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God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen

UTO Alert, And The Proper Orgy Etiquette

Look at this.. person here.

Look at the picture for a while. 

This not easily identifiable being goes under the name of Rachel Levine, the… person in charge of the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

I honestly, honestly don’t know if this person here is a man or a woman. No, I am not joking. The fact is, if this one here is a trannie we might, I am afraid, not be told for legal reasons, with the one or other news outlet possibly afraid of being sued if they write that Rachel was, in reality, born a Philip, or a Jonathan, and was once in possession of, you know…

On the other hand, Greta at 60 might look just like that, so the jury is out on this. 

The Gateway Pundit, who alerted me to the existence of this person, does not say. What they say is that the above mentioned department, led by this UTO (Unidentified Talking Ogre), issued guidelines about the proper behaviour whilst participating in an orgy.

You see: the Devil’s Troops do not miss one occasion to undermine Christianity and, unwittingly or not, make the work of Satan. They *have to* release instructions about “safe orgies”. This would be immensely stupid and outright offensive at any time; but do not think that it is a coincidence that it comes just a few days before the Christmas break.

The annihilation of every vestige of Christian morality is the aim of these people. They will normalise everything, starting from the joke-gone-bad appearance of Mssss Levine up here.

At this point, one could write another paragraph with sarcastic suggestions about the next “health advice” of Trannie And The Pervs. The fact is, they would certainly surpass anything I could think of, and the thinking itself is an unwelcome exercise.

Blessedly, the Lord allows us to get some amusement out of this sad situation, by showing us the very face of the people actually thinking this kind of exercise.

I suggest the release of another health guideline: before reading any message from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, find the settings in your browser that allow you to disactivate pictures.

Your health will likely profit.


P.S. Whatever shaving blade Msssss Levine uses, I want it.  


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