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Good King Wenceslas

A Country At The Crossroads

I am sure this is not the case among my (very smart) readers, but I have the suspicion that many other, less smart, people are thinking that, if they allow the Democrats to “get away” with the Great Steal, they will learn the lesson of these weeks of polemics, not push their luck too hard, and return the Country to relative normality; minus Trump, whom they likely do not like in the first place.

Not happening, folks.

The Georgia runoff is clearly following the same pattern seen in November, and there are no prizes for guessing that the controversies will continue well after the 5th January.

But really, if you think that the Dems are happy with one steal every decade or two, you have not been paying attention.

Dems despise democracy. They despise the United States. And they despise you.

Many of them are motivated by greed and are, by any standard, deeply corrupted. These are not the kind of people keeping their hands away from a pie in front of them.

Many others, probably a bigger number than the first group, just hate their opponents, out of Satan-induced ideological blindness. They don’t see it as wrong to cheat, if this allows them to defeat their opponent. They will likely brag about it, like that Dominion executive tweeting that he would make “effing sure” (he used a different word) that Trump doesn’t win. They demonise their opponent, and this allows them to throw every rule away, and feel good and smart about it. And they have read their “Rules for Radicals”, which encourages them in this behaviour.

There can be no compromise with these people. It is like giving drugs to an addict, thinking he will stop taking drugs tomorrow. It. is. Not. Happening.

There is no mistaking that the Country is at a crossroads. If November 3 goes unpunished, how do you stop January 5th? November 2022? November 2024? Every November after that?

It has to happen now. It is Trump’s job to make it happen, without caring whether the Supreme Court is on his side or not. It is the job of the Patriots all over the Country to support him in his action.

You can’t allow cheaters to win because judges are scared, or hide behind procedure. Life comes before the perversion of rules.

The minutemen were not acting according to the rules of their oppressors. They did not wait for courts to decide about their situation. They recognised the injustice, because it was there.

Food for thoughts, I think. At some point, there might have to be a collective decision between accepting a rigged game, and that those who have rigged it will continue to do so, or choose freedom.

Trump is the one who, most easily, can make it happen. I hope he understands this, and is preparing for this scenario.

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