Of The Fraudsters, By the Fraudsters, And Against The People

You remember “of the people, by the people, and for the people”?

Well, no more.

The Government that is about to be inaugurated is of the fraudsters, by the fraudsters, and against the people.

Cue the 25,000 armed soldiers who will protect the Usurper on the day of his inauguration. A stunning, stunning show of fear.

I make a very easy prediction: Joe Biden will have a Presidency forever marked (even in 100, or 300 years; even if there will be no United States anymore by then) by the fraud that gave rise to it. He will live in fear of being assassinated by some simple member of the public who just can’t stand the fraud, decides that to pull a John Wilkes Booth on him is better than to keep living and somehow gets lucky. He will be fighting against the massive asterisks on his fraudulent Presidency as he struggles to remember his name, his wife, and his job. He will not know if he will be remember more for his being a clown or for his being an usurper. Heck, he will be afraid of his own security detail.

The veritable army (25,000 soldiers) called to protect him has been specially vetted to avoid the risk of any of them shooting at him, instead of protecting him. This is how deep the fear goes.

It is not only that the Emperor has no clothes.

The Emperor knows that he is an usurper, and he lives in fear of those near him.

Enjoy this, Creepy Joe.

The days of sniffing are over. The days of fear are now your own.

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  1. I’m more interested in God’s plan for President Trump, the true President. I hope he stirs up hornet nests to sting the devilish dems for the next four years. Harris will be sworn in as president by the end of the year or the month. Bring on the locusts and rivers of blood,the world is being chastized. We must pray the rosary every day and fast a little for deliverence from these evil people in America and the vatican.

  2. Exactly. Such fear arises directly from sin and wrongdoing.

  3. Our new Chinese overlords have foisted upon us The FICUS (Fraudster In Chief of the United States) who shall be named henceforth: Zhou Bai-Din.

  4. jojothemonkeyboy is probably largely unaware of his perfidious role in all of this and, most likely, is simple-mindedly ‘going along’ because that is all he can do. Plus he gets lots of attention. He has always liked attention. So he is getting what he likes.
    His handlers are the ones who are scared and, if camela-harass isn’t on the podium with him to take what will be a meaningless oath (he has broken every previous one he has taken) then that will be a dead giveaway of their fear of the people.
    There is no need to either remove or assassinate this enfeebled elderly senile rag of a man, he is a rubber-stamp and his spineless immorality means he will never be an obstruction to anything done in his name. We might as well have elected his son, ‘hunter’, who will be spending his time in a drugged stupor after he is pardoned by his dad.

  5. As Trump created the space force, President Biden, advised by Obama, will created the Fudge-Packers Force to invade Iran!

  6. Or the Fudge-Packers Democratic Guard!

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