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Longing For The Grinch

Britain, meet your new hero..

Watch this and cry.

Some things to know:

  1. Paul Joseph Watson is right: I don’t know whom they are asking, but I can confirm that the part-time jailing of an entire Country is actually supported by a substantial part of the population.
  2. High street shops in this Country, as probably in many others, are very dependant on December. If you want to cause a massacre among high street retailers, and give big swaths of the market to Amazon, you force them to shut down in December.
  3. With few exceptions, even said shopkeepers will approve of the Government’s action whilst they are led to the slaughter, like the stupid sheep they are.

I have written about this already, but it bears repeating: the big crisis of leadership at the top is the product of a big crisis of manliness at the bottom. It is fashionable to be a soyboy. Every other behaviour would be seen as selfish.

Meanwhile, Amazon’s cash registers are singing Christmas Carols all the time. You would think the population would start counting, and would decide to think for themselves. Not happening. Make no mistake, Boris would have never dared to play Grinch unless he is sure that it pays. It is appalling to say this, but this madness appears to be what the Country wants. Don’t forget that a substantial minority in this Country has voted for a bloody Communist only one year ago.

In the end, you know what? I am doing very fine, and I do not forecast the Seppoku of the British High Street and food/entertainment industry will damage me more than very marginally, unless the geniuses start to raise taxes big time (which they likely won’t, because they aren’t that stupid). I also always saw Christmas as a religious festivity and a time for prayer, reflection, and prayer. You take the fully decorated shops away from me, it doesn’t really matter much.

But the families told that they cannot see their relatives for Christmas just a few days before, with preparations likely already underway, must be a tad more upset.

It doesn’t matter.

They will persuade themselves that it is right this way, because “mutation”…

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