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“Cancel Everything” Really Means “Cancel Christ”

Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti, one of the planetary dummies among the leftist Mayors of the world, has given another example that Liberalism is a mental disease by inviting his deservedly afflicted citizen to “cancel everything”. Meaning, I think, Christmas, New Year, the Epiphany, and everything in between.

If you think I am joking, read this. The quote for the centuries is:

“It’s time to hunker down. It’s time to cancel everything.”

This will not age well.

I would really pity the inhabitants of Los Angeles. But they voted him in office, so perhaps not. They must be very bad, too, because apparently they spent Thanksgiving with their loved ones in great numbers, something that Garcetti certainly does not approve of. Mr Grinch Garcetti is their fault, you see. Good Mr Garcetti would like to help them so much, but if his sheeple continue to behave like reasonable beings, he will be forced to try some harsh measure, like cutting them off water and power. For their own good, mind you.

Poor, inadequate Angelenos. They should really, really try harder to deserve their Mayor.

I don’t think for a moment that this craziness is the fruit of some misguided, but good-natured, ideas of the guy. Garcetti simply shares a couple of obvious character traits with other Democrat heavyweights: the complete and utter power craze, the lack of shame, and the hate for God.

If you ask me, beside the obvious “great reset” and control mania objectives of your garden variety Democrat politician, Garcetti’s aim goes beyond the mere political and health-related aspect, and goes straight into the religious: this is a declaration of war to Christ in the season of the most popular, most beloved Christian festivities.

Garcetti wasn’t so scared when the BLM mob marched through Los Angeles. But he is “scared” of Thanksgiving and Christmas, and he is not shy in letting people know. I’d write that this guy is a joke, but the problem is that he is dead serious. He and his ilk will not miss an occasion to oppress Christians and Christianity; of course, with the excuse of caring for the people so, so much.

Can’t wait for the several, very courageous US Bishops adhering to his request and inviting the faithful to, yes, piously cancel everything, and feel good in the process, because ChineseVirus.

I don’t know what viruses Satan has in hell.

But I suspect that, at some point in future, Garcetti will have to try all of them.

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