The Salem Witch Trials, Revisited

The Second Shampeachment put to shame even the ridicule of the first.

With no debate, no real discussion of evidence, and no semblance of even a normal procedure, the Democrats have decided to conclude the steal of a great Presidency with a Stalinist or, rather, Salem Witch Trial the like of which would have been considered a joke worthy of the Babylon Bee only two years ago.

We see again the way these things work. A first shampeachment create a precedent. The first “impeachment” proceeding showed that Democrats don’t need any proof of what they allege. They will make a little Kabuki theater, get a vote, and try to milk it for all it’s worth. Once the first hurdle has been taken down, and the fear of retribution for a stolen election grows, a second theater is started, by which there is no time or will to even proceed with the actual motions.

I have written in the past, and remain persuaded, that this scandalous witch hunt is made not to damage Trump (who is, actually, made stronger by it), but McConnell & Co. or, we should say, the institutional RINO party. The unwavering popularity of Trump, the amount of the anger, and the strength of the movement Trump has created on the basis of the Tea Party, will now engender a long battle with the RINOs for the control of the people that were, one day, called “conservative”, before shameless clowns made of the word a byword for “traitor”. Pelosi and her ilk of thieving bastards know this, and do not hesitate to drag their institutions in the dirt in order to achieve their goal. Plus, they desire to send a simple message to everyone who would think to continue Trump’s politic but is not a Billionaire: you will be crushed.

In time, there will be a reaction. In fact, we might see the reaction already beginning to start as another witch hunt, Big Tech’s persecution of Wrongthink, is starting to be more closely scrutinised in other Countries, like Poland; showing, once again, that those who came out of Communism understand liberty, and the threats to it, much better than the others.

For the moment, this simple consideration can be made: that the Democrat Party is run by people who do not hesitate to trample the Institutions of their great Country for the sake of a short-term political advantage. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will go down in history as shameless manipulators of gullible electors, the Carpetbaggers of the attempted post-Trump “Reconstruction” era.

Like the “Reconstruction”, they will fail.

Americans aren’t, as a whole, so easily swayed by witch trials.

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  1. I hope you are correct that they will fail. It seems to me our system has been completely lost and is in the hands of criminals and charlatans who are now answering to Xi.

  2. Hitting the nail on its head.

  3. I saw an interesting yet cringe-worthy video on Gab on Wednesday: Crying Chuck Schumer had set up to make some sort of televised statement, on a NY sidewalk. A non-conservative, very brash and vulgar woman of around 50 interrupted him and screamed at him for about 3 minutes and she shouted down any complaints. She asked several times if he told the police to stand down. Of course he didn’t give an answer. The video ended, perhaps with the arrival of security or something. He’s a coward. None of those characters will want to step outside for the next 4 years.

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