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Elections Have Consequences

New Mexico is now getting a dose of its own Biden medicine, after Thieving Joe ordered a 60 days moratorium on the oil and gas leases on (as I understand it) federally owned land. I can easily imagine that this will not stop at 60 days.

Can’t say I am very sad.

I am, of course, sad for all those who will lose their job and voted for Trump.

However, I am not sad, at all, for all others inhabitants of new Mexico, including:

  1. Those who chose to stay at home, because who cares,
  2. The enviro-nutty sons and daughters of those who will lose their job, and will see a sizeable chunk of their standard of living go to the dogs in the next months
  3. Those who vote for Biden “because I am a Democrat”; and, most of all,
  4. Those who voted for Biden “because I don’t like Trump’s Tweets”

The fact is, elections have consequences. You can’t think you will look good in the voting booth and your childish attitude will not bite you in the end. There is a price to pay for this kind of stupid posturing.

You would think that in a State like New Mexico, where energy is a big, and growing, part of the local economy, an awful lot of people would give precedence to what is important rather than to signal virtue with one’s own Facebook friends. It did not happen, and the bill was very fast in coming. Ouch!

I think I will write more than a couple of these posts in the years to come. It is necessary that people get to feel on their own skin what happens when they put their childish feelings before common sense and adult thinking.

In the next years, whenever you know from someone who lost his job, I suggest that you ask, as the very first reaction: “how did you vote in 2020?”. If the question comes, “why do you ask?”, feel free to answer:

“in order to know if I feel sorry for you”.

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