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45 – A Post Mortem

As the Trump Presidency goes to an unmerited end, I think that we should make some reflections about what went right, and wrong, in his very particular way of doing things.

We all know what went right, and history will be, when the current crop of bastard journalists and historians die, be very benign to this man and his Presidency. Successful Presidents like Taft only served one term. Theodore Roosevelt won only one election. Grover Cleveland failed to be reelected (first attempt!) The list of Trumps’ accomplishments is very long: from the rejection of the Paris Agreement to the Wall, from the destruction of ISIS to the tax reform, and from the end of NAFTA to the booming markets, this guy was just amazing.

What could have been done better, or at least differently? I dare to make a couple of considerations. Again, this should not be considered a real criticism of the greatest president after Ronald Reagan. Merely a sort of note for future years.

As a rule, I think we can say this: that Trump was too much of a New Yorker. His “New York Values” moved with him in the White House on day one in form of, first of all, Jared and Ivanka.

“Jaranka” is, I think, at the root of other unforced errors he made: the horrible personnel choices particularly in the first two years; the sleeping on the Wall for, again, two years; the lack of attention to homosexualist issues; these and other mistakes like this one (the indecisiveness on the illegals, the inaction on Twitter and Facebook until it was too late, or the bump stock ban come to mind) reflect the mindset of a man who is evolving toward the right values, but is not quite there. Basically, Trump went out of New York, but New York never fully went out of Trump. Whilst a Ronald Reagan had the right stuff running through his veins, Trump was, in the literal sense, a (brilliantly) recovering Democrat. This is a particularly interesting comparison, because both left the Democrat party. Still, one did it because the party veered to the left and went away from him; the other did it because the party he had always supported was not able to help him push the populist agenda he had in mind. 

Another big pass was on Big Tech. Whilst many decried the danger represented by Google, Facebook and Twitter, Trump barked a lot, but did little. In fact, he never even left his Twitter account, when he could have given a big dent to Twitter’s power just by leaving them and choosing a different platform. Guess what? Facebook banned him (I think for life) yesterday. Twitter can’t be far behind.

Welcome to the world of tech giants dominating the Country, Mr Trump. Did you think this would never happen?

I know, Trump was distracted by the impeachment attempt. But again, if he had built the wall in the first two years, I think it can be safely said that the impeachment would not have happened, period. 

The last observation that I want to make is that the boisterous nature of Trump went, at times, a bit too far. I loved the assertiveness on social media. But I have already complained about the whining transpiring from some of his tweets. We also had another example only on the 6th, when he made an extremely combative, wonderful speech, and his relatives assured everybody the fight was just starting, only to throw in the towel hours later.

In my world, if you bark, you bite. Right or wrong, Lincoln had the guts to invade Maryland and occupy their Congress in order to avoid risking their secession. I think he also had two Governors arrested. Trump should have been ready to have Governors arrested, declare a partial martial law, have the matter sorted the hard way and let the chips fall where they may; or, alternatively, he should have been wiser in being more cautious in his public statements. It’s not good when a President promises you wonderful events for a week that basically starts with him losing. 

We are now entering the Age Of Fraud.

I hope it means, as a little consolation, the end for an entire generation of traitors.

Pray for this man; who, with all his shortcomings, was the greatest thing God gave to the United States and the West in a long time.




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