The Greatest Steal Ever

Trump has just thrown in the towel, and I feel I need to make some observations.

  1. Never in my life have I seen, in a First World Country, what I have seen happening with this election. It beggars belief that an advanced Country like the US is a Banana Republic in the way it conducts elections.
  2. The Democratic Party is the most anti-democratic, illiberal criminal organisation existing in the Free West. In order to find something comparable, I need to go back to the old Italian Communist Party of the Seventies and beginning of the Eighties. Dastardly sons of a bitch, these and those.
  3. The betrayal of the American People would not have been possible without the corruption, the scandalous “FOR SALE” sign of so many elected representatives of the Republicans. I hope the American people take note of this, because it does not make sense to vote for a corrupted official that is merely a tad less bastard than those on the other side. Loeffler and Perdue have got a taste of this yesterday. I am persuaded that their loss was also due to fraud (when you don’t check signatures, you are in Venezuela), but there is no denying that many Republicans have chosen to show two fingers to these despicable individuals, who will now – whatever they may hope – be fully and entirely forgotten.
  4. Unless this changes very fast, I see dark days in the future of the United States. The turmoil yesterday in Washington is just a foretaste of what could happen if the Democrats keep stealing elections; and why wouldn’t they, if they get away with it and their Republican colleagues applaud them, hoping to land lucrative consultancies with Facebook, Twitter or Google for their relatives and dear ones?
  5. I do not think that the world is ending. I do not think that the Commies are coming. But I think that the United States are entering a phase of dangerous conflict between the people and the tech oligarchs who, as it is now clear, run them through the Democrats.

This is a very sad day, but it is clearly not the end. And no, Trump will not win in 2024, and I hope he runs only to prevent the victory of another RINO, just as Theodore Roosevelt did in 1912. Unless the Democrats starts being afraid of hanging from trees in 2022, 2024 or 2028, and decide to go back to halfway regular elections, they will, from now on, win every election they feel they can get away with. This is the new reality on the ground. Get accustomed to it.

I think I should say two words about Trump, too, but this is not the moment. Perhaps in a quieter day.

Keep praying, and keep being confident that, however things go in this vale of tears, Christ’s victory is always assured.

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  1. Dear Mundabor,

    No, I think something’s big going on behind the scenes that the public is unaware of.

    Trump has 12 days to do what he needs to do – use those executive orders he signed (the latest one only signed a couple of weeks ago was for executions by firing squad). The grassroots military is right behind him ready to follow them through. Do watch this video…

    All is not lost. I believe Trump’s has everything in hand.

  2. Thanks Mundabor. I won’t lie, it’s devastating. I would say most are in shock still, and we will probably remain there for some time. But cold, hard reality is coming, we know it.
    The Democrat leaders are evil, through and through. The Democrat voters are evil or idealistic and naive. If we had a pope, this would not have happened, we would not have lost our nation, because Catholics voted for Biden, although all indications are Trump won by a landslide and the votes were easily transferred or created for Biden. The Democrats have now mastered the art of the steal. They have spent the last 5 years attacking our president and making Americans generally miserable. They are truly a despicable bunch, and now they have full power and control. The inmates really are running the asylum now.
    I despise the Democrats, but I loathe the Republicans.
    I have voted all my life, since I was old enough. For as long as I can remember those votes went to Republicans, although I was young and stupid once, so I can’t say for sure. But I may not only never vote again, but do not at this moment believe I will vote for any Republican. I do not believe any vote matters now, we are truly a Banana Republic, and I have had that proven to me, along with 75 million of my closest friends. I am going to go, at the first opportunity, to de-list myself as a Republican, at our town hall, and while I will register as an Independent, it almost matters not. At this moment I have no desire to ever vote again. This election was clearly stolen, and not only America sees it, the whole world sees it. China is delighted, they now have carte blanche in America, we are up for sale.
    We had the greatest president ever, beloved by millions of Americans. An outsider, brash, wildly successful, he cared deeply about America and Americans. We would have preferred he go balls to the wall, frankly. Nobody should want violence, but tea parties don’t stop coups or revolutions, and if our founders had acted like these womanly Republicans, we’d still be fighting England over tea taxes. I daresay, Republican politicians have no idea yet the hurt they have put on themselves. Mittens Romney thinks that airport experience was bad? These people are unlikely to see office again. At this point in time, and it shocks ME to say it, I’d consider voting DEMOCRAT to make sure these traitors get bounced out of office at the first possible opportunity. Losing your country can give you an edge.
    God help us, and God be with us. We are going to need God more than ever before. Maybe that is why He allowed it to happen.

  3. DJT did not concede!

    • He agreed to leave the White House.
      They win. We lose. As he admitted he was going (rather than, say, invoking emergency powers and staying in), he admitted defeat.

  4. sunnyfolklore33

    Dear Mundabor,

    The dark days are here alright. No one who supports the unborn or religious liberty will be able to achieve high office from now on since the fraudulent election result was sustained. It is very painful to me to see the man who has done so much for our nation, undone by criminals and the cowardice of his own party. It is a wound in my heart. However, none of this would be possible if the populace of the US had not sunk to a level of immorality and spiritual blindness that is unsustainable for a democracy.

  5. You are right: now is not the moment. I am nearly speechless after yesterday’s debacle. I look forward to your commentary after I have had time to recognize what has happened and try to comer to terms with it. For now, for me, prayers are in order. And I pray for you and for the readers of your posts.

  6. I should correct: ‘come to terms’, and add after pray for the readers: ‘and for President Trump and our country.’

  7. See my post that you chose not to publish.
    The agenda is control. The republicans are “place holders” and the democrats actors.
    When the democrats pass some exceedingly abominable legislation that the public could not stand the republcans would rale against it, gnashing their teeth and swearing that if they were in power (even if they are) they would abolish it. (See 0bominablecare.) Once elected the republicans do nothing, acting as ‘place holders’ until the democrats come back into power because the voters are disgusted with the useless frepublican apathy. The dems then pass new, worse legislation and the republicans complain. That is the way it was.
    Trump tried to overthrow this system and so both parties and all the sycophants attacked him. He is so popular, in fact, that the only chance was to defeat him with blatant and transparent fraud that the system itself condoned.

  8. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us. The chastisement is begun.

  9. What is not recognized overseas is that this is a corporative coup against the American people.

    Our right to vote was destroyed in this last election. This was to have taken place in 2016 but Trump threw a monkey wrench into all their plans.

    There is no longer any United States of America it is part of the corporate states of the New world order. We have no freedoms here media has replaced our right to free speech with its false propaganda that our beloved president Donald J Trump labeled as fake news.

    God bless and pray for president Donald J Trump a very great man. What strength! What integrity! What truthfulness! What a calm demeanor. What self-control! he did it all alone and was betrayed by the Republican party in the United States of America.

    There is no opposition party anywhere in the world to this corporatism.

    • Please.
      Listening to those like you, the United States already died in 1976, 1992, 1996, 2008 and 2012.
      It’s a worrying development, but a strong Country has the force to get out of it.

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