It is an obvious consideration that what people are ready to give up at the first obstacle, was not so important to them in the first place.

Let us take the United Kingdom and the elections. Last year, the elections for London Mayor were postponed for one year.

Imagine that. Imagine, for a moment, Trump saying that, due to the Chinese Virus, the US Presidential elections would now take place in… November 2021. Unthinkable, and yet carried out, in the case of London, without much noise. Mind, the Mayor of London is the totally despicable Mr Khan, a mean who redefined the meaning of “failure” and a member of the Labour Party. Therefore, Boris Johnson knew he would not be accused of steering the Country towards a self-serving decision. However, the main issue was happily ignored by most: it’s not about whether the decision is self-serving, it’s about whether you believe in Democracy. To decide that one can go to buy groceries, but cannot go to vote, was a perfect example of the deterioration of the popular support for Democracy in the UK. The vote, the very foundation of British political institutions, was deemed less important than virtue signalling on a (very) nasty flu.

A very similar situation happened with the Mass. When churches were shut down all over the Country, and all over the West, there wasn’t much opposition at all from our heroic Bishops. I suspect Francis was even happy! As in the case of the vote, our clergy showed where their priorities lie. To sacrifice the Mass to the desire to appear “caring” and “concerned” is another blatant example of what is important to the Church of the XXI Century; and no, it is not Christ.

What is deemed not important is easily sacrificed. The very tepid churchgoer starts drifting out of the Church by deciding, at the very first sign of headache, or in case of rain, that he is not fit – or the weather is too bad – to attend. He will, methinks, barely stop and reflect about the very many other things which he likes to do, and by which neither rain or light headaches can hope to stop him. Similarly, the distracted voter, for which voting is a chore rather than a right bought at the price of blood, and to be defended at all times no matter the price in blood, will start to even clamour for the suspension of such an important right, because health.

We are losing the proper understanding of the very concept of democracy. We are losing the proper understanding of the very concept of Eucharist.

We are even losing the right to get out of our home for a walk.

We risk, as a whole, to see our religion and our rights sacrificed to the man-made deities of the XXI Century: health and, even more importantly, virtue signaling. This is what people do when they don’t believe in heaven, don’t believe in Democracy, and don’t believe in basic freedoms.

Our beliefs drive our actions. Our Bishops, and our elected representatives, have showed to us where their beliefs lie.

The saddest thing is that most of their voters, and faithful, actually agree with them.

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  1. Don’t you think there is something preternatural afoot? It goes beyond what hundreds of millions of people “prefer” to do with a hoped for return to sanity. Heretofore sturdy economies and democracies are being destroyed while the holy Mass is suppressed. Impoverished masses, a kleptocracy in the USA which is aligning with globalists and the Great Reset, and increasingly fevered hatred of Christianity(largely the deplorables in the USA) is occurring. Men can be women, fetuses are blobs of tissue, only black lives matter, and a virus with an overall survival rate of 99.5% is the Black Plague. Totally Orwellian. Who cannot help but believe the ushering in of the Anti-Christ (a real person) is nigh?

    • No. I think this is simply normal stupidity. Not long ago, in Italy, 35% of the people voted for the Communists. It’s inconceivable today.
      “The mother of the cretin is always pregnant”.
      In this Italian saying is the root of the events.

  2. Blood moons, fabulous eclipses, and a Great Conjunction of massive, suspended spheres in the heavens—add these to the signs of the times I mentioned and my intellect tells me a great struggle is on the horizon.

  3. It isn’t health or science because masks and distancing aren’t working out as we were told they would. Appaarently real life doesn’t conform to leftwing “science.” Another lesson unlearned.
    As for elections. They’ve been an interesting and sometimes even fun activity but their roots in England clearly aren’t very deep.
    We have seen how important they are to the ruling elite in the USA as well.
    The reality is that G.B. is a toothless symbolic-monarchy with a pseudo-democracy facade. Brits have only the rights that their (whatever current) government allows them to have and that’s about it. They have known it forever and accept it whenever.
    And generally are too well off to risk whatever they think they have to change the system.
    If they rock the boat they might get wet.
    Same here in the USA…. Comfort, convenience and things are more important than truth, freedom and even the immortal soul.

  4. This is the underlying plague of this age: Catholics simply no longer believe what they SAY they believe.

    You shall know them by their fruits.

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