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Looking The Other Way: The Child Hair-Sniffing Usurper, His Drug-Addicted Son, The Niece He Is Not Allowed To See, And The Circus Tool Who Represents Them All.

I am trying, just to preserve my liver for some days, not to read what kind of stupid gestures, or more than gestures, Biden’s handlers will put in place in the first usurped days in his usurped office. However, one thing I have not been able to escape.

Remember the Pennsylvania trannie I wrote about several weeks ago? The one who released safe orgy instructions? Well, from what I understand he is now a full-fledged member of the Biden Government, with an undersecretary, or so, function.

Please don’t make me look. I don’t want to see that face again.

We see here the gender madness at work. The man has, no doubt, got his job exactly because he thinks he is a woman. He is the poster-lunatic of the new government; and, in fact, I think that he represents the Usurper Troops quite well: ugly, pathetic, sad circus tools, all of them.

It is also not, I think, entirely coincidental that the First Trannie (I wonder if Jill is jealous) should have come from such an administration; an administration led by a child hair sniffer whose wife has forbidden her drug-addicted son to spend time with her niece. Honestly, I think that a deeper look at the Biden family would reveal stuff that perfectly rival, perhaps even surpass (if that is possible) the abomination of tranniedom.

This is interesting, also, for a different reason. It is as if the Good Lord, in His goodness, did not cease to allow Democrat supporters to open their eyes on what is going on here: the clear satanical influence on this administration. The signals abound that no decent person, no matter how misguided his (initially) honest intentions might be, should identify himself with these people. The ugliness of their souls stares their voters in the face.

Will they look? Or will they just shrug this off their shoulders and discount it as a stunt for which they don’t care; a media trick meant to win the approval of people they don’t like, but merely tolerate? There must be an awful, awful lot of these people – outside of the coastal cities, where perversion is more openly “celebrated” – who look at this and simply decide that it is better to look the other way. Still, their own new administration makes it more and more difficult for them to ignore what is going on here. They will not be able to ignore for long. They should not think that they will not be punished if they do.

I have written it several times, and I repeat it here: it is impossible that in Sodom everybody was a pillow-biter. If that had been the case, the place would have been empty way before God’s punishment. What was, evidently, going on was widespread perversion, universally accepted. Still, the punishment was given to all, the doers as well as the enablers.

It comes, I think, the point where silence is complicity, and people will be judged according to the abominations they have allowed to happen and to be “celebrated”.

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