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Thy Will Be Done

I needed a while to recover from the shock I had Saturday morning, reading about the refusal of the Supreme Court to receive Texas’ suit.

After a while, a mixture of realistic estimation of the situation and cold evaluation of the facts started to set in. I still did not feel like writing about it yesterday, but today I will give it a go.

The cold evaluation: strictly speaking, nothing has been decided yet. The suit has not been received simply because three of the five judges (the other four don’t even count) think that Texas has no standing to say that Texans are damaged if Pennsylvania et alios run their elections Jim Crow-, or Venezuela- style. This seems patently absurd to me, but I do not know what precedents there are and how they were handled. Strictly speaking, this is nothing to do with the matter at hand in the Supreme Court, where the Trump suits still are or will be, clearly alive and kicking (for now).

In practice, though, I make a very simple, sobering consideration. Justices Alito and Thomas wanted to examine the case. Therefore, it wasn’t (procedurally) outlandish. If the Justices had wanted to rid the Country of its inner Venezuela, what would have been more sensible that letting this case get in and restore justice in this way, at the same time setting an extremely important precedent: that every State answers to the other States, with which he shares its destiny, of its electoral conduct?

This would have been, for sure, easier, less controversial and way more elegant than the other way, the fraud and/or foreign interference one.

Now I ask myself and I ask you: if three of the five Justices did not have the attributes to go down the easier and less controversial way, how likely it is that they will go down the more controversial one?

Food for thoughts.

Let us pray every day for this to end the right way.

But let us never forget to pray that, as in all things, God’s will be done.




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