Playing With Fire

Nancy Pelosi’s pathetic attempt to have Donald Trump removed via 25th amendment has predictably been shot down. This isn’t even good news. It merely indicates that some brains are still functioning in Congress. Still, let us see the motivations of that woman.

Pelosi wants to be seen to try to destroy Trump’s reputation as much as she can. Impeachment, or removal, or whatever comes next, everything will go. Her play is, I think, more sophisticated than just angering Trump with something with no chance of success at all. I think what she wants to achieve is different and it is the following:

  1. Pander to her extremist base. The woman’s district is in San Francisco, a very leftist constituency. She knows that she can be AOC’d very fast unless she begins to show what a great $30k-fridge warrior she is, and how her family’s $160M+ wealth make her an ideal representative of the “downtrodden”. She is willing to throw mud over the institution of the Presidency (and over a great man himself) in order to score some cheap political points.
  2. Divide the Republican Party. In the same way as the Democrats are two parties (the traditional Democrats and the Socialists/Communists), the Republican are two parties (the Deplorables and the RINOs). Any attack on Trump will galvanise the Trump troops, and make McConnell and the others look weak, or sold, or dumb. It is in her interest to cause many of the new Republican voters of the Trump coalition either to exit (again) political life, or to vote against the McConnells of this world. This is, I think, no bad development. I do think that the career of everybody who has betrayed Trump should be terminated: in the Primaries if possible, on election day if not. I order to do this, we need a strong Trump movement. Nothing better for it than another attempt at impeachment. I think Pelosi knows this. I think she wants to do it because it makes McConnell weak.
  3. She wants to send a mafia-like message to Republicans. Anybody who tries to continue on Trump’s trajectory will be treated in a similar way; but, not being a Billionaire, will be dispatched very easily. This is not about what she can do to Trump. This is about what the Dems and their media and technology accomplices can do to everybody.

Will the Evil Woman succeed? I don’t know, but I think that she has been, on the whole, shortsighted on impeachment; something which, I think, was due exclusively to reason number 1 above, and almost cost her the job. She plays a dangerous game of stoking the flames, and I seem to remember that such games tend to work very well, in time, against those who start them.

What Pelosi made plausible today, AOC or someone like her might use against Pelosi tomorrow.

You should not play with fire.

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  1. My daughter works at the WH. She does not want to be in DC much longer. She says she’s an atheist. When she lived in Bavaria she’d often go and sit quietly at Mass in a small church in a small town. She found it calming. I’m a convert. Her twin sister converted this year. Pray for her. Of all the commentary I’m reading on this situation, I have found yours to be steely-eyed sober and not given to presumption or histrionics. Thank you for that.

  2. Hi Mundabor, may I ask a favor? Can you please change my name to Mother Effing by from my given name? Security reasons.

  3. Mrs. Pelosi is gaslighting. It is she and the other traitors who deserve not only to be removed but put in jail, tried for treason and if found guilty, put to death. She and her ilk are enabling the criminal theft of the most powerful office in the world…and she has the nerve to accuse the person she is stealing it from of being a criminal. Gaslighting 101. God bless~

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