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Have Yourself A… Heathen, Drunken Christmas?

The progressive, but still marching de-Christianisation of Western Europe is visible every year a little bit more.

If you are an observer of the reality around you, you notice how more and more people mention Christmas only in relation to holidays, or parties, or eating too much. Whilst I would still hear, some year ago, the rare reference to, saying, going to church, this has now gone from the conversations I have around me.

Christmas has become the Season To Be Drunk. I hear people complaining that this year, for Christmas, they will not be able to do all sort of things that have nothing whatsoever to do with the reason why Christmas exists in the first place. If you asked a sample if they know what Christmas is, I wonder how many would be able to even answer correctly.

The same happens with the carols. Or, rather, the lack of them. What I hear around is a number of completely commercial, totally unspiritual, actually meant to be totally secular, pop garbage, “all I want for Christmas is you”- style. What utter garbage.

There was, some years ago, a campaing going on, meant to “put Christ in Christmas”. I think it was sponsored by Protestant groups, because I can’t imagine the Church doing something so… so… blatantly homophobic. Nothing this year. I hope it’s virus-related.

This, mind, in a Country in which a heretical variation of Christianity is still (as far as I know) official religion. You would think this ensures the best place at the table. Actually, the contrary is the case. I am by now fairly persuaded that, if the assorted infidels of the Country did not love Christmas so much (they actually do; it makes them feel all fuzzy inside; at least they don’t get drunk so much…), the very Protestant outfit officially in charge would advocate that it is abolished, and hope that people notice they are still alive.

Nor can we, of course, hope that the Evil Clown is of any help. That is the guy I positively expect to declare Christmas racist, in some form or other, this year. I do what I can to counter the movement, but what I can do isn’t really much. We need true priests, bishops, cardinals and popes; not social worker wannabes with horrible secrets.

This feeling has been going on for some years now. Not every day, (it is a long-term, rather subtle societal shift) but, at some point, every year; and every year, it seems to me that things get a bit worse.

Still, it is consoling to think that things will begin to reverse at their divinely appointed time, and not one day before.

Once In Royal David’s City

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