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The Child, The Father, The President* And The Excrement

Many years ago, I was a little child.

Tiny. Defenceless. Looking for protection.

I remember, vividly, to this day, that whenever I went for a walk with my papa, my little hand instinctively searched his; or, better said, that one or two finger of his that were all I could get with my little fingers.

When my papa reached his hand (or, rather, two fingers thereof) to me, I grasped them with all the confidence of the little child. And I, so little and defenceless, proudly walked with my papa, who was big and strong; and felt safe, and reassured, and quite in my element.

I don’t know how long those walks were, because I must have been very tiny, and the speed forcibly limited. But I never remember tiring of it. I never remember fatiguing my little arm, for example, though I can still distinctly remember that my hands were so little, that they had quite a solid purchase with only two fingers of his. This is, I think, what happens when you feel, as a child, as happy as a child.

Alas, it seems to me that the same phenomenon is, on a planetary scale, and with some notable variations, going on right now, in the Age of the Chinese Virus.

It seems to me that hundreds of millions of people feel, as I write this, just like little children , and patiently wait for the big, reassuring hand of Dr Fauci, Dr Birx, Andrew Cuomo, Gavin Newsom, Boris Johnson, or even Dementia Joe Biden giving them (pun intended) two fingers and telling them whereto the walk leads: more lockdowns, more misery, more business closures, more quiet desperation, and more suicides.

Being little children – who never had to go through great difficulties in life, or who have forgotten them -, they grasp the two finger of Dr Fauci, or of Creepy President* Biden, and never let go. I don’t think they have much of that confident pride I had when I was walking with my papa (but then my papa loved me, and had my interest at heart); still, they have decided that it is for Fauci and Birx, for Johnson and Biden, for Newsom and Cuomo and Merkel to tell them how miserable they have to be, and they find some reassurance in this.

They seem to think something along the lines of : “I am about to enter month 12 of the lockdown; some of my friends are about to go bankrupt, and the one or other might decide to take the fast way out; but if papa Biden is telling me to walk through a sea of excrement and say nothing at all, there must be a good reason for this”.

Alas, there isn’t.

You aren’t a little child anymore.

And President* Biden is, more likely than not, papa to a drug-addicted pervert.

The President*, The Freaks, And The Parents

It has been only a few days, and it is already clear that Joe Biden’s stolen Presidency will be high in entertainment value, albeit you will need a strong sense of humour to see the comical behind the real tragedies.

Put yourself in the shoes of countless girls working very hard to excel in athletics. They are disciplined, motivated, aware of the sacrifices they need to make. They are willing to sacrifice time and effort to test their limits. They naturally expect a level playing field, and a fundamental fairness in the way they are treated and their performance measured.

Alas, this is not happening now. Creepy Joe is President*, you see.

As one of the first acts of his stolen Presidency*, Creepy Joe decided to allow men to compete with women, provided these men say that they think they are actually women and take, I suppose, the one or other hormone to make themselves as monstrous as possible, whilst remaining men. Some of them might even horribly mutilate themselves, at which point they will still be, as you rightly guessed, horribly mutilated men.

Against these men, with their naturally stronger muscular mass, the young girls must now compete and, unavoidably, lose. Ceteris paribus, the naturally stronger physical structure of the man will perforce prevail.

There aren’t many of those freaks around, you might say. However, those freaks will rapidly excel in their discipline. The girl who worked very hard at her, say, running skills might not compete agsinst them at the local level, but will unavoidably find them, and lose against them, at higher level competitions at County and State level. All that work, only to be told that they are sorry, but she will have to get to grips with the concept that, being born a woman, she is not allowed to excel in women’s sports.

I have some symphaty with the girl if she is the hard-working, disciplined young woman embracing the conservative values of hard work, sacrifice, discipline, and fairness, and knowing nothing of men who think they are women.

I have no symphaty at all, and actually rejoice in their suffering as a mother or father, for all the parents of the above mentioned girls, who voted for Joe Biden.

They have made their bed. They should lie in it.

I hope it will be very uncomfortable.

Elections Have Consequences

New Mexico is now getting a dose of its own Biden medicine, after Thieving Joe ordered a 60 days moratorium on the oil and gas leases on (as I understand it) federally owned land. I can easily imagine that this will not stop at 60 days.

Can’t say I am very sad.

I am, of course, sad for all those who will lose their job and voted for Trump.

However, I am not sad, at all, for all others inhabitants of new Mexico, including:

  1. Those who chose to stay at home, because who cares,
  2. The enviro-nutty sons and daughters of those who will lose their job, and will see a sizeable chunk of their standard of living go to the dogs in the next months
  3. Those who vote for Biden “because I am a Democrat”; and, most of all,
  4. Those who voted for Biden “because I don’t like Trump’s Tweets”

The fact is, elections have consequences. You can’t think you will look good in the voting booth and your childish attitude will not bite you in the end. There is a price to pay for this kind of stupid posturing.

You would think that in a State like New Mexico, where energy is a big, and growing, part of the local economy, an awful lot of people would give precedence to what is important rather than to signal virtue with one’s own Facebook friends. It did not happen, and the bill was very fast in coming. Ouch!

I think I will write more than a couple of these posts in the years to come. It is necessary that people get to feel on their own skin what happens when they put their childish feelings before common sense and adult thinking.

In the next years, whenever you know from someone who lost his job, I suggest that you ask, as the very first reaction: “how did you vote in 2020?”. If the question comes, “why do you ask?”, feel free to answer:

“in order to know if I feel sorry for you”.

Improbable Allies

Are you worried for the future of the First Amendment in the United States? Do you fear the attack on your religious freedom from the Tech Lords? Can you foresee Big Tech trying to shut you up, or make it impossible for your children to go to a decent school, if you profess your Catholic beliefs?

Well, you might just have found an improbable ally.

The EU appears to be moving towards demanding that Biden starts a credible regulating regime on Big Tech, or they will be doing it themselves.

Look, for a moment, beyond the Anti-Trump rhetoric of Von der Leyen and her ilk. Forget, for a minute, the despicable contempt for half of the United States. Focus, instead, on the following words after President Trump was banned from Twitter:

such serious interference with freedom of expression should be based on laws and not on company rules. It should be based on decisions of politicians and parliaments and not of Silicon Valley managers.”

Do not underestimate the reach of these words: a President of the European Commission tends to use such words only when a decision has been made, and a plan of action has been outlined.

Also, do not underestimate the mistrust of the European Union for big American corporations. I remember their confrontation with Microsoft at the beginning of the Century, and Microsoft would certainly have wanted to avoid that. Despise the EU as much as you want (I do!), but make no mistake: they know how to bite.

The concept of freedom of expression that Van der Leyen expresses is, for those of you who don’t know, even stronger in Europe than it is in the US. For the moment, and with some notable exceptions, you can say that, in Europe, no one can be fired not only by his own Government, but by his own private employer, for expressing his opinion. There are some exceptions because of particular rules ( I remember the time Caritas Deutschland, a Catholic organisation, fired a guy for professing his atheism. They won in court. I wonder how that would end now….), but you get my drift. This might change in some way and you never know how stupid European voters may become (see: so-called “hate” legislation). However, one thing seems clear: any deterioration of European rights will be driven by their own elected representatives (who are elected in serious election; nowehere, in Europe, are there third world-style elections like in the USA), not by the power of big corporations.

To this, you must add a cultural element that many of my American readers (the vast majority of the total) might not entirely grasp: the great satisfaction European politicians have every time they can punch their bigger cousin in the face. We have seen this in the past, and we will, I think, see it again now.

EU politicians are, far too often, biased unChristian operatives.

But their understanding of Freedom still wildly surpasses the one of the Zuckerbergs and Dorseys of the world.

Looking The Other Way: The Child Hair-Sniffing Usurper, His Drug-Addicted Son, The Niece He Is Not Allowed To See, And The Circus Tool Who Represents Them All.

I am trying, just to preserve my liver for some days, not to read what kind of stupid gestures, or more than gestures, Biden’s handlers will put in place in the first usurped days in his usurped office. However, one thing I have not been able to escape.

Remember the Pennsylvania trannie I wrote about several weeks ago? The one who released safe orgy instructions? Well, from what I understand he is now a full-fledged member of the Biden Government, with an undersecretary, or so, function.

Please don’t make me look. I don’t want to see that face again.

We see here the gender madness at work. The man has, no doubt, got his job exactly because he thinks he is a woman. He is the poster-lunatic of the new government; and, in fact, I think that he represents the Usurper Troops quite well: ugly, pathetic, sad circus tools, all of them.

It is also not, I think, entirely coincidental that the First Trannie (I wonder if Jill is jealous) should have come from such an administration; an administration led by a child hair sniffer whose wife has forbidden her drug-addicted son to spend time with her niece. Honestly, I think that a deeper look at the Biden family would reveal stuff that perfectly rival, perhaps even surpass (if that is possible) the abomination of tranniedom.

This is interesting, also, for a different reason. It is as if the Good Lord, in His goodness, did not cease to allow Democrat supporters to open their eyes on what is going on here: the clear satanical influence on this administration. The signals abound that no decent person, no matter how misguided his (initially) honest intentions might be, should identify himself with these people. The ugliness of their souls stares their voters in the face.

Will they look? Or will they just shrug this off their shoulders and discount it as a stunt for which they don’t care; a media trick meant to win the approval of people they don’t like, but merely tolerate? There must be an awful, awful lot of these people – outside of the coastal cities, where perversion is more openly “celebrated” – who look at this and simply decide that it is better to look the other way. Still, their own new administration makes it more and more difficult for them to ignore what is going on here. They will not be able to ignore for long. They should not think that they will not be punished if they do.

I have written it several times, and I repeat it here: it is impossible that in Sodom everybody was a pillow-biter. If that had been the case, the place would have been empty way before God’s punishment. What was, evidently, going on was widespread perversion, universally accepted. Still, the punishment was given to all, the doers as well as the enablers.

It comes, I think, the point where silence is complicity, and people will be judged according to the abominations they have allowed to happen and to be “celebrated”.

Of The Fraudsters, By the Fraudsters, And Against The People

You remember “of the people, by the people, and for the people”?

Well, no more.

The Government that is about to be inaugurated is of the fraudsters, by the fraudsters, and against the people.

Cue the 25,000 armed soldiers who will protect the Usurper on the day of his inauguration. A stunning, stunning show of fear.

I make a very easy prediction: Joe Biden will have a Presidency forever marked (even in 100, or 300 years; even if there will be no United States anymore by then) by the fraud that gave rise to it. He will live in fear of being assassinated by some simple member of the public who just can’t stand the fraud, decides that to pull a John Wilkes Booth on him is better than to keep living and somehow gets lucky. He will be fighting against the massive asterisks on his fraudulent Presidency as he struggles to remember his name, his wife, and his job. He will not know if he will be remember more for his being a clown or for his being an usurper. Heck, he will be afraid of his own security detail.

The veritable army (25,000 soldiers) called to protect him has been specially vetted to avoid the risk of any of them shooting at him, instead of protecting him. This is how deep the fear goes.

It is not only that the Emperor has no clothes.

The Emperor knows that he is an usurper, and he lives in fear of those near him.

Enjoy this, Creepy Joe.

The days of sniffing are over. The days of fear are now your own.

NeverNormal: Lincoln Project Co-Founder Pulls A Spacey

Well, this is interesting.

John Weaver, a Co-Founder of the utterly despicable Benedict Arnold Club, aka Project Lincoln, is accused of molesting dozen of… young men.

Come again?

Boy (no pun intended), this is bad on so many levels!

Guy is married, with children. First-class lying pervert with a double life, then. He is also deep in the Trump destroying machine, which again shows the moral integrity of these people. Finally, he was an adviser of John McCain, who was basically the second coming of Judas.

It really makes for a pretty picture. The guy has now pulled a Spacey and has decided to “come out”, possibly hoping in some sympathy from that bunch of fairies at the MSM. I really hope his sons already had “gay friends” (very fashionable nowadays, I am told), because now they have one much closer to them.


  1. How much did the Lincoln Project know? It takes a while to harass dozens of young.. men. It’s not something that just explodes one day without, very likely, people around the perpetrator having more than an inkling about what’s happening.
  2. How much did John McCain know? This was, I am told, a long-time collaborator of his. That’s an awful lot of time together. Nicht wahr, Herr Judas?
  3. What does “gay” mean? Happy, Debonair? Well this guy certainly isn’t. He is a rather miserable serial liar. Oh, and a sodomite to boot. He should use it to try a career in the Democrat party; or perhaps he should just try to become Lindsay Graham’s successor in 6 years’ time, so no one is shocked.
  4. It really seems that there are a number of these people in the buildings that count. Why are so many persuaded that Qanon is just a purveyor of lies? It seems to me that they point out to something quite real.
  5. How do these people, who are closeted pillow-biters, influence the policy at high level in the Republican party? How many of them are around? How can we be sure that there isn’t an army of closeted fudge-packers infiltrating the top of the Republican hierarchy? (Note, for Democrats we already know: just look at Obama!).

I will try to follow this matter with due attention. I think it could get much worse than “inappropriate” text messages for this guy.

I would love, LOVE to read his tweets about Trump!!

The Salem Witch Trials, Revisited

The Second Shampeachment put to shame even the ridicule of the first.

With no debate, no real discussion of evidence, and no semblance of even a normal procedure, the Democrats have decided to conclude the steal of a great Presidency with a Stalinist or, rather, Salem Witch Trial the like of which would have been considered a joke worthy of the Babylon Bee only two years ago.

We see again the way these things work. A first shampeachment create a precedent. The first “impeachment” proceeding showed that Democrats don’t need any proof of what they allege. They will make a little Kabuki theater, get a vote, and try to milk it for all it’s worth. Once the first hurdle has been taken down, and the fear of retribution for a stolen election grows, a second theater is started, by which there is no time or will to even proceed with the actual motions.

I have written in the past, and remain persuaded, that this scandalous witch hunt is made not to damage Trump (who is, actually, made stronger by it), but McConnell & Co. or, we should say, the institutional RINO party. The unwavering popularity of Trump, the amount of the anger, and the strength of the movement Trump has created on the basis of the Tea Party, will now engender a long battle with the RINOs for the control of the people that were, one day, called “conservative”, before shameless clowns made of the word a byword for “traitor”. Pelosi and her ilk of thieving bastards know this, and do not hesitate to drag their institutions in the dirt in order to achieve their goal. Plus, they desire to send a simple message to everyone who would think to continue Trump’s politic but is not a Billionaire: you will be crushed.

In time, there will be a reaction. In fact, we might see the reaction already beginning to start as another witch hunt, Big Tech’s persecution of Wrongthink, is starting to be more closely scrutinised in other Countries, like Poland; showing, once again, that those who came out of Communism understand liberty, and the threats to it, much better than the others.

For the moment, this simple consideration can be made: that the Democrat Party is run by people who do not hesitate to trample the Institutions of their great Country for the sake of a short-term political advantage. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will go down in history as shameless manipulators of gullible electors, the Carpetbaggers of the attempted post-Trump “Reconstruction” era.

Like the “Reconstruction”, they will fail.

Americans aren’t, as a whole, so easily swayed by witch trials.


It is an obvious consideration that what people are ready to give up at the first obstacle, was not so important to them in the first place.

Let us take the United Kingdom and the elections. Last year, the elections for London Mayor were postponed for one year.

Imagine that. Imagine, for a moment, Trump saying that, due to the Chinese Virus, the US Presidential elections would now take place in… November 2021. Unthinkable, and yet carried out, in the case of London, without much noise. Mind, the Mayor of London is the totally despicable Mr Khan, a mean who redefined the meaning of “failure” and a member of the Labour Party. Therefore, Boris Johnson knew he would not be accused of steering the Country towards a self-serving decision. However, the main issue was happily ignored by most: it’s not about whether the decision is self-serving, it’s about whether you believe in Democracy. To decide that one can go to buy groceries, but cannot go to vote, was a perfect example of the deterioration of the popular support for Democracy in the UK. The vote, the very foundation of British political institutions, was deemed less important than virtue signalling on a (very) nasty flu.

A very similar situation happened with the Mass. When churches were shut down all over the Country, and all over the West, there wasn’t much opposition at all from our heroic Bishops. I suspect Francis was even happy! As in the case of the vote, our clergy showed where their priorities lie. To sacrifice the Mass to the desire to appear “caring” and “concerned” is another blatant example of what is important to the Church of the XXI Century; and no, it is not Christ.

What is deemed not important is easily sacrificed. The very tepid churchgoer starts drifting out of the Church by deciding, at the very first sign of headache, or in case of rain, that he is not fit – or the weather is too bad – to attend. He will, methinks, barely stop and reflect about the very many other things which he likes to do, and by which neither rain or light headaches can hope to stop him. Similarly, the distracted voter, for which voting is a chore rather than a right bought at the price of blood, and to be defended at all times no matter the price in blood, will start to even clamour for the suspension of such an important right, because health.

We are losing the proper understanding of the very concept of democracy. We are losing the proper understanding of the very concept of Eucharist.

We are even losing the right to get out of our home for a walk.

We risk, as a whole, to see our religion and our rights sacrificed to the man-made deities of the XXI Century: health and, even more importantly, virtue signaling. This is what people do when they don’t believe in heaven, don’t believe in Democracy, and don’t believe in basic freedoms.

Our beliefs drive our actions. Our Bishops, and our elected representatives, have showed to us where their beliefs lie.

The saddest thing is that most of their voters, and faithful, actually agree with them.

Playing With Fire

Nancy Pelosi’s pathetic attempt to have Donald Trump removed via 25th amendment has predictably been shot down. This isn’t even good news. It merely indicates that some brains are still functioning in Congress. Still, let us see the motivations of that woman.

Pelosi wants to be seen to try to destroy Trump’s reputation as much as she can. Impeachment, or removal, or whatever comes next, everything will go. Her play is, I think, more sophisticated than just angering Trump with something with no chance of success at all. I think what she wants to achieve is different and it is the following:

  1. Pander to her extremist base. The woman’s district is in San Francisco, a very leftist constituency. She knows that she can be AOC’d very fast unless she begins to show what a great $30k-fridge warrior she is, and how her family’s $160M+ wealth make her an ideal representative of the “downtrodden”. She is willing to throw mud over the institution of the Presidency (and over a great man himself) in order to score some cheap political points.
  2. Divide the Republican Party. In the same way as the Democrats are two parties (the traditional Democrats and the Socialists/Communists), the Republican are two parties (the Deplorables and the RINOs). Any attack on Trump will galvanise the Trump troops, and make McConnell and the others look weak, or sold, or dumb. It is in her interest to cause many of the new Republican voters of the Trump coalition either to exit (again) political life, or to vote against the McConnells of this world. This is, I think, no bad development. I do think that the career of everybody who has betrayed Trump should be terminated: in the Primaries if possible, on election day if not. I order to do this, we need a strong Trump movement. Nothing better for it than another attempt at impeachment. I think Pelosi knows this. I think she wants to do it because it makes McConnell weak.
  3. She wants to send a mafia-like message to Republicans. Anybody who tries to continue on Trump’s trajectory will be treated in a similar way; but, not being a Billionaire, will be dispatched very easily. This is not about what she can do to Trump. This is about what the Dems and their media and technology accomplices can do to everybody.

Will the Evil Woman succeed? I don’t know, but I think that she has been, on the whole, shortsighted on impeachment; something which, I think, was due exclusively to reason number 1 above, and almost cost her the job. She plays a dangerous game of stoking the flames, and I seem to remember that such games tend to work very well, in time, against those who start them.

What Pelosi made plausible today, AOC or someone like her might use against Pelosi tomorrow.

You should not play with fire.

The United Oligarchs of America

In the last days, the real winners of these elections have really thrown away the mask and showed to everyone who has won, and who the new rulers are.

It is scandalous, unprecedented enough that they dared to ban the President of the United States for… wrongthink. Still, they went further.

The obvious play now is the total cancellation of unwanted opinions from the public square. The way Parler is being openly targeted, and the banning of Steve Bannon from Youtube, is an all too obvious indication of where this is going.

“We won, we rule, and we will not tolerate dissent” is the clear message that has gone out. This is, of course, done with the ways of the XXI Century (“danger of violence”, “violation of our terms of service” etc.), but the intent and the substance are exactly the same.

There are several reasons why the Oligarchs do this. At a superficial level, it is the desire to virtue signal, which looks good on multibillionaires. It also ensures smooth operations when their companies are full of deranged liberals. At a deeper level, it is a bold (but not unexpected) offensive move in the presence of a now real threat of deeper regulation, or utter break up. The threat is to Democrats as well as Republicans. “Don’t you dare touch us” is the message.

It is, to make a comparison, as if Standard Oil would make clear that they will spend whatever it needs to be spent to further the careers of their allies, and everyone who dissents will see his opponent drowned in campaign money and his own political career annihilated.

But it is, horrible as that sounds, even worse than that. Facebook is now openly cancelling accounts of common people, of private accounts of people culpable of having worked with President Trump. This goes straight at people’s private lives, ability to communicate, and social relations.

To make another comparison, it is as if AT&T threatened to cut the phone line of whoever dares to make himself culpable of wrongthink, or Standard Oil would say that you will not be allowed to get petrol unless they decide you are a worthy sheep.

As in the cases of Standard Oil or AT&T, the fact that these are private companies is no excuse. Their role in the functioning of every Western democracy has become so important that they simply cannot be left free to decide to whom they want to offer their services. It also beggars belief that in an age which believes that a baker should be *obliged* to bake a homosexualist cake, when there are thousands of other opportunity to get the cake out there, Facebook, Twitter and Google should go straight at the jugular of people’s livelihood, private life, and ability to get information.

“But Mundabor, Mundabor” – You might say – “You are not on Facebook or twitter, either! Yet, you seem to do fine!”

Well, yes and no.

Firstly, I *choose* to be neither on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube, in the same way as I *choose* not to drive on motorways if I can. But this does not mean that myself, or anybody else, should be *prevented* from doing so, then the prohibition impacts in a very immediate way my and their ability to move and communicate.

Secondly, whilst I am not on Twitter, or Facebook, or YouTube, I get a lot of information from there. For example, I can access Donald Trump’s tweets both directly (with a simple browser) and indirectly (by reading articles that comment on news appeared on Trump’s account, or on any other Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube account). Twitter, Youtube, Facebook are where things happen nowadays, they are the way information is exchanged. To prevent me from accessing this information is to censor opinions, pure and simple.

So, where do we go from here?

We are now at the point where not only the US Government, but all other Western Governments need to start paying attention, and curb the immense power of these organisations. Unless they have gone totally bonkers (which I don’t think they are; they just pretend to be outraged because they are terrified of Trump Post-Steal), even the Democrats must realise that they will soon be enslaved by their new masters, and that their masters will not be shy in crushing them if they refuse to work on their cotton plantation.

Example: if the Facebook or Twitter desktop warriors decide that AOC is the future and Nancy Pelosi is a dangerous Neonazi (not much wrong with the last statement; but humour me for the moment…) , Zuck & Co will be under great pressure to act and cut Pelosi out, even if only in order to be able to keep having sex with their, no doubt, bitchy liberal wives.

This will go through all levels of local politics, too. I am fully persuaded that the RINO traitors in the leegislative chambers of MI, PA, WI, AZ and other states chose to ignore the evidence, well knowing that the Oligarchs will be grateful to them in time. When they retire or get kicked out, there will be no lack of extremely lucrative consultancy deals for them, their near relatives, their friends, even their mistresses. What has happened in 2020 in a handful of State will happen, starting in 2021, on many more occasions.

You are not against banning AR-15? Banned for potential incitation to violence.

You are not in favour of homo-unions, and of children being castrated? Banned for violation of human rights.

You think that people should be free to go to Church? Banned for endangering public safety.

You think that Joe Biden stole an election and got away with it? Banned for seditious activity.

The list can go on and on and on, and it will contain a lot of Democrats, too.

It is time for the Democrats to really wake up.

The Deplorables, they are already awake.

45 – A Post Mortem

As the Trump Presidency goes to an unmerited end, I think that we should make some reflections about what went right, and wrong, in his very particular way of doing things.

We all know what went right, and history will be, when the current crop of bastard journalists and historians die, be very benign to this man and his Presidency. Successful Presidents like Taft only served one term. Theodore Roosevelt won only one election. Grover Cleveland failed to be reelected (first attempt!) The list of Trumps’ accomplishments is very long: from the rejection of the Paris Agreement to the Wall, from the destruction of ISIS to the tax reform, and from the end of NAFTA to the booming markets, this guy was just amazing.

What could have been done better, or at least differently? I dare to make a couple of considerations. Again, this should not be considered a real criticism of the greatest president after Ronald Reagan. Merely a sort of note for future years.

As a rule, I think we can say this: that Trump was too much of a New Yorker. His “New York Values” moved with him in the White House on day one in form of, first of all, Jared and Ivanka.

“Jaranka” is, I think, at the root of other unforced errors he made: the horrible personnel choices particularly in the first two years; the sleeping on the Wall for, again, two years; the lack of attention to homosexualist issues; these and other mistakes like this one (the indecisiveness on the illegals, the inaction on Twitter and Facebook until it was too late, or the bump stock ban come to mind) reflect the mindset of a man who is evolving toward the right values, but is not quite there. Basically, Trump went out of New York, but New York never fully went out of Trump. Whilst a Ronald Reagan had the right stuff running through his veins, Trump was, in the literal sense, a (brilliantly) recovering Democrat. This is a particularly interesting comparison, because both left the Democrat party. Still, one did it because the party veered to the left and went away from him; the other did it because the party he had always supported was not able to help him push the populist agenda he had in mind. 

Another big pass was on Big Tech. Whilst many decried the danger represented by Google, Facebook and Twitter, Trump barked a lot, but did little. In fact, he never even left his Twitter account, when he could have given a big dent to Twitter’s power just by leaving them and choosing a different platform. Guess what? Facebook banned him (I think for life) yesterday. Twitter can’t be far behind.

Welcome to the world of tech giants dominating the Country, Mr Trump. Did you think this would never happen?

I know, Trump was distracted by the impeachment attempt. But again, if he had built the wall in the first two years, I think it can be safely said that the impeachment would not have happened, period. 

The last observation that I want to make is that the boisterous nature of Trump went, at times, a bit too far. I loved the assertiveness on social media. But I have already complained about the whining transpiring from some of his tweets. We also had another example only on the 6th, when he made an extremely combative, wonderful speech, and his relatives assured everybody the fight was just starting, only to throw in the towel hours later.

In my world, if you bark, you bite. Right or wrong, Lincoln had the guts to invade Maryland and occupy their Congress in order to avoid risking their secession. I think he also had two Governors arrested. Trump should have been ready to have Governors arrested, declare a partial martial law, have the matter sorted the hard way and let the chips fall where they may; or, alternatively, he should have been wiser in being more cautious in his public statements. It’s not good when a President promises you wonderful events for a week that basically starts with him losing. 

We are now entering the Age Of Fraud.

I hope it means, as a little consolation, the end for an entire generation of traitors.

Pray for this man; who, with all his shortcomings, was the greatest thing God gave to the United States and the West in a long time.




The Greatest Steal Ever

Trump has just thrown in the towel, and I feel I need to make some observations.

  1. Never in my life have I seen, in a First World Country, what I have seen happening with this election. It beggars belief that an advanced Country like the US is a Banana Republic in the way it conducts elections.
  2. The Democratic Party is the most anti-democratic, illiberal criminal organisation existing in the Free West. In order to find something comparable, I need to go back to the old Italian Communist Party of the Seventies and beginning of the Eighties. Dastardly sons of a bitch, these and those.
  3. The betrayal of the American People would not have been possible without the corruption, the scandalous “FOR SALE” sign of so many elected representatives of the Republicans. I hope the American people take note of this, because it does not make sense to vote for a corrupted official that is merely a tad less bastard than those on the other side. Loeffler and Perdue have got a taste of this yesterday. I am persuaded that their loss was also due to fraud (when you don’t check signatures, you are in Venezuela), but there is no denying that many Republicans have chosen to show two fingers to these despicable individuals, who will now – whatever they may hope – be fully and entirely forgotten.
  4. Unless this changes very fast, I see dark days in the future of the United States. The turmoil yesterday in Washington is just a foretaste of what could happen if the Democrats keep stealing elections; and why wouldn’t they, if they get away with it and their Republican colleagues applaud them, hoping to land lucrative consultancies with Facebook, Twitter or Google for their relatives and dear ones?
  5. I do not think that the world is ending. I do not think that the Commies are coming. But I think that the United States are entering a phase of dangerous conflict between the people and the tech oligarchs who, as it is now clear, run them through the Democrats.

This is a very sad day, but it is clearly not the end. And no, Trump will not win in 2024, and I hope he runs only to prevent the victory of another RINO, just as Theodore Roosevelt did in 1912. Unless the Democrats starts being afraid of hanging from trees in 2022, 2024 or 2028, and decide to go back to halfway regular elections, they will, from now on, win every election they feel they can get away with. This is the new reality on the ground. Get accustomed to it.

I think I should say two words about Trump, too, but this is not the moment. Perhaps in a quieter day.

Keep praying, and keep being confident that, however things go in this vale of tears, Christ’s victory is always assured.

The Unreal World Of US Legislators

Seen from the other side of the Pond, what is happening in the United States is nothing less than historically scandalous.

I do not remember any election, all over the Western world, that had such a (literally) truckload evidence of ballot stuffing in many different ways.

I cannot imagine any Western European Country in which 1) these things happen, and 2) these things go unpunished.

What I can see instead, is a shameful attempt at stealing the election, accompanied by the stupidest excuses for not acting: courts who do not want to decide, State Legislators who do not want to use their powers and, incredibile dictu, possibly even a Vice President too weak to make a historic, certainly controversial, but absolutely due decision.

At last count, at least, many US congressmen (140) and a bunch of Senators (7 to 12) had begun to wake up and ask that the certification of the fake electors be blocked or delayed. It’s a bizarro world, where people act, in front of the obvious evidence, only doing as little as possible and as late as possible (make no mistake, this is what is happening here), and hope that they will be able to say, after the fact, “we tried, but there was no time”, or “we tried and we did not succeed”. It’s also a bizarro world, where 140 (weak) US congressmen still appear to have more testicular fortitude than Michael Pence, and a man who has been a solid ally of President Trump appears now to be the biggest obstacle to Trump’s due, deserved, and obtained victory, “by a lot”.

I listen to Steve Bannon and I do not see any residual play mentioned if the worst happens and, on the 6th, or shortly later, Pence certifies. At that point, I fear that President Trump would be the last line of defence, and I doubt he would do what, frankly, I think he should do.

I also remind my reader that the 20th January is not set in stone, and that, if this were so, it would be more reason for Trump not to go on that day. President Hayes was sworn in March 1877, after an election just as contested as this one.

This idea that one parties tries to steal the election and everybody accepts this as fact because “there is no time” is the most bizarre element of these most bizarre two months.

We need to keep praying.

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