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Virtue Signalling Kills

I remember the early part of the year; when, starting from the end of March, the first, brutal lockdown was implemented in England. It lasted almost two months.

It was an exercise in brainwashing and collective madness. There was this habit of going out of your door at 8 PM on a Thursday, and “applaud the NHS” (I never did it, and screw the neighbours), some even making noise with pans and such, and all the others applauding, applauding a lot, like dogs barking at the moon. For those who don’t know, NHS stands for National Health Service, the UK’s state health behemoth. Take it from me, the NHS is rubbish, and by that I mean shit. But then again, it is the brainchild of Mr Clement Attlee and his proto-communist mark of Labour after the Second World War.

The sheeple were enthusiastically clapping every Thursday afternoon at 8 sharp. They were clapping literally at nobody, knowing that their neighbours would see, or at least hear, this noisy show of virtue. Two slogans made the round: “Thank you NHS” and “Protect the NHS”.

The first one was an indication of the level of indoctrination in this country. The instructions (carefully crafted by the, allegedly, Conservative Government) were not to thank the personnel in the first line (the doctors, the nurses, the ambulance drivers), but a highly controversial, constantly criticised, and outright (as already said) bad organisation in itself. The sheeple complied joyfully.

The second one was even more stupid. The NHS is there to protect me, not the other way round. But hey, in the world of political correctness, thinking is an unwanted option.

As the first, brutal phase of the lockdown was relaxed and we were released from collective house arrest (an extremely successful measure, as demonstrated by the fact that, at Christmas, we are still on square one and a half) I started to go around more. What I found entirely shocking were all those pubs (the most British of British institutions after the Queen, as no one remembers whether the so-called “c”hurch of England still exists) who were happily closed, and with their big “protect the NHS” signs outside.

The sight was quite unreal. These were people slowly going bust, and happy to signal virtue while they do. Instead of mounting a huge protest from day one, making clear to the Government and the population that the closure of the hospitality industry was severely damaging a good part of the economy and killing countless small and less small enterprises, these idiots were happy to be walked to the slaughterhouse singing their happy virtue signaling songs. Not all collaborated, of course. But frankly, it was depressing to see.

Fast forward seven months, and our extremely weak, testosterone-deprived Prime Minister has just decided that the entire pub industry will be strangled for the entire Christmas season in the greater part of the Country. Protests are starting to form now, and many Members of Parliament have voiced their displeasure. Yesterday, Boris had almost 80 defectors for his “Grinch” measures.

Still: when you have clapped for months to illiberal, absolutely hare-brained measures in order to “protect the NHS”, how can you justify, now, the end of the madness? Because you are going bust? Sorry pal, but when you have sung with the choir for month, don’t expect everybody else (those with the secure jobs, which are still the most part; happily, this includes yours truly) to suddenly start thinking now, just for you.

Virtue Signalling kills.

But hey, if you want to feel good on your way to the slaughterhouse, be my guest.

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