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The Unreal World Of US Legislators

Seen from the other side of the Pond, what is happening in the United States is nothing less than historically scandalous.

I do not remember any election, all over the Western world, that had such a (literally) truckload evidence of ballot stuffing in many different ways.

I cannot imagine any Western European Country in which 1) these things happen, and 2) these things go unpunished.

What I can see instead, is a shameful attempt at stealing the election, accompanied by the stupidest excuses for not acting: courts who do not want to decide, State Legislators who do not want to use their powers and, incredibile dictu, possibly even a Vice President too weak to make a historic, certainly controversial, but absolutely due decision.

At last count, at least, many US congressmen (140) and a bunch of Senators (7 to 12) had begun to wake up and ask that the certification of the fake electors be blocked or delayed. It’s a bizarro world, where people act, in front of the obvious evidence, only doing as little as possible and as late as possible (make no mistake, this is what is happening here), and hope that they will be able to say, after the fact, “we tried, but there was no time”, or “we tried and we did not succeed”. It’s also a bizarro world, where 140 (weak) US congressmen still appear to have more testicular fortitude than Michael Pence, and a man who has been a solid ally of President Trump appears now to be the biggest obstacle to Trump’s due, deserved, and obtained victory, “by a lot”.

I listen to Steve Bannon and I do not see any residual play mentioned if the worst happens and, on the 6th, or shortly later, Pence certifies. At that point, I fear that President Trump would be the last line of defence, and I doubt he would do what, frankly, I think he should do.

I also remind my reader that the 20th January is not set in stone, and that, if this were so, it would be more reason for Trump not to go on that day. President Hayes was sworn in March 1877, after an election just as contested as this one.

This idea that one parties tries to steal the election and everybody accepts this as fact because “there is no time” is the most bizarre element of these most bizarre two months.

We need to keep praying.

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