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The Last Days

I am not a Medical Doctor. However, I am old enough that I have seen several relatives and acquaintances die.

Many of them did not die like that, instantly, as in when there is a blackout and all lights suddenly go out. Rather, they seemed to die, to stay with the metaphor, like a light bulb that slowly dims out, its light getting weaker and weaker until it vanishes altogether. I think we can all agree on this, as I believe that it matches the life experience of many of my readers.

Now, I wonder: those people who are now very weak, slowly “shutting down” and preparing themselves (or better: their bodies preparing themselves) for their meeting with their Creator, are they not at risk of getting all kind of diseases in their last days? A body that is so weak that it can barely function, will not be very likely attacked by all kind of microbes, viruses, and the like? Is this unreasonable? Am I wrong?

Follow me now: if anybody who enters a hospital when he is about to die is tested for Covid, will it not be the case that very many of these dying people, who entered the hospital for the only reason that they are already dying, will be tested for Covid, found positive, die (as largely expected and factually inevitable) shortly thereafter, and land in the ominous statistics of people who “die within XY days of testing positive for Covid?” After which, countless of mindless liberals with a safe job in the public administration will insist for the 34th lockdown, and please make it hard, because I am so, so scared and love humanity, I just don’t care for all those who are going to be ruined.

Were these dying people all tested for the flu and all sorts of other infective diseases in years past? Or were they not tested, because it is really not important whether someone who is dying, and whose natural defence are giving up one by one, gets – say – the flu, or the Chinese Virus, in his last 18, or 26, or 72 hours of life?

You know where I am getting: I think that people who are about to die get all sorts of infections, including Covid, in their last days, which is – I would think – the unavoidable result of their bodies losing the ability to defend themselves against them. This is, normally, not really tracked or recorded, as hospitals don’t waste resources to test dying people for all sorts of diseases. But now, that the resources are there, every dying person is recruited in the number of the “tested positive for Covid” people (though they might not even show any specific symptom!), so that Dr Fauci can go on TV and tell us how many masks we need to wear.

Again, I am not a doctor. I am thinking out loud here. It seems to me that there is some common sense in what I have just said.

If I am wrong, please correct me.

If I am right, please reflect that the daily army of the dying is being recruited to make life impossible for the much bigger army of the living.

The Pronoun Fight

I do not know if you are observing the same, but it seems to me that this “they/them” thing has gone way too far.

I have been taught, when learning English, that the plural, when people of both sexes are mixed together, is “he” or “him”. This is the same as in Italian. “If a driver is found speeding, he will be fined”. At some point, the utterly pointless “he or she” stuff began, because people wanted to point out that squirrels, generally, don’t drive. Then we had the “they”. I was told that this has been taught in school for a long time. Strange world.

But now it is getting worse, and it is clearly “gender theory”-motivated. You see people mentioning an obvious male (e.g. John Smith) and then refer to the same person as “they”, as in “John Smith had an accident driving his car. They were taken to the hospital”.

I can only imagine that this is first-class, hard-core gender rubbish. I think it is meant to mean that whilst this person is legally known with the name “John Smith”, we do not dare to assume his gender as he could identify as one of the 100 or more “genders” apparently in existence.

This is becoming mainstream, folks. It is slow, but it will happen.

I suggest we do two things: First, we *correct* the person (“Who is they? He is a man!”). Secondly, we use the “they” staff in derogatory manner, when bantering with colleagues, or the like. Same as all those other political correct stuff, like “non seer” for “blind” and “differently able” for “stupid”.

Language is a powerful tool. The leftists know it and use it relentlessly. The people on the right side, too often, don’t understand that words shape thoughts and adopt the use of the left in order to look moderate and kind. It sickens me when otherwise reasonable sites like Breitbart and American Thinker use the word “gay” to say “homosexual” or “sodomite”. They are, wittingly or not, selling out.

Don’t sell out.

Fight for the proper pronoun.

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