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NeverNormal: Lincoln Project Co-Founder Pulls A Spacey

Well, this is interesting.

John Weaver, a Co-Founder of the utterly despicable Benedict Arnold Club, aka Project Lincoln, is accused of molesting dozen of… young men.

Come again?

Boy (no pun intended), this is bad on so many levels!

Guy is married, with children. First-class lying pervert with a double life, then. He is also deep in the Trump destroying machine, which again shows the moral integrity of these people. Finally, he was an adviser of John McCain, who was basically the second coming of Judas.

It really makes for a pretty picture. The guy has now pulled a Spacey and has decided to “come out”, possibly hoping in some sympathy from that bunch of fairies at the MSM. I really hope his sons already had “gay friends” (very fashionable nowadays, I am told), because now they have one much closer to them.


  1. How much did the Lincoln Project know? It takes a while to harass dozens of young.. men. It’s not something that just explodes one day without, very likely, people around the perpetrator having more than an inkling about what’s happening.
  2. How much did John McCain know? This was, I am told, a long-time collaborator of his. That’s an awful lot of time together. Nicht wahr, Herr Judas?
  3. What does “gay” mean? Happy, Debonair? Well this guy certainly isn’t. He is a rather miserable serial liar. Oh, and a sodomite to boot. He should use it to try a career in the Democrat party; or perhaps he should just try to become Lindsay Graham’s successor in 6 years’ time, so no one is shocked.
  4. It really seems that there are a number of these people in the buildings that count. Why are so many persuaded that Qanon is just a purveyor of lies? It seems to me that they point out to something quite real.
  5. How do these people, who are closeted pillow-biters, influence the policy at high level in the Republican party? How many of them are around? How can we be sure that there isn’t an army of closeted fudge-packers infiltrating the top of the Republican hierarchy? (Note, for Democrats we already know: just look at Obama!).

I will try to follow this matter with due attention. I think it could get much worse than “inappropriate” text messages for this guy.

I would love, LOVE to read his tweets about Trump!!

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