throw every rule away, and feel good and smart about it. And they have read their “Rules for Radicals”, which encourages them in this behaviour.

There can be no compromise with these people. It is like giving drugs to an addict, thinking he will stop taking drugs tomorrow. It. is. Not. Happening.

There is no mistaking that the Country is at a crossroads. If November 3 goes unpunished, how do you stop January 5th? November 2022? November 2024? Every November after that?

It has to happen now. It is Trump’s job to make it happen, without caring whether the Supreme Court is on his side or not. It is the job of the Patriots all over the Country to support him in his action.

You can’t allow cheaters to win because judges are scared, or hide behind procedure. Life comes before the perversion of rules.

The minutemen were not acting according to the rules of their oppressors. They did not wait for courts to decide about their situation. They recognised the injustice, because it was there.

Food for thoughts, I think. At some point, there might have to be a collective decision between accepting a rigged game, and that those who have rigged it will continue to do so, or choose freedom.

Trump is the one who, most easily, can make it happen. I hope he understands this, and is preparing for this scenario.

God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen

UTO Alert, And The Proper Orgy Etiquette

Look at this.. person here.

Look at the picture for a while. 

This not easily identifiable being goes under the name of Rachel Levine, the… person in charge of the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

I honestly, honestly don’t know if this person here is a man or a woman. No, I am not joking. The fact is, if this one here is a trannie we might, I am afraid, not be told for legal reasons, with the one or other news outlet possibly afraid of being sued if they write that Rachel was, in reality, born a Philip, or a Jonathan, and was once in possession of, you know…

On the other hand, Greta at 60 might look just like that, so the jury is out on this. 

The Gateway Pundit, who alerted me to the existence of this person, does not say. What they say is that the above mentioned department, led by this UTO (Unidentified Talking Ogre), issued guidelines about the proper behaviour whilst participating in an orgy.

You see: the Devil’s Troops do not miss one occasion to undermine Christianity and, unwittingly or not, make the work of Satan. They *have to* release instructions about “safe orgies”. This would be immensely stupid and outright offensive at any time; but do not think that it is a coincidence that it comes just a few days before the Christmas break.

The annihilation of every vestige of Christian morality is the aim of these people. They will normalise everything, starting from the joke-gone-bad appearance of Mssss Levine up here.

At this point, one could write another paragraph with sarcastic suggestions about the next “health advice” of Trannie And The Pervs. The fact is, they would certainly surpass anything I could think of, and the thinking itself is an unwelcome exercise.

Blessedly, the Lord allows us to get some amusement out of this sad situation, by showing us the very face of the people actually thinking this kind of exercise.

I suggest the release of another health guideline: before reading any message from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, find the settings in your browser that allow you to disactivate pictures.

Your health will likely profit.


P.S. Whatever shaving blade Msssss Levine uses, I want it.  


The Holly And The Ivy

O Little Town Of Bethlehem

Have Yourself A… Heathen, Drunken Christmas?

The progressive, but still marching de-Christianisation of Western Europe is visible every year a little bit more.

If you are an observer of the reality around you, you notice how more and more people mention Christmas only in relation to holidays, or parties, or eating too much. Whilst I would still hear, some year ago, the rare reference to, saying, going to church, this has now gone from the conversations I have around me.

Christmas has become the Season To Be Drunk. I hear people complaining that this year, for Christmas, they will not be able to do all sort of things that have nothing whatsoever to do with the reason why Christmas exists in the first place. If you asked a sample if they know what Christmas is, I wonder how many would be able to even answer correctly.

The same happens with the carols. Or, rather, the lack of them. What I hear around is a number of completely commercial, totally unspiritual, actually meant to be totally secular, pop garbage, “all I want for Christmas is you”- style. What utter garbage.

There was, some years ago, a campaing going on, meant to “put Christ in Christmas”. I think it was sponsored by Protestant groups, because I can’t imagine the Church doing something so… so… blatantly homophobic. Nothing this year. I hope it’s virus-related.

This, mind, in a Country in which a heretical variation of Christianity is still (as far as I know) official religion. You would think this ensures the best place at the table. Actually, the contrary is the case. I am by now fairly persuaded that, if the assorted infidels of the Country did not love Christmas so much (they actually do; it makes them feel all fuzzy inside; at least they don’t get drunk so much…), the very Protestant outfit officially in charge would advocate that it is abolished, and hope that people notice they are still alive.

Nor can we, of course, hope that the Evil Clown is of any help. That is the guy I positively expect to declare Christmas racist, in some form or other, this year. I do what I can to counter the movement, but what I can do isn’t really much. We need true priests, bishops, cardinals and popes; not social worker wannabes with horrible secrets.

This feeling has been going on for some years now. Not every day, (it is a long-term, rather subtle societal shift) but, at some point, every year; and every year, it seems to me that things get a bit worse.

Still, it is consoling to think that things will begin to reverse at their divinely appointed time, and not one day before.

Once In Royal David’s City

Thy Will Be Done

I needed a while to recover from the shock I had Saturday morning, reading about the refusal of the Supreme Court to receive Texas’ suit.

After a while, a mixture of realistic estimation of the situation and cold evaluation of the facts started to set in. I still did not feel like writing about it yesterday, but today I will give it a go.

The cold evaluation: strictly speaking, nothing has been decided yet. The suit has not been received simply because three of the five judges (the other four don’t even count) think that Texas has no standing to say that Texans are damaged if Pennsylvania et alios run their elections Jim Crow-, or Venezuela- style. This seems patently absurd to me, but I do not know what precedents there are and how they were handled. Strictly speaking, this is nothing to do with the matter at hand in the Supreme Court, where the Trump suits still are or will be, clearly alive and kicking (for now).

In practice, though, I make a very simple, sobering consideration. Justices Alito and Thomas wanted to examine the case. Therefore, it wasn’t (procedurally) outlandish. If the Justices had wanted to rid the Country of its inner Venezuela, what would have been more sensible that letting this case get in and restore justice in this way, at the same time setting an extremely important precedent: that every State answers to the other States, with which he shares its destiny, of its electoral conduct?

This would have been, for sure, easier, less controversial and way more elegant than the other way, the fraud and/or foreign interference one.

Now I ask myself and I ask you: if three of the five Justices did not have the attributes to go down the easier and less controversial way, how likely it is that they will go down the more controversial one?

Food for thoughts.

Let us pray every day for this to end the right way.

But let us never forget to pray that, as in all things, God’s will be done.




Shepherd’s Pipe Carol

Bianco Natale

Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day

Meet Pope Pimp, The Trannie-Loving Protector Of (Likely Illegal) Trannie Prostitutes


When this man dies, I do not think there will be anything at all that is evil, or perverted, or otherwise immoral that he has not promoted.

The last example is the obvious approval of Pope Pimp for the transvestite prostitutes of Torvaianica, near Rome.

The prostituting trannies have a problem, you see: the Chinese Virus has seriously damaged their “business” (which is: prostituting themselves). This elicits a lot of compassion in a chap called Father Conocchia (I wonder about this one), who starts giving money to one of them, without asking “too many questions”. Suddenly, all the local trannie prostitutes want to be on the gravy train (which tells us that Father Conocchia didn’t give the original trannie only one Euro…). They are, apparently, all from South America, and all trannies. I will go out on a limb and say that they are all illegals.

So many trannie prostitutes looking for handouts, so little money! What to do?

Pope Pimp to the rescue!!

“Francis’ response was immediate”, Father Conocchia says. Mind, the “good” Father didn’t contact Francis directly. He contacted his almoner, Cardinal Krajewski. But hey, it is clear from his reaction that the Vatican wanted the world to know that Francis got on the trannie train very, very fast!

What do we learn from this, dear reader? We learn that any money that we give to the Vatican can be used to give money to likely illegal trannie prostitutes, whenever the Vatican thinks that the level of income they achieve from said prostituting activity is too low and needs to be integrated.

This is not straight from the Babylon Bee.

This is from Francis’ Papacy; from the most satanic joke of a Pope, ever.



Candlelight Carol

Adeste Fideles

The Court Has No Excuses

This will be, I think, the decisive week. The issue of the biggest vote heist ever seen in a Western Democracy has been going on for weeks now, and I still cannot get rid of the extremely unpleasant, sickening impression that this will not be solved in the most obvious and unavoidable of ways, but will depend on a huge political issue, namely: whether the Supreme Court has the guts to reestablish fairness at the cost of being perceived, by the corrupt media, as the ones who “gave victory to Trump”.

Why do I think that? Cynicism, perhaps, and I know that we *should* have five men and women of integrity in the Court. However, I also reflect on this: firstly, that four men and women (starting with the man we will call, for simplicity, Lolita Express Guy) most certainly do not have this integrity, which makes us only one vote away from the abyss. Secondly, that several lower courts (and the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania) have already refused to take on themselves the responsibility of recognising the blindingly obvious. Thirdly, that a lot of RINOs at all level of the Republican Party did not hesitate to be accomplices of this attempted steal, either because of their ideological desire to get rid of Trump or, alternatively, because they want to go back to the old world of political favours and legal enrichment: only look at the personal wealth of the Bidens, Pelosis, Clintons of this world; and do not think for a moment that this is a Democrat specialty, or that it does not happen, on a lower scale, in the lower echelons of power.

What is happening in the united States is something simply inconceivable in Western Europe. Everywhere, we have centralised voting procedures, which create a uniform system that can be easily verified. The idea of the massive breaking of the chain of custody, much less the open intimidation and control suppression, that we have observed in so many places is simply inconceivable.

Happily, since yesterday we have a new element thrown into the mix: the Texas lawsuit for the (obvious, and unquestionable) violation of the Constitution via non-legislative modification of electoral laws bypasses, as far as Trump’s victory is concerned, any consideration of voter fraud. If upheld (and no sanely thinking person can see how it could not, in a fair world) it would not address the astonishing scandals we have witnessed, but it would at least take care that the final outcome for the Presidential election has not been altered by them. It is an extremely elegant, blindingly obvious, very simple approach to the issue of who gets the electors in enough states to settle the matter for Trump. In a normal world, it would be a no-brainer.

I am tempted to say that I do not know what happens now, but I actually do know, and it is this: if five of the Supreme Court Justices have a shred of integrity in them this goes to Trump, big time. If the Court does not have five men and women of integrity, this election will be stolen, with potentially incalculable effects on the future direction of this, at this point, Clown Democratic Republic.

Let us pray it does not come to that. Still, should the worst happen, know that millions of good citizen will not stop fighting for a decent Country.

Alas, if the Supreme Court does not make the only possible decision, it is not at all improbable that, at some point, the people’s desire for fair elections will result in a lot of blood.

In Dulci Jubilo

Meet A Rare Example Of A Man

Tancred over at the Eponymous Flower has a beautiful, beautiful post about his own personal experience with Covid (which is being a horrible one), and the implications for the planet at large. I suggest that everyone does like me: visits the page, reads the post, and prays for the good man. My rosary of today is for him.

If I were to die in a car accident, I would not want that this is used to advocate the closure of roads. If I were to die falling from the stairs, I would not want that this is used to advocate mandatory bungalows for the over 45. If I were to die of Covid, I would not want this to be used to advocate the destruction of the world as we know it, and his substitution for a dystopian dictatorship of the nannies, becoming more and more controlling of our economies and our individual destinies as they try to make our – at this point, utterly miserable – life drag for pretty long. How long? Probably, until we get mandatorily euthanised and our organs harvested because, being still healthy, they can be used to extend the miserable existence of other derelict people; people who will, in turn, be mandatorily euthanised. In the meantime, countless millions of lives will be aborted or prevented from being born because some software billionaire foundation has decided that the “good” number for the inhabitant of the Planet is X billions, making Hitler look like an amateur.

But for the grace of God, go I.

People get ill, and die, every day. People who believe in God know that, unless they do something very stupid, they will die at the time that has been divinely, and very reasonably, appointed for them; and if they do something very stupid, they will die at the time that their stupidity has caused to be still divinely, and still very reasonably, appointed for them.

We live in a civilisation of pansies because we live in a civilisation of atheists. If all I have is this temporary activity of breathing, eating, and breeding, then I will be very tempted to put nothing above it: not the Fatherland, not the economy, not even freedom! “Live Free or die” becomes “Live enslaved so that you die later”. A lot of people seem to think it natural. Their freedoms are brutally eroded, and they just don’t give a fig.

I say it once again: the Country that went on living normally under the German bombs has made a serious attempt to destroy itself over a virus. This attempt has revealed that they don’t care for their freedoms.

What their ancestors died for, they have bartered for a mask.

God bless Tancred, and may he get well soon. But if – quod Deus avertat! – he were to die, it would be the death of a man; not of one of these pansies.

Pray for him, and that there may be more like him as the madness continues.

Hark, The Herald Angels Sing

Catholicism’s Never Trumpers

Every time that something really good happens in the world, there is always someone trying to destroy it in the name of… Good.

It’s a well-spread disease, and whilst at times it is the fruit of narrow views and inability to simply look at the greater good, at others it is just the product of bad faith and a biased agenda.

Padre Pio was harshly criticised, in life, for being a guy who talks very openly and does not hesitate to be very, very frank. Then as now, there were those people who, perhaps in good faith (some certainly not so) thought that his behaviour needed to be censured in the name of “niceness”, this permanent alternative goddess so many keep confusing with Christianity.

Or think of Saint John Vianney; a great saint and immeasurable treasure for the Church, but also criticised for not being educated enough, or for not having had a priestly formation considered adequate by those who were, in fact, not saintly.

Coming to the present day, the examples also abound. The Never Trumpers (I do not give them any excuse; evil people one and all, led by their own vanity or by their own private interests) have actually tried to destroy those same values they claim to protect, “because tweets”.

In all cases, the criticism takes something that has, at its root, something true to it; an issue that is existent, and might be even considered grave in abstract, or deemed worrying if looked without a proper perspective; but then, they magnify this issue and make of it the defining character trait, or quality, of their target; target which, after their treatment, becomes worthy of being forgotten, condemned, or outright destroyed.

In some cases, there might be good faith involved. In other cases, not so much.

Why do I write all this? Because one-sided attacks to the best Catholic organisation currently residing on Planet Earth, and vastly exceeding the Vatican in Catholic spirit, Catholic practice, and, in a word, Catholicism, are just not right; and because this very organisation keeps being attacked by Primadonnas who have now proved themselves entirely unable to put (granted: real) problems in the proper perspective, and aim instead at the destruction of the best the Catholic spirit has produced in the last fifty or so years.

When problems arise, they should be pointed out. It is fine, and actually healthy, that it should be so. But to go for the jugular in the way that we have been seeing for a long time now (you are about to get a link with some good examples) is beyond the pale.

More in general, what grates me in the entire matter is the tragic lack of perspective. You don’t throw Trump out of the window because of his tweets. You don’t punish Padre Pio because he screams in church (he has his reasons, of course). You don’t throw away the baby together with the bath water.

Because if you keep doing it you will look, at some point, like an enemy of the baby.

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