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2021: Here’s Hoping

So, Christmas has come and gone, 2020 is about to leave us, and 2021 is about to enter our lives.

My end-of-year wish starts with this reflection: I have endured Francis for now around 7 years and 9 months. Benedict’s pontificate was, if memory serves, around 7 years and 10 months long. Francis himself said he thought his pontificate would be short, or short-ish, or shorter than Benedict’s one.

It is my fervent wish for 2021 that Francis will, for once in his disgraceful life, do what he says and actually abdicate.

Yes, we would have the new edition of the Three Tenors (and I barely survived the first one) as the guy is unlikely to retire in a monastery as “Father Francis”. But hey, at this point I will take everything.

I have written several times that Trump is not only way more Catholic than the (current) Pope, but actually the number one friend of the unborn among the powerful. To see, in 2021, that Trump is not in office anymore, but Francis still is, would not be a pleasant thing to behold.

Still, we are condemned to suffer this insufferable individual until the Lord, in His Mercy, does us a big favour and rids us of his presence; or else persuades him to just go away, as no one listens to what he has to say anyway.

And so for 2021, I would like to follow the tradition of sensitivity and delicacy that has been the mark of this blog from its very inception, and wish the end of Francis’ Pontificate, however that may be.

But in my goodness, I will take an abdication, too.

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