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Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day

Meet Pope Pimp, The Trannie-Loving Protector Of (Likely Illegal) Trannie Prostitutes


When this man dies, I do not think there will be anything at all that is evil, or perverted, or otherwise immoral that he has not promoted.

The last example is the obvious approval of Pope Pimp for the transvestite prostitutes of Torvaianica, near Rome.

The prostituting trannies have a problem, you see: the Chinese Virus has seriously damaged their “business” (which is: prostituting themselves). This elicits a lot of compassion in a chap called Father Conocchia (I wonder about this one), who starts giving money to one of them, without asking “too many questions”. Suddenly, all the local trannie prostitutes want to be on the gravy train (which tells us that Father Conocchia didn’t give the original trannie only one Euro…). They are, apparently, all from South America, and all trannies. I will go out on a limb and say that they are all illegals.

So many trannie prostitutes looking for handouts, so little money! What to do?

Pope Pimp to the rescue!!

“Francis’ response was immediate”, Father Conocchia says. Mind, the “good” Father didn’t contact Francis directly. He contacted his almoner, Cardinal Krajewski. But hey, it is clear from his reaction that the Vatican wanted the world to know that Francis got on the trannie train very, very fast!

What do we learn from this, dear reader? We learn that any money that we give to the Vatican can be used to give money to likely illegal trannie prostitutes, whenever the Vatican thinks that the level of income they achieve from said prostituting activity is too low and needs to be integrated.

This is not straight from the Babylon Bee.

This is from Francis’ Papacy; from the most satanic joke of a Pope, ever.



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