Shepherd’s Pipe Carol

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful carols, Mundy. One of my friends has gone positively demonic over Trump on Facebook. It’s gotten worse and worse. The other day she posted that Trump is such an evil man that he’s beyond redemption. Republicans should become independents and caucus with Dems and end the RP. Congressmen who challenge the election should be prohibited from taking their seats in the new term. And this is a woman who believes Biden won! Shouldn’t she be happy? Instead, her hatred seems to be ramping up. Years ago the woman had an abortion and maybe that’s what’s catching up to her because it’s almost as if there’s a touch of demonic possession about her. I challenged her about the redemption bit and she said, “Who cares?” And she’s a Catholic. It’s been on my mind all day and then I listened to “Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day” and suddenly it was like God was telling me to post it on Facebook. It feels like sprinkling Holy Water on her. I think I’ll save the ‘Shepherd’s Pipe Carol’ for Christmas Day. 🙂

    • I think you touched on a very important issue.
      I always thought much of the hatred against Trump from the “little people” is to do with abortion.
      For politicians it is different. They (Dems and RINOs) want to get rid of Trump to get back to business as usual, making money through consultancies and the like, Biden-style.

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