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The President*, The Freaks, And The Parents

It has been only a few days, and it is already clear that Joe Biden’s stolen Presidency will be high in entertainment value, albeit you will need a strong sense of humour to see the comical behind the real tragedies.

Put yourself in the shoes of countless girls working very hard to excel in athletics. They are disciplined, motivated, aware of the sacrifices they need to make. They are willing to sacrifice time and effort to test their limits. They naturally expect a level playing field, and a fundamental fairness in the way they are treated and their performance measured.

Alas, this is not happening now. Creepy Joe is President*, you see.

As one of the first acts of his stolen Presidency*, Creepy Joe decided to allow men to compete with women, provided these men say that they think they are actually women and take, I suppose, the one or other hormone to make themselves as monstrous as possible, whilst remaining men. Some of them might even horribly mutilate themselves, at which point they will still be, as you rightly guessed, horribly mutilated men.

Against these men, with their naturally stronger muscular mass, the young girls must now compete and, unavoidably, lose. Ceteris paribus, the naturally stronger physical structure of the man will perforce prevail.

There aren’t many of those freaks around, you might say. However, those freaks will rapidly excel in their discipline. The girl who worked very hard at her, say, running skills might not compete agsinst them at the local level, but will unavoidably find them, and lose against them, at higher level competitions at County and State level. All that work, only to be told that they are sorry, but she will have to get to grips with the concept that, being born a woman, she is not allowed to excel in women’s sports.

I have some symphaty with the girl if she is the hard-working, disciplined young woman embracing the conservative values of hard work, sacrifice, discipline, and fairness, and knowing nothing of men who think they are women.

I have no symphaty at all, and actually rejoice in their suffering as a mother or father, for all the parents of the above mentioned girls, who voted for Joe Biden.

They have made their bed. They should lie in it.

I hope it will be very uncomfortable.

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